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Rodger 4 points ago

President Trump absolutely Sucks at being a racist. It is so sad that the Liberal Demonic Democrat Party has truly become the party of HATE & EVIL. The Republican party has their issues too no doubt but the Democrat party has gone So Far Left it's totally unrecognizable.

deleted 3 points ago
fthecoup 2 points ago

Should be run as a campaign commercial on CNNBC.

deleted [S] 2 points ago
fthecoup 2 points ago

And on election night, Sharpton and Jackson somehow decided to no longer be BFFs with Trump?

jimmyjackjackson 0 points ago

Just saying this award was not about race. "Trump was one of 87 people to be honored with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 1986 for his successful work as a developer in New York City, not for his work within the black community." If you want credibility make sure your post is not misinfo we get enough of this from main stream media