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PaigeAshley 5 points ago

I trust him to do what he needs to. We will never agree with every single thing in these bills. He needs the money for bigger things. Like the Wall! The Wall alone will solve tons of problems for this Country.

SuperMechaDon 3 points ago

It's full of bullshit that everyone has to choke-down...almost like Democrats STOLE the House in 2018 and a bunch of Republicans failed to challenge them on massive amounts of obvious voter fraud.

CovfefeNegro 2 points ago

Yeah, right now he looks kinda like Schumer or Pelosi don't he.

VETO that shiite POTUS, why would you sign that?

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DeepStateEnemy 1 point ago

He's a former Democrat and sometimes it comes oozing out. Red Flag laws and these spending bills illustrate that.

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