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thats_lt_col_leaker 11 points ago

There are literally child sacrificing Luciferians in the upper echelons of the power structure: https://thedonald.win/p/3ih0sE8/22-minutes-in-start-watching-and/c/

CovfefeNegro 6 points ago

Yeah I do expect we will have to know some of that, much more than I wanna know already and I try pretty hard to avoid that side of things.

We have enough criminal evidences on plain old treasons and tyrannies and examples of Man's Law to keep me occupied, I don't wanna look at all of that other much more Evil shiite.

But it is there isn't it, a lot of our double damned most foully corrupt government and others around the globe are as corrupt as Humans can be. There is no possible way to coexist with them, near as I can tell.