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CucumberInLine 7 points ago

Flynn knows where the bodies are buried. trust.

Dadgeek65 1 point ago

And his life is probably in danger because of it.

GreazyCheeks 6 points ago

The penalty is a large mansion at Martha's Vineyard.

tangerinemanbad 4 points ago

A book deal and a house. It pays to be a traitor these days. Fuckin hell it's too early to be depressed.

deleted 2 points ago (edited)
TrumpTrainCommando 1 point ago

i was told before the new year WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????

ShempAllah 2 points ago

Oh , cmon. Obama is just a grass roots organiser of muslim terrorists. He has worked hard for his mansions and money.Indictments will not be forthcoming because he is 'Muricas first anti constitutional scholar/muslim president.

deleted 0 points ago
jamesfinmadison 2 points ago

In a recent interview with Bongino, Nunes said the only criminal action that can be taken against the conspirators is conspiracy. He also suggested Brennan is the top ring leader. Being the patriot he is, knowing what he does, I think it will all come down to this. It explains why Clapper came out on TV and said he did what his CiC told him to do. It destroys the charge of conspiracy against him and the rest.

Sedition and treason against Obama would be the next logical choice, but then the swamp members could possibly walk free.

I say go for Obama on an unrelated charge based on corruption, like Netflix money coming from his Iran midnight payoff stash. Something unrelated to Spygate, and take down the team for conspiracy.

HoggRider 1 point ago

Just like treason the penalty for sedition is Death. Look it up.

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Anon331717 0 points ago

Obama needs to be swinging