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daty_dato 5 points ago

Let them. Even communism is an improvement. We can beat them, harder to beat low IQ zealots.

selfstarter20 5 points ago *

In the past 20 or more years, most coastal city's real estate values on this earth has been inflated by Chinese Real Estate Proxies that are funded by the world bank. This is true for the West Coast, the East Coast of the USA, Canada, Australia and name your town as well. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Just going to keep letting the Federal Reserve print money Eh? How about how these globalists used lobbyists on K-Street and holed up in every IVY League University neighborhood think tank to write in Obamacare that sinks the US Middle class into debt to the tune of a $7200 yearly health care deductible.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------These k-street lobbyists also wrote in two seriously unconstitutional and predatory laws in DC recently, and no one called them out on this. Your President Donald J. Trump has exposed this world order government deep state and I do so pray that your will take advantage of this intel before it is too late. (Hint: it is very close to being tool late.)

PamelaCincinnatus [S] 4 points ago

Honolulu especially.

FreedomFromGovt 3 points ago *

The Iron Law of Unintended Consequences at work. What did the African idiots think was gonna happen when the European colonialists/imperialists were kicked out? These fools have no one to blame but themselves. It does make me wonder, though...what does the supreme anti-colonialist asshole, 'Dreams From My Father' Obama think of the Chinese taking colonial control over Africa?

Aeronomer7 1 point ago

China has been doing this for a while with their Belt and Road initiative. One big factor in buyer's remorse for the countries that sign on is because it often comes with a huge influx of Chinese nationals. And they are not there to assimilate. It's stealth colonialism.

NeanderthalDNA 0 points ago

Pangolins are delicious