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J3N93W 30 points ago

It's like the day after our 2016 election with a British accent. I love it. But seriously, who the fuck is Lily Allen?

SmokeyMeadow 13 points ago

She performed the song "Alfie" over a decade ago.

AsaNisiMAGA 12 points ago

The Dionne Warwick version is a bajillion times better. For that matter, the original 1966 film is also far superior to the remake.

BiglyTrumper 3 points ago (edited)

Not to be pedantic (but I guess I am, sorry) but they aren't the same songs. Lily was singing about her brother Alfie (Theon Greyjoy) being a pothead, it's not a remake of the old classic. You are right though, the song sucks!

BiglyTrumper 1 point ago

god help you Cloris, juggle the beanbags!

AsaNisiMAGA 1 point ago

Thanks for the info. I don't mind pedantry, I appreciate it. And it's still a way better song. ;-D

Click 10 points ago

I had to look up who the fuck this bitch was... still don't get why anyone should care about her or her tweets / instagram messages.

BiglyTrumper 8 points ago (edited)

Theon Greyjoy's sister.

ETA she also recorded one of her songs in Simlish. I got nothing else.

Smagyarown 4 points ago

She also believed the whole 'take in immigrants' thing by offering her own house to immigrants. Then for a long time lost her house and couldn't get it back. But she hasn't learned her lesson.

lifeisahologram 3 points ago

She was really big in 2006-2007.

Thiswillbeintheexam 1 point ago

Her dad's a famous director in the UK.

But she and her brother totally got to where they are on merit...

lifeisahologram 14 points ago

Don't worry she's gonna parade around the media for a while claiming she was "bullied off the platform!" So she can get attention and sympathy. The lady that helped ruined the Last Jedi did the same thing.

Rodger 8 points ago

Go Piers!

RonPaulWasRight 7 points ago

If he wasn't such a twat on gun rights he'd be alright.

BiglyTrumper 8 points ago

she said ”some say it was Brexit, some say it was Jeremy, personally, and I know no one wants to hear it, I think that racism and misogyny runs so so deep in this country and that Boris won because of his attitude towards those things and not in spite of them.”

Garantine 8 points ago

You’d think the leader of Labour was a black woman based off that message, rather than a rich old white man.

DarthToenail 5 points ago

I mean, Diane "two left shoes" Abbott definitely didn't help.

Belleoffreedom 7 points ago

How is she being paid?

just2groovy 7 points ago

UK safe spaces incoming.

MAGAlikethis 6 points ago

Where do Brit celebrities shout that they're going to move to because it's "getting so bad here"? France?

just2groovy 5 points ago

I've seen tweets where they say they are going to New Zealand.

I'm sure they're already packed and headed to the airport! (They're not.)

NeedMoreLurkers 4 points ago

It's still Canada. Hell, they'd probably say Canada in Australia and New Zealand too. Which begs the question, what would Canadian celebrities say?

MAGAlikethis 6 points ago

Canadian celebrities live in the US.

DarthToenail 4 points ago


MJ85 6 points ago


She sings the song from this


And this excellent version of same song with the making of whatever that was.

She also has a cover of Britney Spears Toxic out there somewhere... pretty much the ultimate famous for being irreverent about being famous chick. Being told to fuck off probably devastated her honestly.

lifeisahologram 5 points ago

I still hate piers. He "calls" out the leftists, but literally, instantaneously will turn around and scream for policies that lead directly to socialism. Especially in regards to gun control.

At best the guy is a fucking nitwit. At worst he is a socialist plant, whose goal is to "call out the libtards" but preach gun control to try and sway conservatives.

deleted 1 point ago (edited)
Triton 5 points ago

I truly have no idea who Lily Allen is, but they can fuck off.

BrassCanuckles 4 points ago

This has-been “quit Twitter” once a year for 3 years running.

JonoftheDeD 4 points ago

More proof that although the left can dish it, their barely adequate psychic defenses crumble like a house of cards on taking it.

PotentialWizard 3 points ago

Yes! Please F off, Lily. Cheers.

Tbjorn123 3 points ago

Maybe the Brits need to send their snow flakes to Canada as well, so they don't melt?

USAUSA 3 points ago

Who's Lily Allen and why does anyone care?

utfanx2 3 points ago (edited)

This is the bitch that wrote a song called "fuck you" bashing conservatives.

Typical liberal; she can't handle what she dishes out.

BobeysaayU 1 point ago

Another talentless whore pushed out there by Daddy's bucks.

gthog61 1 point ago

Well it looks like she actually did "fuck off".

Jolly good show

ProperChitl79 1 point ago

What the fuck do misogyny and racism have to do with leaving the EU? These people are absolutely deranged. They don't even try to hide it any more that if you don't agree with them you are a (fill in the blank with 25 blanket, unfounded insults).

Learn to use your fucking brains to have a civil debate on the issues instead of labeling, you fucking cunts. Cunts is acceptable, because Britain.

wskeafoinlenbal 1 point ago

Piers Morgan can fuck off too. Fuckin limey prick lecturing Americans for years on the MSNBC bully pulpit. Now he wants to act "conservative"? Eat a dick Morgan.

SaguttariiEntVita 1 point ago

I’m more interested in the 60 year old man with an 11 year old son

Lifteneunca 1 point ago

Didn’t even have to tell her twice...damn, Morgan got some frame.

Constitutionalist 0 points ago

Lilly Allen can suck muh dick, swallow and then go make me a sammich!