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HubriantNectarine 33 points ago

Sounds like they need to fire the editors, too.

AslanFan 23 points ago

Yup...someone approved the piece to run.

Scuffers 1 point ago

was thinking exactly the same.

pullofthemoon 31 points ago

She's saying Newsweek told her to write the story in advance of Thanksgiving. If that's the case, she needs to make a stink until that person is fired, too.

Meh, I think Newsweek's just glad they're being talked about again.

K-Harbour 5 points ago

I believe her.

I remember when one of the National magazine practically threatened their editors because they weren’t coming up with any dirt on Ross Perot.

GGRain 1 point ago (edited)

She just takes the fall, more should be fired. But she also deserves it, she could have written the article much tamer, without the biased title and saying that these are assumptions. But she had to go full TDS.

Hayride 15 points ago

If everyone in the media who published b.s. about Trump got fired, who'd be left?

AslanFan 16 points ago

OANN The Epoch Times Sundance

deleted 13 points ago
DrBJTester 14 points ago

She's weekend fired before she starts her new gig at NYT or Wapo.

Valanantar [S] 10 points ago

--- The Newsweek reporter who wrote an inaccurate story about President Trump's Thanksgiving Day plans has been fired. The outlet's original story claimed the president only planned on tweeting and golfing during his holiday break, neglecting to mention his trip to Afghanistan.

Newsweek’s Jessica Kwong, whose Twitter handle identifies her as a political reporter "covering Trump administration and family," initially published the article Thursday morning, before the president's trip to Afghanistan was announced publicly. The story's initial headline was, “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing and more.”

“Newsweek investigated the failures that led to the publication of the inaccurate report that President Trump spent Thanksgiving tweeting and golfing rather than visiting troops in Afghanistan," a Newsweek representative told the Washington Examiner. "The story has been corrected, and the journalist responsible has been terminated. We will continue to review our processes and, if required, take further action.”

Hours after the president's trip was announced, Newsweek edited Kwong's story and added a note at the bottom of it. The beginning of the story now focuses on the president's trip and his speech to the troops, while the new headline reads, “How is Trump spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, golfing — and surprising U.S. troops in Afghanistan.”

The note at the end of the story reads, "This story has been substantially updated and edited at 6:17 p.m. EST to reflect the president's surprise trip to Afghanistan. Additional reporting by James Crowley."

K-Harbour 2 points ago

Still misinformation.....Can’t figure out when he had time for golfing, unless there’s a nine hole course on AF1.

deleted 8 points ago
Faffz 8 points ago

Whoever bought that publication for $1 paid too much.

Norwayhastrolls 6 points ago

She is now a martyr for the cause.

Heywood_Jablowme 5 points ago

Womp womp

Magafactured 3 points ago

No womp flair, no womps for the first 20 comments...

Where the hell am I? Is this a dream?

Haywood with the save - Well womped, homie. ?

deleted 4 points ago
ByteKnight321 3 points ago

Wait... You did a story trying to make Trump look bad? But you got caught! Promotion to Editor!

Model4001S 3 points ago (edited)

Wasn't everyone in the dark about this trip? Hate to stand up for a Newsweek reporter but I thought like one press liason knew and that was it...and she updated her story. Maybe she dragged her feet on the correction? Genuinely curious...

DannyNogg556 3 points ago

The Trump curse smacked this one hard! ???

I_am_not_a_Robot 3 points ago (edited)

She then tried to throw her Editor under the bus ( and maybe they're to blame as well ) but her twitter feed is a long list of BS. Can't apologize when you've got that kind of a track record... "Honest mistake" she says. Right.


KS810 3 points ago

Oh no, that sucks.gif

RoofKorean 3 points ago

Nothing makes me happier than seeing fake news (especially a hardcore anti-Trumper journalist) get fired, but in this case, was it really her fault? Trump purposely fooled the press into believing he was going golfing so they wouldn't leak the information. He even sent a fake motorcade to the golf courses. She simply reported on it before he announced the reveal. If that is cause for her to get fired, so should the dozens of other journalists that report false stories about Trump every day.

VivaElEmperadorDios 2 points ago

Make no mistake, she was fired because her actions made President Trump look good, and that is unforgivable.

WxwXwxWxwXwxW 2 points ago

Damage control. Pathetic.

Deplorable_in_PA 2 points ago

No sympathy for her. She would probably gladly run outright BS stories about Trump if she thought she could get by with it. But I still can't help but think she was tossed under a bus over this one.

Fabius 1 point ago

Learn to code.

catbertz 1 point ago

Oh Newsweak, don't you know that two Kwongs don't make it right?

cajun_robear 1 point ago

On to the NYT.