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Trump4a3rdTerm 36 points ago

Registered Dem. Insane political correctness drove me to Trump.

InstantCovfefe 13 points ago

Yes, same here (registered Dem). Abusive political correctness along, constant bullying and unabashed fake news reporting did it for me.

And "but muh feelings" over facts.

Belleoffreedom 12 points ago

Classical Liberal, here. There is no room in the Democratic Party for us, any more. The Party has latched onto the term "progressive," only because the rest of the country won't tolerate "communist" or "socialist."

SnacksAndViolence 9 points ago

Same here man. I voted Obama twice literally because he was black. I didn't vote in 2016 and thought both Trump and Hillary were jokes. I am extremely pro Trump now and would crawl through broken glass to vote Trump in 2020. Growing up and having kids changes things. But most of all, the lefts corruption of children, defiling the Constitution, and open, terrifying racism are why I switched.

Bob383 4 points ago

Registered dem, the election fraud of the 2016 primary eventually brought me here

MAGAlikethis 9 points ago

Get this man a coat!

MsAnthropic 28 points ago

Yep, I used to work at an feminist organisation. That was what really opened my eyes to how fucking CRAZY feminists are - I thought it meant treat everyone equally, I was so wrong. The victim culture was insane. Then in 2016 I started watching Milo videos somehow, then got on board the Trump train and quit my job.

1in1024th 6 points ago

Do an AMA!

Beardedpatriot 18 points ago

Centrist with a left lean. Not anymore. I woke up summer of 2016. My eyes are wide open.

deleted 18 points ago
MAGA912 16 points ago

Saw libs as wanting to help people. HS curriculum made the New Deal seem beyond reproach.

Got older, first saw people taking advantage of govt programs. Instead of a help up, it was only a hand out.

When I got older still, I realized I was wrong to get upset at the 'hand out' people. They were trapped in a clever cage, controlled by the people who designed it. Any attempts to bust open the door of this cage is usually met with resistance of its prisoners protecting their 'home.'

Clabber 15 points ago

Not me, raised in very conservative fam. Been conservative my entire life, although remember in younger, foolish days, was stifled by Lib friends and did not speak against. Not that person now.

DoIMAGAYouHornyBaby 6 points ago

Same story here mate

LikeAWombatScorned 13 points ago (edited)

I always had a very mixed set of political views.... kind of libertarian (i.e. do what you want if it doesn't hurt anyone), against abortion, thought gun control was necessary (didn't own any), wanted some limited market regulation, didn't have an opinion on immigration, etc. Fucking hell I voted for Gary "What is a Leppo" Johnson.

The left's behavior after the 2016 election was a YUGE wake-up call for me! The left has gone completely insane and is trying to fundamentally change the culture and demographics of this country so they can seize power for themselves. They want to eliminate the Electoral College, stack the SCOTUS, and remove a duly-elected President at all cost. What they did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family was criminal. Now I want strict immigration (including The Wall), zero gun control (now I own an AR-15, shotgun, and two handguns), and I especially want us to fight for our interests in the world markets. From now on I will vote for the most MAGA candidates that run.

DisgustedByMisleadia 11 points ago (edited)

You may still be a liberal. You just aren't a leftist.

The left has misappropriated liberal, after they destroyed "progressive" during the Wilson administration.

"Liberal" is derived from the Latin word for "of, or pertaining to freedom". It dates back to the 1800's, and actual liberals in the US often use "classic liberal" to distinguish ourselves from the leftists.

The left is antithetical to freedom. They tacitly acknowledged this by inventing the nonsensical "social liberal".

Outside the US, "liberal" still retains its meaning. In many countries, the "Liberal" party is more closely aligned to what we call "conservatives". Even Wikipedia admits that the Republican Party is the major party closest to classic liberalism in the US.

FamburgerHelper 9 points ago

I was a Bernout long ago. I came out of the fog in time to help get our great president elected. MAGA KAG

FreeSpeechMaster 7 points ago

Nope! My political views haven't changed since I was twelve years old.

deleted 7 points ago
draintheswamp 7 points ago

Well they keep moving left until they fall off the cliff. Congrats for not following them.

