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lifeisahologram 12 points ago (edited)

I still read fake news articles claiming this fund was a sham, and they claim the guy ran off with the money, nowhere to be found or heard of since it started....yet he is still there, still building portions of the wall (albeit slowly) and releasing updates.

The lies from the left about him and this project are not even lies you can twist the truth to create. They are just straight lies, out of thin air.

BananaWizard 9 points ago

I was skeptical he left too but I sent him 100 dollars since he obviously did parts of the wall already.

selfstarter20 2 points ago (edited)

I sent two payments of $50 one to the original gofundme that Brian had 6 months ago and recently $50 to: https://webuildthewall.us/ Americans, If Every Trump Voter Gave $100 to the wall it would be done. Activist Judges can't stop a private company funded privately. -- -- -- -- You can read all these fake news stories or find out the truth directly from Brian through his email subscriber list. One Hundred Dollars Times 63 Million is 6.3 Billion Dollars. 25 million divided by 63 million is Forty Cents per Trump Voter, can we get some people to WAKE UP PLEASE ???

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OGTD1 1 point ago (edited)

I helped build a wall to secure my children’s future.

selfstarter20 1 point ago

The money is well spent. Either Americans need to get off the couch and support Brian Koflage or get on the computer and do some research. President Trump supports Brian Koflage. I read the articles supplied directly by Brian in his newsletter.

just_another_pede 1 point ago

I read an article somewhere that he is getting flack from some government agency. I think the guy is still stuck in court.