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holytrpbatman 19 points ago

Sweet baby Jesus, she's a retard.

4touchdownbundy 4 points ago

Such a moron!

Vests123 12 points ago

She tells her boys that plants have emotions and thoughts...this is just crazy and ridiculous. Plants don't think or reason. You need a brain to do this.

I agree OP...those poor boys being taught this will be so very confused.

deleted 11 points ago
Ilanna 11 points ago

We cant eat meat because those poor animals have feelings. Now they're saying plants have thoughts and feelings? What are they expecting us to eat? AIR?

DinsdalePiranha 10 points ago

Animals don't have feelings when they're dead. I've never eaten a live one.

Saremei 4 points ago *

Pretty sure they tend to violently disagree with you eating them while alive.

Better to kill them first.

MAGA-licious 2 points ago

White Christians.

Conservegan 9 points ago

I promise not all vegans are like this... but it’s most

Seattlesaltminer 7 points ago

Agree, I'm vegan and cringe when I hear this bullshit.

Degenecrat 9 points ago *

“It’s being of that mindset of realizing that they come as the teachers to us,” the actress continued. “We’re here to keep them alive, but we’re learning all the lessons from them.”

4 year olds doing taxes ya'll. Flying Boeing 737. Heart transplants for the elderly. WE LEARN FROM THEM

runonce 7 points ago *

I used to respond to vegans that "Plants have feelings too" . Little did I know anyone would ever take it seriously. Those kids are gonna have PTSD for destroying the dreams of carrots.

Southern_Belle 2 points ago

I used to be vegetarian. Not vegan, although I've had vegan moments.

However, now I've started thanking the spirits of the animals I eat.

That's how I assuage any guilt I may have.

"Thank you for giving your life for mine. May you be blessed in your next lifetime."

masedit 7 points ago

Liberalism is a mental illness. Period.

Sheff 5 points ago

Doesn't she subject her husband to cuckoldry? This where it all leads.

BigTrue 2 points ago

Hmmmmm, I really want to know if this is true.

deleted 5 points ago
eviantears 3 points ago

“Boy to Undergo Photosynthesis Gender Reassignment to Placate Mothers Insanity”

Gtrfan 3 points ago

Megan Fox has toe thumbs...Bing it!

gawd-emperor 2 points ago

Hoo fucked that ugly bitch

aussies4trump 2 points ago

??? ?

MawdT20 2 points ago

So she really was just a pretty face this whole time. Sad.

lavendarlady 2 points ago

My boys and girl grew up shooting guns, eating Medium rare venison and jerky, playing in the mud, climbing trees and racing go carts all over the property. They all turned into mighty fine hardworking grownups who happen to love animals and planting things. Her kids will probably be found sitting in a corner rocking back and forth in fear of somehow hurting something. Poor kids...

308win 2 points ago *

Im just like...not...gonna be there for my kids. Fuck it. - Megan Fox

High_Energy 2 points ago

I guarantee that right-winners are having more and more stable and longer lived kids than the drug addled Left is.

lifeisahologram 2 points ago

For a short bit, I actually was pretty proud of her and Brian Austin DeAngelo Freddy McCallister Green. I had read an interview where she discussed the importance of roles in parenting, and being present with her kids. She also discussed working through marital issues, which is something I'm particularly interested in because so many people just throw marriage away and give up when things get tough. She sounded sane.

Theeeeeen I found out literally all of what I read she omitted the specifics of those bizzare ass parenting roles and techniques: which basically amounts to her brainwashing and gender swaping her children.

I suppose working hard on her marriage is still commendable, but I feel like the kids would probably be better off in a divorced household. Literally any number of emotional issues derived from that is better than 24/7 brainwashing

Saremei 2 points ago

If plants have thoughts, then why the fuck are you eating them? Veganism is objectively unhealthy. The entire rationale is to not cause suffering to living creatures. If plants can think, they can feel.

I propose vegans no longer eat vegetation. Only vitamins and water.

deleted 1 point ago