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myvoicecountsonce 38 points ago

All true Patriots should just ghost this event

Southern_Belle 25 points ago

This is the correct response.

It's a trap and we've been warned -- even by politicians!

fthecoup 16 points ago (edited)

Where does that end? No more public meetings of American patriots?

Spez. I wish Trump would announce he is going to Richmond!

DinsdalePiranha 12 points ago

Come on out to the country, not some urban kill-box with bussed-in freaks.

Arwyn3x 9 points ago

No, we just need to think like our President and the people of America in 1776 - and out-smart them.

Quietly the rally to another location with-out alerting the plotters.

KillSloth 1 point ago

Does Northam have a governor's mansion?

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

It's right there by the Capitol building.

luke21 5 points ago

If people back off, this will be a new tactic for any public rally by gunowners. Go and make your views known. If there is trouble, trust in God. We know the media will make stuff up whether anything happens or not. Adolf wants to take rights he cannot take.

CyclopticErotica 3 points ago

That's modern Portland. Any political opposition is violently attacked, and as a result Portland enjoys a government with little vocal opposition.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

The area near DC isn't any different. Government and contract radical leftists.

SkyEater 1 point ago

It worked for the 1776'ers

Ballind 1 point ago

The time for public meetings is done. Back room meetings Clinton style. Teach them about Seth rich.

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Yawnz13 -1 points ago

"If I don't see it, it must not exist!"

Keep shilling.

tangerinemanbad 1 point ago

Theres my favorite fence sitter!!! Do you get paid by the post or what? Seems lucrative.

... continue reading thread?
RedPaladin 16 points ago

So that the only people wearing MAGA hats are ANTIFA.

Yeah I'm sure that'll be the headlines....

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alfredbester 10 points ago

I think that's the best policy on this one. There's a lot of downside for us showing up at a place and time where they run the police and the government, and everyone knows we're coming. It's a recipe for disaster.

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Plus, all the DNC press is already setting up fake news shots.

SkyEater 2 points ago (edited)

Portland redux

deleted 8 points ago
CyclopticErotica 4 points ago

If all patriots were to stay home it would play out just the same, except it would be the majority in attendance attacking wearing those hats.

No matter what happens the way needs to be forward, not a step back.

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CQVFEFE 14 points ago (edited)

Just the fact that this is posted ahead of time will lend great credence to it after the fact.

Left wing extremists are at baseline mentally unhinged. It takes very little to make these psychotics act out like violent abused children. They are the violent ones.

Meanwhile literally everyone on our side, especially NRA type folks, understands Trump is about nonviolence, national unity, bringing people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds together on one team called America, and most of all PEACE. He stresses nonviolence in the tradition of MLK, whose birthday will be honored Monday primarily by white people. Blacks shit on the guy's legacy, it's as though he died for absolutely nothing.

Blacks today are being encouraged, even strongly exhorted (or else they're slandered with the racist epithets "Uncle Tom" and "race traitor" and "house negro") by evil democrat politicians and the news media, to display maximum violence and hatred toward whites. They are told to demand reparations from living persons—many of whom are unrelated to any slaveowner—for the actions of less than 4% of white people, hundreds of years ago. They are also told to ignore the thousands of white, mainly Irish, slaves who were treated even worse than the black ones because they weren't as strong or durable. As if the Irish deserved to be enslaved, but not Africans. It's beyond stupid. It's completely clinically insane.

Anytime any violence is suggested by someone on our side, it gets harshly shouted down. Naturally, they hate that and call us thin-skinned, pussies, sissies, cheek-turners, cowards, etc. But being peaceful and nonviolent always looks kind of meek and weak compared to muscle flexing and head cracking.

Didn't stop Jesus from being king.

HungNavySeal300Kills -2 points ago

Since you're interested in some of this, did you hear about the study of black genomes in america by The Root? Turns out the average African-American has little to no native american ancestry, but is on average about 25% Irish.

Did you ever hear about some massive dating episode between Irish and African people a few centuries ago?

Did Irish people own all the African slaves? Did slavers import african men or african women to the new world?

Theres something that went on that has escaped history.

To make this a little easier... look up what happened to girls and women in Ireland who got pregnant while unmarried.

KRosen333 3 points ago

To make this a little easier... look up what happened to girls and women in Ireland who got pregnant while unmarried.

Can't you just tell us?

FactsOverFeelings 14 points ago

Will those pussies dare to expose their faces on national TV? Instant dox. Then do the research on their past. My bet is they don’t expose their faces.

fthecoup 15 points ago (edited)

It slays me that these Antifa traitor goons seem to be allowed to commit violence and mayhem while wearing ninja masks, hoods, shielded helmets. Showing up at a public rally dressed like that should be grounds for IMMEDIATE arrest.

HungNavySeal300Kills 6 points ago

Are you telling me people are dressing up like ISIS, a terrorist organization, and forming en masse to attack political opponents, a terrorist act? This sounds a lot like terrorism to me.

If only they were classified as a terrorist org and mask laws enforced...

americathegr888 2 points ago

Cops don't ever arrest leftists.

deleted 11 points ago
fthecoup 6 points ago

And have thier Antifa goon masks ceremoniously ripped off as seen in Nacho Libre.

tangerinemanbad 8 points ago

Tweet it out to the president and don jr.