Flagwaverforever 6 points ago

College students who didn’t register as dem were heartless, but taxpayers who didn’t register as republicans were brainless. It’s a maturation process.

deleted 6 points ago (edited)
TruthyBrat 5 points ago (edited)

Until I was 19 or 20, then I started getting somewhat real paychecks (with deductions for all sorts of taxes) and questioning conventional "wisdom". Parents were pretty much apolitical, had a grandmother who was very socialist who was an influence when I was young.

I even subscribed to Mother Jones and The Nation in HS and early college! Whew!

CovfefeNegro 5 points ago

The first election I could vote I voted for Carter. I began waking up right there.

WinstonOrwell 5 points ago (edited)

In the 70's. high school -- I was so liberal I attended a fund raiser for Jerry Brown!

Two years of college -- still liberal.

Quit school, ski bummed, working my ass off to survive but meeting loads of well-to-do folks who could afford to fly to Colorado, stay at a slopeside condo and pay ME to guide/teach them.

Three more years of college -- dyed in the wool capitalist! All those customers, work experiences and decent finance and economics professors showed me the way.

Still liberal in terms of social issues. WTF can't we smoke weed or hire hookers?

But capitalist!!!

kdiddyb 4 points ago

Didn’t want to be a rich conservative like my dad when I was younger. Insane liberal in my 20’s. Then I swallowed the big red pill. My father is much happier:). #MeToo. I’m skinnier, happier and make much more money.

Charlie 4 points ago

So grateful you all came out of your liberal slumber. Congrats. Welcome to the real world.

matpitchu 4 points ago

I did

TrumpFever4Ever 4 points ago

Commenting here to follow this post and conversation since I can’t save articles yet. Fascinating!

Bobby 4 points ago

I did not , but I support your choice frens. ?

curseoftheideaman 4 points ago

Not a liberal really but an apolitical Republican hater. Shifted to Libertarianism when Ron Paul hit the scene in the mid 2000s.

I was for open borders and everything. Watched the Daily Show daily.

Fucking embarrassing.

just2groovy 3 points ago (edited)

Registered Dem years ago and then Ron Paul caught my attention and I had a "Holy shit!" moment and have been a registered independent ever since.

never_forget_seth 3 points ago

I was as liberal as you get. Now random internet cucks accuse me of "never really being a true liberal" even though I literally only voted for Dems until 2016.

cheesewhispers 3 points ago

I voted for Nader and Obama and then Hillary. Felt physically ill for months after Trump won. Lurked on the donald to try to understand how people could support such a horrible, stupid president. Immediatly could see that the left and the msm didn’t understand Trump supporters. Then the Covington kids got dragged thru the mud and I saw the full video posted on the donald. I felt sick and angry. I started to question everything. Trump was right about fake news. What else was he right about? Then the migrant caravans - why were all these people still coming knowing they’d get detained? Who was funding this and lying to those people? I was disgusted that instead of figuring out how to help people where they live, dems were encouraging them to come here and get locked up to pull on voters’ heartstrings. And AOC. God I just can’t stand her. Then the dems started their debates and I just plain realized I don’t actually want what they are selling. There’s not one that I could see myself voting for and I’ll like to keep America great so here I am.

cincydan 2 points ago

You may feel a little nauseated. This is normal.

MAGA-licious 2 points ago

The idea of a classic liberal died in 1776. You’re either 100% for the US Constitution or you’re mentally retarded.

Cutter 2 points ago

Registered dem in senior year of HS back in upstate NY; didn't know there were other options. Saw the candidates and said "screw politics". Registered independent in AZ in '06 and discovered they can't vote in the primaries. Libertarian sounded good ("maximum freedom, minimum government"); gave that up when I realized they're clueless. Republican because of Donald J Trump, 45th president US of A.

deleted 2 points ago (edited)
Madmatt7g 2 points ago

I started off as a helpless infant who would cry and whine to get what I wanted. Does that count?