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CovfefeNegro 16 points ago

They are willing to completely destroy the Human race if they must to retain power. In fact it was a planned thing, hillary would have sparked a near-extinction level event had she won.

IMMORTAN_TRUMP [S] 16 points ago

"We must cull 99% of the human population! The Sun God demands it and it's the only way to change the weather!"

CovfefeNegro 8 points ago

99%? Those are rookie numbers, you gotta pump those numbers up!

madlad2020 7 points ago (edited)

We must dumb down the general populace into culling themselves; ie the entire LGBTQ movement.

I don't mean to put anybody down if that is who you genuinely are. I am merely pointing out that the same idiots that support post birth abortion and routinly demonize you for your "carbon footprint" are telling you that it is a good and socially acceptable idea to hook up with partners whom you can not reproduce with

If that is who you genuinely are by all means but im suggesting their is an alterar motive on pushing this on the general populace en mass , and I know for a fact that their are individuals who are considered repulsive or social outcasts that are shunned from society that do it for attention. Just look at the sad story of Chris Chan and so many others.

thats_lt_col_leaker 11 points ago

There are literally child sacrificing Luciferians in the upper echelons of the power structure: https://thedonald.win/p/3ih0sE8/22-minutes-in-start-watching-and/c/

CovfefeNegro 6 points ago

Yeah I do expect we will have to know some of that, much more than I wanna know already and I try pretty hard to avoid that side of things.

We have enough criminal evidences on plain old treasons and tyrannies and examples of Man's Law to keep me occupied, I don't wanna look at all of that other much more Evil shiite.

But it is there isn't it, a lot of our double damned most foully corrupt government and others around the globe are as corrupt as Humans can be. There is no possible way to coexist with them, near as I can tell.

thats_lt_col_leaker 9 points ago

Mainstream media no longer works for the American people.

IMMORTAN_TRUMP [S] 10 points ago (edited)

Haven't in decades. We're only realizing it now. The great awakening has begun!

madlad2020 4 points ago (edited)

Its debatable if they ever worked for the American people. I can't really think of one example in which they acted to speak truth to power that wasn't convient for advancing the uniparties agenda. (the tv media at least)

Adler 4 points ago

It's always been an enemy. Yellow-journalism (newspapers owned by Hearst and Pulitzer wanting to make $$$) ultimately helped lead to the Spanish-American war.

People have forgotten about that and are back to "why would they lie? What could they gain from it?"

Ghost 7 points ago

They tried to then the American people were like "Oh shit look at all this extra money in my bank account!"

PotentialWizard 5 points ago

Read a comment yesterday in a financial news story about how "the threat of recession" is diminishing. Which means, the media gave up pushing that story cuz it didn't work against Trump's MAGA econmic/trade policies.

fdagasfd 4 points ago


TrumpFortyFive 3 points ago

That Anti-Christ lackey Bill Maher has been wishing for a recession for this exact reason: https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/bill-maher-presses-for-recession

freedomlovingpatriot 3 points ago

I've been pissed about this for over a year. I keep seeing "journalists" write articles about the coming recession with flimsy to no evidence. It's like they want our economy to tank just to get Trump out of office. Fucking traitors.

richiememmings 2 points ago

That was very annoying, and dangerous to us all. Freaks have too much power.

Cue_Cumber 2 points ago

An anon told the following story: he was waiting for a train at the station, somewhere in Europe, I think Germany. An old man walked up to him and began a conversation. It turned out the old man was a survivor of Communism. The anon said he didn't remember but two things about the conversation; the old man's name was Peter, and something Peter said: "Communists! Bah! They'll burn the entire world down, and stand on the ashes and laugh and laugh!" With that, Peter walked away.

Something tells me that Peter knew exactly what he was talking about. He'd lived it, after all.