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DeepWinter [S] 13 points ago

Relevant text:

"Maybe 2019 ending with every nationally-elected Republican unanimously demanding that the truth about the president’s crimes be kept hidden from the American people is exactly the wake up call we’ve needed. How about, this very night at midnight, each of us resolves to fully support whichever candidate is left standing at the end of the primary races? If the corruption and lies of this presidency stalls off impeachment, let’s be ready to hand him his final defeat at the hands of the American voters. With this in mind we have some great one-day deals.


"And last but certainly not least of today’s offers is the free $22.95 Salt & Pepper Time Gift Box with any $20 purchase. The message of the Salt & Pepper box is that it’s time to be honest about what is really on the table in front of all of us. A big part of what next year will be about is being honest about how the Republican Party finished 2019, and with impeachment looming, their choice to leave the truth behind and march in lockstep with the president’s lies and obstruction, placing party above country.


"The good news is that many republican voters aren’t paying close attention. They have no idea yet how much their republican elected officials in Congress have abdicated their oath of office out of the fear of what it would mean to their futures to be seen as standing up to the criminality of this president. The bad news is that millions of republican voters know exactly who this president is and are still willing to throw away everything that is America in order to follow him. For this crowd, it’s fool me once and shame on you, but fool me 15,413 times and I will follow you to the literal end of the earth. Don’t be like them. There is nothing American down the path they are marching."

theultimatesean 13 points ago

Damn, projection is one hell of a drug!

TrumpTrainJune152015 1 point ago

It's almost like their lines are crossed in their brains... weird as shit.

PamelaCincinnatus 9 points ago

That is some Chicom garbage right there.

"Buy our product! (insert pre-determined text prescribed by your local political commisariat) It makes a great gift!"

OhLollyLollyPop 3 points ago

Don't you just love these poor mentally deranged people? What crimes? What corruption? What lies?

They never say...

But do come in and get our overstocked Salt and Pepper Gift Time box for free w/ a $20 purchase, because having the kids dunk their germy fingers into the salt and pepper is such a great idea.