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Cianevalies 23 points ago

This is being selectively released to the public to ease the shock of what’s coming . Is anyone surprised this came out one day before FISA? It’s bloody obvious that this is part of a coordinated release , for God’s sake Rudi is in the interview.

The Storm is here people!

tonysoprano 10 points ago

Holy shit. I almost peed when I saw Rudy sitting there!

This post should really be stickied.

EpicTrump 3 points ago

If anyone has the guts to blow the lid off this Ukraine corruption, Rudy can. Politicians have been using foreign aid as a money laundering and kickback scheme for too long. Expose them all. We can handle the truth.Time to show the public how a politician can get filthy rich on a relatively small government salary.

Dadgeek65 [S] 19 points ago

One America News journalist Chanel Rion tracked down Ukrainian witnesses as part of an exclusive OAN investigative series. The evidence being discovered dismantles the baseless Adam Schiff impeachment hoax and highlights many corrupt motives for U.S. politicians.

tall_bacon 9 points ago

Chanel Rion can track me down whenever she wants

one3five 16 points ago

This makes me sick to my stomach although I'm not that surprised.

The swamp is very swampy.

Dadgeek65 [S] 15 points ago (edited)

With all these powerful Senators involved there may not be a fair impeachment trial in the Senate as they try to get rid of President Trump to keep themselves out of jail. Maybe the Democrats know this of course and are planning on it to get rid of Trump even though they have no evidence of a crime. It looks to me like the fix may be in. It's sickening.

NotProgCensored 12 points ago

There won't be a Senate trial. Lindsey will shut it down with a simple majority vote so nothing else gets investigated. The Dems get their House impeachment for their crazy voters and the Senate swamp gets to hide their corruption.

Dadgeek65 [S] 7 points ago

I'd rather see this than see President Trump get ousted by crooked RINOs. I wonder if GEOTUS would go after them when the smoke of the peach mints clears? I'd love to see it!

Oskar 2 points ago

Trump would be beyond pissed if Lindsey pulled that move. The President wants a Senate trial.

deleted 1 point ago
OhLollyLollyPop 4 points ago

If this article gets linked to everyplace we can put it, they can't get away with this. They have to find a way to get Trump exonerated, or go to jail.

We should all send this to Barr at the DOJ.

Dadgeek65 [S] 2 points ago

Or both!

K-Harbour 2 points ago

The worst thing that can happen for the Republicans going into the 2020 election is for there to be a cut-short trial in the senate.

TrumpCityPopMAGA 10 points ago

No fake anonymous sources over here faggots.

Gypsy6 7 points ago

Definitely an article and video to read! And it needs to go viral.

RJ64 4 points ago

This needs to get out there folks. Tweet it if you have a Twitter account. Graham is as dirty as any of them.

OhLollyLollyPop 4 points ago

Note the part about Lindsay Graham. That dumb ass let John McCain get him into all sorts of bad crap and now he's caught. So, what's the recourse here for the President? DOJ, SCOTUS?

Oskar 1 point ago

I'd like to think that as part of Graham's transformation to Lindsey 2.0 he gave a full accounting of the shenanigans he and McCain were up to

Magafactured 4 points ago

Holy. Shit.

deleted 2 points ago
ProperChitl79 2 points ago

Let them all rot. Corrupt communist Dims and globalist GOP.

Drain the swamp!

TheRcbbitsNumenas 2 points ago

Lindsey McCain is scared to death.