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AtariArtist 15 points ago (edited)

Ok Doomer.

Kanye West was interested in a GOP 2024 run too I believe. Ted could Veep him there and help him GPS the swamp.

Aambrick 3 points ago

What if Ted Becomes the VP to Kanye(with Trump as an advisor) and then after eight years Ted gives up Senate to work with Veterans for a couple years then Tries the 2032 or 2036 run.

I would say Rand Paul as his VP.

That is one way, but the cynical side of me says Rand Paul and another that is Like Trump.

ConantheBarkarian 16 points ago (edited)

I think we gotta keep Kanye of out any serious discussion. Being counter culture and possibly converted does not a great president make. I'd rather Don Jr., but I'll be voting for whoever Geotus endorses most likely.

Imransgarage 2 points ago

This guy gets it. There will be a clear endorsement, and if Don Jr. runs why wouldn't you vote for him.

Everyone should listen to DJTJs interview with Bongino, he talks about how he used to spend summers in eastern europe and saw the bread lines first hand.

HumphreyBeans 1 point ago

Vote for whomever Trump endorses. He will not make that decision lightly.