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EdisonHwy 27 points ago

My goodness.... this interesting tidbit just surfaced?

Amazing....just amazing.

Bless their little hearts.

Threesrwild 21 points ago

Brennen. Seems a lot of roads are now pointed toward Iran.

We_Are_Inevitable 19 points ago (edited)

All the three letter agencies have been infiltrated by those with allegiances to other countries.

The difference now is that they have nothing to fear because we don't execute people for treason anymore, we give them a stern talking to and they go on to make tens of millions in book deals. Our nation is soft and weak and maybe a this point doesn't deserve to be saved.

deleted [S] 25 points ago
1776forever1776 4 points ago

I fear that we the people will ultimately have to correct this.

Be patient, call your representatives, red pill loved ones and friends, VOTE & PRAY

christianknight 3 points ago

Are you an Iranian good sir?

We (the people) support you in your fight.

deleted [S] 2 points ago
christianknight 2 points ago

Oh I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I agree we need to distinguish between the government and people. The people of Iran are good potential allies for the cause internationally.

accountable 2 points ago

Deserve has nothing to do with it.

V_exodus 18 points ago

We let all these subversives into our gov and agencie. Big mistake.

OGTD1 4 points ago

Hell, plenty of people vote for these people to go to Congress. We have a CIA plant down here in VA to keep the back channels open with the old brass. They through out a true patriot Dave Bratt to do it.

shipoutofdanger 14 points ago

Great fucking point, OP.

Of course the media would never touch this with a ten foot pole.

MyWoWServer 10 points ago


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shipoutofdanger 7 points ago (edited)

all that being said... most Iranians that came over from the 70's are the ones we show in pictures in bikinis and suits and ask "what happened!?!"

They were driven out and came here.

The town I grew up in had many many many Persian families whose parents came the the US in the 70's and were naturalized. Their kids were Americanized and most didn't speak any language other than American.

In Los Angeles, I imagine this would be particularly the case, as there were a ton of them at the time.

That also being said, in Los Angeles there is a 99% chance they would grow up to be liberal losers no matter who their parents were.

And Lisa and Peter are clearly a couple liberal losers the likes of which few have seen before.

They should both rot in prison for life.

OGTD1 3 points ago

This needs its own post and sticky. Also send to our few friendly media outlets. Hang the traitors.

memechallenger33 4 points ago

When I try this link I get a message saying that I am not connected to the internet, even though I clearly am. Unclear who is hiding this link?

MyWoWServer 1 point ago

Not working.

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MyWoWServer 3 points ago

No. I am on wireless. I appreciate you fixing link. Meant NO DISRESPECT.

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Necrovoter 2 points ago


"Tamara Najarian was born on August 26, 1950 in Iran and on March 15, 1975 in Los Angeles she married Stephen Butler Page born on December 16, 1949.

They had two daughters born in Los Angeles, Lisa Caroline Page born on September 5, 1979 and Ashley Erica Page born on December 27, 1983.

Lisa is married to Joseph Scott Burrow born on January 8, 1977.

Lisa's Iranian mother applied for Naturalization in California in 1977."

never_forget_seth 8 points ago

Najarian is an Armenian last name so it is pretty unlikely she has any love for the Iranian government. In fact, we have more reason to despise muslims than anyone out there (look up Armenian Genocide of 1915). There's plenty of reasons to despise Page and Strzok, I just don't think this is one of them

kogar 11 points ago

This. I know many Iranians (Persians and Armenians) that fled Iran as the Shah was losing his iron grip and Islam was taking over(and many that fled the Shah as well - one terrible evil was replaced by an even darker evil).

The Iran we see now is not the Iran of the 70's. People should be careful of how they're casting judgement (OP and others, not you, never_forget_seth)

never_forget_seth 8 points ago

Yeah us Armenians used to be all over that region and I don't want us to be lumped in with all the crazy inbred fanatics that are fucking it all up now. Many came here to the US to find a better life, live in freedom, and give a big fuck you to oppression. We make some pretty solid patriots!

kogar 2 points ago

Hell yes, you guys do! I had a dear friend in high school, last name of Aghekian. Her family was Armenian refugees who came here in the 70s. Her family even then was patriotic AF. They loved America.

never_forget_seth 3 points ago

all of us VOTE TRUMP!

Ladimir_Wewtin 6 points ago

The name may have Armenian roots, but is not strictly Armenian. I know this because a co-worker of mine - from Iran, who is Iranian as the day is long - has the same last name. The two historical regions neighbor each other, however I absolutely understand the cultural differences. Just pointing this out.

never_forget_seth 3 points ago

Yeah it's possible. Although Armenians didn't have their own country until recently and many of us lived all over the region. My family for example is from Syria so if people ask where I'm from I would say Syrian because my family never came from Armenia. Similarly, there used to be a lot of Armenians in Iran and I know quite a few who's family originated from there so it may be something similar! I'd be curious what your co-worker's background is and how he/she got that last name

Ladimir_Wewtin 1 point ago

That makes sense. As for my co-worker... I don't know too much other than he is Iranian, says he's Iranian and came over with his parents in the 70's. He converted to Christianity a few years ago and hasn't been back to Iran to visit family, including some siblings. He's not welcome he says after they called him about some photos of his family posing in front of a Christmas tree. He says it is both very dangerous there, but also not what is depicted in the media, at all. So, not really sure what to believe. :shrug:


What a sick fuck

Monkey_Block 6 points ago

Is that the same Iran that was sent pallets of American cash by President Obama?

Whynow 6 points ago

Mentally disturbed or demon possessed.

SJBHamilton 5 points ago

How on earth do these people get security clearances ?

1A2A 3 points ago

Who watches the watchers?

trauncher 5 points ago

Brennan is a devout muslim. just saying.

LittleBlackKat 5 points ago

It’s called “jihad”. And we’re losing. Deport the muslims to start winning.

Hillarys_Diaper 4 points ago

When do we start and how many per day? I want to beat the deportation record every day

570dbp 5 points ago

Wow. I never know this. Thanks Pede for this interesting fact.

It started from the top. The Whitehouse was probably (actually) infiltrated by foreign nation's sympathizers because too many people like Obama never have a strong root in America. It will get worse because the globalists are trying to make America into a place where no one has root or allegiance. The American ideals and patriotism are anti-thesis to globalism.

Isaiah53 3 points ago

Aren't they both supposed to be stoned to death for their adultery under the islamic law they embrace?

turdcorn3 3 points ago

Ad the head of the CIA was a communist.

Hillarys_Diaper 3 points ago

How the fuck is this guy not under the jail?

myvoicecountsonce 3 points ago

Had no clue. Fucking weird and creepy we let people like this infiltrate our country.

deleted 3 points ago
WinnieMcWinster 3 points ago (edited)

I just checked Trump's Twitter archive. There are exactly 17 hits on the word "Lovers" including one about birds getting chopped in wind turbines. IDK Everytime I think I know what's going on I realize I don't even know 1/4 of the story. This is some crazy BS.

Kibinimat 2 points ago

I'm surprised

ShiffsDeadHooker 2 points ago

I wonder if ValJar was running the Strzok/Page team from the White House. Seems like they'd be natural allies.

Batch77 2 points ago

why are they not screened, brannon turned to the muslim religion of hate. We can not longer put up with this shit.

CaptainWinston 1 point ago

And she has a horizontal gash, so the wider she opens the tighter she gets?

KAGCountry 1 point ago

Lisa Page is also a Jew, so she may have ties to Israel or MOSSAD.

christianknight 0 points ago

Man the glowies are all over this.