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PatriotCrusader 10 points ago

This is becoming common place. What would have happened if after weeks of bullying and taunting the kid showed up with a pistol and shot them dead after they started swinging? This is the bullying that the Left claims to be so bad but now the fact that those kids aren't expelled or in juvie (they all looked over 18 to me but hey I don't grade the papers) or jail is enough ammunition to tell the other kids that "hey if you beat up a MAGA supporter all the rules are different." Do we really think that the kids in the school feel safe after doing that? Perhaps the minorities and even some leftist children maybe but other kids who share his sentiment? They're just targets now? Shut up or watch what happens? These parents are more composed then myself, I wouldn't be seeking legal actions (although they really should sue the school for literally failing the child at every turn, I mean the schools love to claim that they have resources for bullied children but obviously this child did not feel like they could help him or he didn't trust them to help) I would be seeking revenge. That child is now a victim of pure, unadulterated, radical political violence, at 14...... My heart bleeds for this young man but steel needs heat so maybe, because God works in mysterious ways, this experience will shape the young man into a stronger person.
Seriously though, how are we as Patriots supposed to buy into the fact that our children should attend public schools? Mine were nothing to write home about but trashy all the same, but this? In this environment? Something truly dramatic must take place to get all those leftist shill teachers, counselors, administrators, fuck it even the lunch ladies have to go. A complete overhaul because the children are just too important.