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AmericaTheGreat 33 points ago (edited)

Seriously, if people don't start going to prison, I'm going to lose all hope in America. This is fucking insane. How the fuck can people keep getting away with shit like this and nothing is done? I'm seriously fed up. Trump needs to more to stop these monsters. I don't know what, but SOMETHING. Democrats are slowly digging their fucking claws in and it's getting unnerving. They are literally getting away with murder. DO SOMETHING ALREADY, YOU FUCKS.

1776forever1776 11 points ago (edited)

I fully share your pain, it’s truly unbelievable to witness.

Hold on to your family and friends, call your representatives, pray and vote!

rootGoose 10 points ago

The whole fucking jail needs to be rounded up and changed with murder and accessory to murder.

That’ll get some birds singing.

MeanAngryVeteran 2 points ago (edited)

They're all guilty as fuck and need to be in custody.

BitcoinTrump 4 points ago

Same here buddy.