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redis_help 35 points ago

> The attack also did not meet criteria for a hate crime, sheriff’s officials said.

Honk fucking honk. Absolute state of clown world.

meowsters 26 points ago

recall when a school suspended a 12 year old victim also attacked for wearing a trump hat?


or a 16 year old black trump supporter that was doxxed and sent death threats


is there a family association to pool resources and information to provide support for Trump kids?

AenAllAin 1 point ago

...but the real tragedy is when no one helps them, they are pushed to the limits, and instead of killing themselves ...they shoot up the school! Our Liberalism is a utopia! We just need more gun-control!

Reev_Jax 14 points ago

And when he hates blacks because of this it will be his fault for being an evil raycis.

NostalgicFuturist 7 points ago

EVIL-clown world

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marsajane1949 26 points ago

Even if he did say that, that doesn't give them the right to physically assault him.

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Lemongrass5 10 points ago

Blacks have been conditioned to think once that word is said it's a freebie to injury that person.

PatriotCrusader 8 points ago


BiglyTrumper 6 points ago

If I had decked the lady who called me white trash, I'd be in jail right now.

MAGA-licious 25 points ago

Low IQ means low impulse control and tendency towards violent outbursts. Never relax around a group that commits 52% of all homicides in our country despite representing only 12% of the total population. You can get mad at me, but FBI crime stats don’t give a fuck about your feelings.

tangerinemanbad 15 points ago

Facts by definition cannot be racist.

PatriotCrusader 11 points ago

In todays world, facts are the only things that are racist for sure. /s

Fremium2020 8 points ago

Hey that's cool.

So when you see me in my Trump hat, as a black guy, I'll just watch you nervously sweat like a wimp, while the Antifa white guys will give you warm hugs and milk.

Because you can indeed "relax" around them.

Not "mad" at you. Just think you are a fucking idiot.

MAGA-licious 6 points ago (edited)

Why would I sweat nervously around someone who clearly has an IQ above average? I’m not going to be another statistic in some virtue signaling contest. Liberals have destroyed black culture by attacking the core black family and rewarding single mothers for pumping out kids with no fathers to look after them. You have a group of people who are taught to hate white people as a matter of principle and then are surrounded with violent role models who punish any displays of weakness and put material wealth and status on a pedestal over family and God. On top of that, any who do try and leave the hive mind get called an Uncle Tom by their own people - it’s insane. Can you really be shocked that the same group has lower IQ overall and a higher propensity towards violence? Blacks kill each other at alarming rates everyday and the liberal media fucking ignores it. Young black men are at a massive disadvantage in this country because the system was designed to keep them down. It wasn’t conservatives who built this system. Instead of going after white liberals, who Malcolm X himself declared as the enemy to all blacks (before he was murdered by a white liberal), blacks attack white conservatives because that’s what they are taught. I am not going to apologize for pointing out the truth while blacks in this country on both sides refuse to acknowledge the problem.

Can you imagine how unstoppable we’d be as a nation if blacks and whites were a united front? Is it any surprise then why so much time, energy, and money is spent trying to keep us at each other’s throats? You could substitute any race for black and the result would be the same. I never understood why black people, as prideful as they are, continue to let this happen.

I’m sorry if you found what I said to be stupid, but it is 100% the truth and it’s time we start addressing it.

modded 3 points ago

You both seem like good people and didn't create the two problems. We can only fix them after we are allowed to talk about them. I really appreciate seeing this back and forth.

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BlueCow2ElectricBoo 1 point ago

5~6% of the population, actually, since the 12% is both male and female, and the vast, vast, vast majority of the 52% of homicides is with males. You can probably cut that again to since it's most often young males.

At the very least, less then 5% of the population commits 50% of murders. Oof.

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MAGADUDE 4 points ago

Go back to 4 Chan "goyim".

Apotheosis 12 points ago

Sounds like a multimillion dollar lawsuit

PatriotCrusader 10 points ago

This is becoming common place. What would have happened if after weeks of bullying and taunting the kid showed up with a pistol and shot them dead after they started swinging? This is the bullying that the Left claims to be so bad but now the fact that those kids aren't expelled or in juvie (they all looked over 18 to me but hey I don't grade the papers) or jail is enough ammunition to tell the other kids that "hey if you beat up a MAGA supporter all the rules are different." Do we really think that the kids in the school feel safe after doing that? Perhaps the minorities and even some leftist children maybe but other kids who share his sentiment? They're just targets now? Shut up or watch what happens? These parents are more composed then myself, I wouldn't be seeking legal actions (although they really should sue the school for literally failing the child at every turn, I mean the schools love to claim that they have resources for bullied children but obviously this child did not feel like they could help him or he didn't trust them to help) I would be seeking revenge. That child is now a victim of pure, unadulterated, radical political violence, at 14...... My heart bleeds for this young man but steel needs heat so maybe, because God works in mysterious ways, this experience will shape the young man into a stronger person.
Seriously though, how are we as Patriots supposed to buy into the fact that our children should attend public schools? Mine were nothing to write home about but trashy all the same, but this? In this environment? Something truly dramatic must take place to get all those leftist shill teachers, counselors, administrators, fuck it even the lunch ladies have to go. A complete overhaul because the children are just too important.

thats_lt_col_leaker 8 points ago

If that's not what they are, why do they care if someone says it to them? I wouldn't get upset if someone called me a stegosaurus, because I'm not a stegosaurus.

SSJ3NAPPA 8 points ago (edited)

Fucking animals

Fox_Archipelago2020 8 points ago

His blood is on the media's hands. This brave patriot is collateral damage in their propaganda campaign against the president. It's not "fake news" folks, it's propaganda.Republicans need to speak up and highlight how all the dangerous propaganda is inciting real violence and the American people will not stand for it anymore.

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abcxyz1110g 7 points ago

"Allegedly" even though it was caught on camera lol. ??

Fremium2020 5 points ago

I seriously wish I could have been there to help that poor kid.

I'm not like the people in these videos. You come at me like that , I'll hurt your feelings, especially some hodrat chick.

Marshall 5 points ago

Another example of left wing tolerance.

cant_even 4 points ago (edited)

> The fight

C'mon, NYP, you can do better than that. Do you call 'Knockout Game' victims "fighters", too?

> fetal position...defensive wounds

cel_ro02 3 points ago

Unfortunately the hat was just an excuse it was really cause the kid was white I doubt a heated conversation about tariffs and foreign policy lead to the attack

Pizmanerilus 2 points ago

Those attackers do not belong in school.

quernurewhra 2 points ago

I dislike the fact that the mom claims this was over a MAGA hat when a MAGA hat is nowhere to be seen anywhere in this video....

ChristopherFritz 3 points ago (edited)

I saw mentioned somewhere that he'd worn the hat to school two weeks prior, and was bullied since (causing him to stop wearing it, but still getting bullied). Don't know how accurate that is, and don't recall where I'd read it.

Edit: From the boy's mother:


"To be clear, my son bought his #Trump2020 hat with his own money at the flea market a few weeks ago. He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn't wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & was now a target."

Lemongrass5 2 points ago

More and more homeschooling seems like the answer

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thecklocelrilo 2 points ago

"...not a hate crime". BS.

nwainil 2 points ago

It is still battery whether or not the motive is hate crime or not. He can sign a complaint.

Barthaneous 2 points ago (edited)

Imagine saying "nigger" on a bus in front of nothing but black people? Who is stupid enough to do so? What a stupid thing to think.

itateeveryone 2 points ago

And then one day, for no reason at all...

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