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ProudAmerican 6 points ago

I do believe we will have another electoral landslide, but all your other points do stand strong. The issue remains the constant influx of people from socialist nations. I mentioned in an earlier post about how we fight back. The first step is to choke off the uniparty by forgetting to pay taxes. After the tax revolt, we apply our shift in mentality from flight to fight. Those two things would go a long way in preserving our culture as a capitalist nation. Never forget, we aren’t stuck in here with them,,,they’re stuck in here with us!

Aambrick 5 points ago

That is why these last 5 years are super critical. We need to have a good-overwhelming influence in the local, regional, and state wide governments and elections if we want to survive past that point. It is not a if thing, but a do or else thing.