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MarySmith -6 points ago (edited)

Here is the deal with this one. This Saudi Air Force Officer, who yes, is a Muslim of course, was totes disrespected by civilian contractor flight instructor who referred to him by a filthy nickname, Porn Stache. Not all muslim are murderous or we would have so many problems. I myself have been disrespected in similar manner, and I was on board branding this a terrorist act, but this time only, I think it was a "workplace" situation. The Saudi shooter had actually attempted to address it through the channels before he acted out. Of course his fellow Saudi's knew it was happening, who else would he vent to? I think that an easily presumed religious Muslim man was disrespected seriously, but if he had a beef maybe he should have waited for the instructor to call him a filthy nickname again, and vented his anger at the idiots mouth. Now then, we know about the active Saudi flight program and can shut it down and finally, fire that civiliian instructor with the filthy mouth while we are at it.

malthrax 13 points ago

being called "porn stache" is not grounds to go on a fucking shooting spree, no matter what your goat-fucking child-raping middle-east retard-in-a-cave prophet's "holy book" of shit-stains and grease-prints tells you.

also, Fuck Islam.

MarySmith -7 points ago

It is okay to use the broad brush to paint every member of a group, but you know that is as bigoted as what the Maoist left are doing with non Maoists. I actually understand something here, the information out there is the Saudi went to channels to address it. Having the ability to reflect on information from all angles is sure fire game winning tactic. Being more bigoted and assuming/consuming all things as black or white in a mass inferno of uneducated rage wastes ammo, repels allies, and frags friends.

deleted 6 points ago (edited)
MarySmith 3 points ago


CovfefeAndDoughnuts 3 points ago

“You made me hurt you” - two things that children and PSYCHOPATHS say when they attack their victims. So which one is Porn Stache. You are a concern troll

MarySmith 1 point ago

You done with your li'l freakout? I will blame your lousy take on a couple of things. Too much caffeivfe, and applying for a mod job? In the case of the former lay off the covfefe, in the case of the latter, you coming on too strong. Where was I not 100% Based 4 Trump and riffing off commietard behaviors and their bizarre leader, Hellary Queen Zombeh. Everything is so sublimely absurd these days, why not "your take" as well.

poorly_educated_13 7 points ago

You can't be serious.

If this guy was so delicate that he could not handle an insult from the American military without murdering his classmates, then you just spelled out exactly why he should never have been here in the first place.

What do you think people are going to do?? Just say, "oh gosh, we're so sorry, yes, we can see why he thought it was totally right to shoot American soldiers to pieces. They were rude to him and it was their fault because this guy could not be expected to tolerate that."

You Have Got To Be Kidding

MarySmith -4 points ago (edited)

Warning, I can take any side in debate, because neutral, information based. Make that, Info BASED. Not emotion (like cringey leftards). Not even kidding. You might be reframing what I said because your fault line reactionary impulse, flame troll or real, is skewed. Much like the Saudi even. Weird, that. Not my fault you do not identify with either deeply held religious righteousness (it is not my issue how you interpret it) and propensity to violence. That being said, this guy was triggered more than any church killer or Santa Barbara Incel.

Are You A Cuck? Stand down, clown.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 1 point ago

This is a never ending trump rally that is 100% pro Trump. Go back to Reddit if you want to debate.

deleted -2 points ago
CovfefeAndDoughnuts 3 points ago

So that’s an excuse to kill people. Concern troll

MarySmith 0 points ago

Don't be a distorting clown and lay off the covfefe, or is it meth?

AerialRush 4 points ago

One bad apple ruins the bunch, out they go, they’ve proven they cannot be trusted.

MarySmith 0 points ago