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PaigeAshley 3 points ago

That reminds me of an episode of All In The Family, when some black men break into the Bunker's house and they say something like, "man! White people's houses sure smell funny!"

FreedomFromGovt 2 points ago

I have a great sense of smell and I'd just like to say that Whites smell like shampoo, perfume, or nothing at all. American blacks are the same. African blacks, however, have an incredibly powerful body odor.

deleted [S] 1 point ago
meowsters 1 point ago

it's the farmers market stank

young women like jello shots

young men like spicy yet moldy leftovers

old men like irish spring or english leather

old women like potpourri and cat piss

white people like vinegar and baking soda

black people like shea or cocoa butter

you want hispanics go five miles back by the offramp

fat people like soured milk farts

lesbians like patchouli oil and tobacco or pot

gay men like an explosion in a chlorine factory