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MAGA-licious 4 points ago (edited)

He paid for Obama’s Harvard education and was responsible for the attempted coup on King Salman in Las Vegas that shot up 59 concert attendees. After the weapons deal used by the CIA to intercept the coup went south, with Stephen Paddock as the CIA asset to facilitate the deal, the Saudi assassins escaped through the roof via helicopter and opened fire on the concert attendees to buy time for their escape. Bin Talal owns the top 4 floors of Mandalay Bay which is the Four Seasons where the deal took place. A month later in November 1, Trump worked with Salman to retaliate against Bin Talal by killing 7 of the men responsible in a helicopter crash and putting Bin Talal under house arrest at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh. He was released a month later. You’re welcome.

generalshermansballs 4 points ago

Leftists going to bat for the extreme ultra conservative religious right. Amazing.

Trump4a3rdTerm 3 points ago

Republicans need to push for an internet bill of rights, to protect free speech from the Silicon Valley fascists.