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MAGA-licious 12 points ago

No offense, but why are Hispanics so fucking corrupt?

asiatrails [S] 7 points ago

Tribal cultural behavior is common to Hispanics, Iranians, and all other tribal societies

deleted 5 points ago
GeoG85 3 points ago (edited)

This. Some people presume 'their people' are 'free from corruption'. It's like saying "When I cross the street, cars will never come from the left side, so I never look left when I cross." You literally set yourself up with this method.

deleted 1 point ago
Fuckreddit01 2 points ago (edited)

Fun fact in a lot of poor eastern European countries you get out of traffic violations by handing the cop a 20. Just like in a lot of Hispanic countries.

MAGA-licious 2 points ago

Eastern Europe is the birthplace of the forced implantation of communism. This doesn’t surprise me.

Fuckreddit01 1 point ago (edited)

Man, you didn't drag it out and let me get to my point. LOLOLOL cheers.

Mad_Hattie 9 points ago

The weather channel online actually had articles about it but mainstream media was silent.

buco 2 points ago

I saw it on Telemundo news , they were also first to report about the caravan on the way to the US. By the way, it is currently blocked at the Mexican southern border and the invaders are pissed.

scotronic 7 points ago

What about the 'Nasty Woman' San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz? I believe they were saying something like 3500 people in Puerto Rico died because their story the USA/Trump didn't get supplies to them on time. Stepping down/getting fired isn't good enough for me.

Fuckreddit01 4 points ago

Yep, they literally murdered people for a narrative.

Warskull 7 points ago

The corruption is Puerto Rico is staggering. Before anything happens people want their bribes. They were trying to get bribes to allow the restoration of power after the hurricane.

The biggest reason they can't be a state is because they aren't anywhere close to the standard.

Scrap1ron 7 points ago

Socialist dark humor is like food. Not everybody gets it.

milpede0306 7 points ago

let all those people suffer they can claim trump abandoned them and is racist, fkn sick

Trump4a3rdTerm 7 points ago

And of course the msm propagandists will never apologize and give Trump credit.

DrBJTester 6 points ago

MSM doesn't report news it's just the propaganda wing of the DNC.

DarkRiver 3 points ago

Muh warehouse is not managed by us lol what about those found on abandoned runways. Corrupt politicians. POTUS should highlight all these before giving them any help.

AtariArtist 0 points ago

Nothing like killing your own citizens out of spite eh?

What evil fuckers.

impera 6 points ago

Not even out of spite, to make orange man look bad by pretending he had denied hurricane aid. Politically motivated hardship, famine and murders, there's a word used to describe this act that has been going around quite a few years.. oh yeah, terrorism.

Making Puerto Rico great again can start by bringing justice down on the people responsible.

AtariArtist -3 points ago

Well, ya that's the spite I'm referring to. The idea of giving President Trump 'a win' vs letting your civilians die during hardship by withholding relief.

That's spite on a sick level.

asiatrails [S] 5 points ago

Not evil, worse, Elected Democrats