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Independenceforever 25 points ago

After the fake native American guy with fake stickers on his van.

CIA central casting dug up these white looking guys with white sounding names from cold places.

They are really getting sloppy in PSYOP dept.

MAGA-licious 11 points ago

It’s Charlottesville on steroids. This is scary.

Hope 9 points ago

As soon as I saw the photo it screamed FAKE. Scary blonde haired, blue eyed, light skinned, male NAZI. Can the cabal get any more obvious?!

TrumpsterFire2020 7 points ago

I fear this isn't the PSYOP we witness, but what we are given to witness, its too damn convinient. Too easy...

Yawnz13 1 point ago

Then there's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vNkRqsk0_s

Sounds like an excuse to get in close before attacking, or sacrificial lambs.

RenaulV 19 points ago

He's probably a glow-in-the-dark fed.

TrumpsterFire2020 11 points ago

My thought exactly.

Isn't the chain of events in VA the past few days a bit too convinient? Something is brewing and it won't be pretty.

Hail_Milo 11 points ago

Looks like we need another wall for the Snow Mexicans.

Toucansexual 6 points ago

Snow isis.

rooftoptendie 10 points ago

he looks like a cgi

Covfefe_Crusader 8 points ago

Trevor Philips also wanted for questioning.

residue69 5 points ago

A shit tiger can't change it's stripes, Randy!

DinsdalePiranha 4 points ago

Or just smokes. NOW!

Staatssicherheit 7 points ago

Fucking Xenos. Purge these fucking heretics.

deleted 6 points ago
TrumpsterFire2020 6 points ago (edited)

"Crisis" Actors auditioned in VA

VA police forces are arming up for what can only be called a war

Three men who reportedly have ties to a neo-Nazi group planning an attack on VA rally

Thats some next level false flag fuckery, if somethings coming, it won't end pretty...

burgerlander 4 points ago

Ok, misleading headline. This guy came over the border illegally, 6 months ago? Where's the meat? Where's the big scary webpost where they talked about violence in Virginia? I mean, he should be kicked out just for being here illegally but all the rest seems like hyperventialtion over nothing. Though, I do not doubt that dummies from all over the spectrum (lol, I made a funny!) may be headed to VA in order to take advantage of the chaos and etc. Sad! Better to use words than fists. I've never understood people who claim to be superior to others or even defending their own kind...but act like dumbasses and violent thugs. Like, the proof is in the pudding there, bub. Anyways...here's the NYT link, archived as the BB really doesn't say anything.

Snowsweeper 4 points ago

Stay alert. The left want a FF to rally people and feed their fear. The best way to counter that is to stay peaceful at the rally and FILM EVERYTHING. Recording everything will blow their narrative out of the water.

Rigel2112 3 points ago

Isn't attacking a gun rally like the worst plan ever?

EccentricSilver 3 points ago

Matthews should be arrested for being in the US illegally, So should 30 million other people who are border jumpers.

luke21 2 points ago

Ever notice the word "controversial' is never applied to Adolf Northam in news reporting? They do that to Republicans routinely.

deleted 1 point ago (edited)
never_forget_seth 0 points ago

toss them in jail and throw away the key. That's the only place in America for losers like this