PotentialWizard 6 points ago

The DNC and mainstream media are colluding again to stage another Charlottesville incident. Perfect timing, they think, for the impeachment circus.

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

The reason is so they can talk about this staged bloodbath all week and not be embarrassed by their joke of an impeachment. False flags are always created around some big event they don't want us to pay attention to.

PotentialWizard 0 points ago

I agree it's a potential distraction, but it's also potential piling-on. The Dems/MSM will try to pin any trouble on Trump (white supremacy, nationalist gun nuts, domestic terrorism, etc.), which they will spin as more "evidence" that GEOTUS should be removed from office in the Senate trial.

Marshall 5 points ago

ANTIFA are cowards when faced with those who can defend themselves.

Covfefe_Crusader 5 points ago

If this is all it takes to suppress our 1st and 2nd amendment rights then we don't deserve them at all.

Slicer 4 points ago

I don't believe this, mostly because Antifa can't organize a piss-up in a brewery.

Still, it's going to be the same shit as Charlottesville. Don't show up, and if you do show up, make a mockery of the whole thing. Extra points to a guy with a sign saying "You can't fight fascism with dildos".

jar_of_buttholes 4 points ago

We should show up in antifa hats and cause trouble

OGTD1 3 points ago

I thought of dressing in all black to get inside and see their real intentions.

chickyrogue 4 points ago

lights camera action

Symmetry 4 points ago

Need to keep eyes open for busses full of people that don't look like they should be wearing MAGA gear. Demons can't smile, smoke may be rising from the MAGA gear, hehe.

deplorableme 4 points ago

that's what I've been saying from the beginning. expect infiltration and false flag attacks. the left can't win on the merits, so they lie and cheat and attack and bully and steal and burn stuff down if needed in hopes of making you back down or making your group look bad on national news and making you look bad/guilty by association.

Beachboy1b 3 points ago

If AntiFa attacks Americans on the current date scheduled for this protest, they are to be considered ENEMY COMBATANTS. THEY ARE TERRORISTS.

We need legislation that anyone who willingly assists AntiFa in this BLATANT anti-American plot, they are to be stripped of their citizenship and considered viable targets for uniformed policemen, army, and organized legal militias.

No more games. Evict them or Illuminate them, they’re plotting to kill civilians to further a motherfucking political agenda.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago (edited)

Monday would be a good day for Trump to designate Antifa as a terrorist group and anyone funding or assisting them should be arrested on RICO and conspiracy charges.

BTW, MLK was a gun owner.

OGTD1 1 point ago

They won’t protect peaceful people. They are pushing away rational people through fear.

flashersenpai 3 points ago

"a very reliable source"


JohnBrownsBody 3 points ago

Portland comes to Virginia. The 3-letter agency authoritarians must be salivating that something happens to panic the masses.

Jikemenkins 2 points ago

Hope some state or federal law enforcement get to speak with that guy

Schift_for_brains 2 points ago

They should be pretty easy to pick out with all thier piercings and faggoty hair...

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deleted 2 points ago
OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

How do you know they aren't. Lots of military in the 2A groups.

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SkyEater 2 points ago

This is how delusionals manifest their delusions.

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DearCow 1 point ago

Someone needs to get video of them all getting off the buses together.

englishpleb 1 point ago

This is why you don't trust Antifa.

fthecoup 1 point ago

Credit to poster Stallion -- Yes, Trump should to go to Richmond on Monday.

Bigwhistle 1 point ago

Sounds like it’s a setup.

sustainable_saltmine 1 point ago

problem with this is, there will be media and of course laymen that will believe the Antifags in disguise are actually MAGA folks. they want so badly to believe we are violent. how do we prove otherwise ahead of the media spreading lies?

CHAOS_ACTUAL 1 point ago

"Forget it Jake. Its Charlottesville."

Fake History is Fake News.
Note the url, note the date created, note the creator, note the content.
"Fool me once, shame on you..."

3721 / 18 DEC 2019

A Study of Occupation Policies
by Alexander Dallin

Part IV

p. 497

"The road to self-government leads to independence," the Fuhrer declared.

"In order to retain our domination over the people in the territories we have conquered in the east of the Reich, we must therefore meet, to our best of our ability, any and every desire for individual liberty which they may express, and by so doing deprive them of any form of State organization and consequently keep them on as low a cultural level as possible."

p. 498

In the words of one analyst...

Any mention of the future disposition of Soviet territory or its people, any reference to nationality, ethnic minorities, or self-government remained strictly outlawed. This withheld from German psychological warfare the most effective weapon against the rising tide of Russian nationalist propaganda which had begun to replace communist slogans at the end of July [1941]. The Germans could counter [this propaganda campaign] only with negative arguments because they were denied the pseudo-nationalistic themes which had helped them to utilize national sentiment to their own advantage during the French and, to a smaller extent, the Norwegian campaigns. They ignored the existence of nationalism even to the extent of forbidding the use of the word "Russian" in their propaganda."

Information Warfare / Patriots In Control


BillionsAndBillions 1 point ago

When I searched for "antifa bus Richmond", my first result was a Greyhound page for booking return trips from Richmond, VA to Portland, OR. Interesting.