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J3N93W 30 points ago

It's like the day after our 2016 election with a British accent. I love it. But seriously, who the fuck is Lily Allen?

SmokeyMeadow 13 points ago

She performed the song "Alfie" over a decade ago.

AsaNisiMAGA 12 points ago

The Dionne Warwick version is a bajillion times better. For that matter, the original 1966 film is also far superior to the remake.

BiglyTrumper 3 points ago (edited)

Not to be pedantic (but I guess I am, sorry) but they aren't the same songs. Lily was singing about her brother Alfie (Theon Greyjoy) being a pothead, it's not a remake of the old classic. You are right though, the song sucks!

AsaNisiMAGA 1 point ago

Thanks for the info. I don't mind pedantry, I appreciate it. And it's still a way better song. ;-D

BiglyTrumper 1 point ago

god help you Cloris, juggle the beanbags!

Click 10 points ago

I had to look up who the fuck this bitch was... still don't get why anyone should care about her or her tweets / instagram messages.

BiglyTrumper 8 points ago (edited)

Theon Greyjoy's sister.

ETA she also recorded one of her songs in Simlish. I got nothing else.

lifeisahologram 3 points ago

She was really big in 2006-2007.

Smagyarown 4 points ago

She also believed the whole 'take in immigrants' thing by offering her own house to immigrants. Then for a long time lost her house and couldn't get it back. But she hasn't learned her lesson.

Thiswillbeintheexam 1 point ago

Her dad's a famous director in the UK.

But she and her brother totally got to where they are on merit...