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No drama at our table, no one to argue with :(

Allow me to live vicariously through your drama !

No drama at our table, no one to argue with :( Allow me to live vicariously through your drama !
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jgriffin 208 points ago

Our Thanksgiving is different from any of the ones we have had in the past 61 years of marriage. We have so much to be thankful for...my hubby is in the hospital recovering from a triple bypass surgery. His heart attack happened last Thursday. I am thankful I still have him. I am waiting for a pacemaker, as I've been diagnosed with heart failure. I am thankful we live in America and have extremely qualified doctors. We both are thankful that we have Donald Trump as our president and he is getting things done!

OhLollyLollyPop 89 points ago *

Stay with us, pede! We elderpedes need to keep giving the finger to those OK, BOOMER a-holes!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

sodypop 61 points ago

Love to both of you. You're part of this big family, too!

EPic [S] 49 points ago

Thank you for sharing, hope he gets well soon. Everyone praises Europe's medical system but when something major comes up, everyone with means always go to the US for treatment.

PensivePatriot 2 points ago

The prospect of a 10% across the board chance of death after surgery of any type will have you suddenly feeling very okay with American healthcare.

magabirdlady 37 points ago

We love you guys . Bless your heart dear lady-pede. Will be praying for you and your husband. Don't worry about heart failure, it is amazing what they can do for that now. Thank you for sharing.<3

Txponi 2 points ago

Hey just to let you know, don't use "that phrase" to a southern lady pede. You are calling her stupid or shallow or clueless. Bless your heart is an insult in a southern lady like way. As an example: Maxine is an elected congresswoman bless her heart.

In any case: God bless and keep you and yours healthy and happy.

DisapprovingNarwhal 2 points ago

I think it ranges from state to state. Here in SC, we don’t only use it when someone’s actin’ the fool, we also use it to sincerely compliment someone or to express sympathy. It’s all context, but we know what’s meant when it’s said to us haha.

MAGA_Ann 28 points ago

Saying a prayer for him. Hugs

ElectricChad 18 points ago

I'm thankful you are both here! Bless.

FluffiPuff 15 points ago *

HUGs and Love for you!!

RummyVonDumDum 8 points ago

Wow, such an incredible perspective considering your recent hardships. Most people these days would be focused on the negative. You and your husband set a great example for those of us that take things for granted or dwell on the negative.

God bless you, and best wishes!

Conservegan 5 points ago

you may not see this or be ready, but I encourage you to enroll in a Pritikin or Ornish Heart program covered by Medicare. those heart procedures off no benefit to mortality over lifestyle intervention. the sinus node of your heart is clogged and proper diet and activity will help.

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SnacksAndViolence 136 points ago

I am celebrating my Thanksgiving... At work. Away from my wife and four kids and awesome siblings and nieces and nephews. I work at sort of a group home for terminally ill children. There's only four boys, all under 20 years old, all removed from their families for abuse or neglect. I made a full, huge dinner for the boys here, your typical Thanksgiving turkey and all that.

None of my coworkers give a shit. They're all on their phones, being silent, one is facetiming someone about how racist Thanksgiving is, another is a lesbian openly squaking about how her crack head girlfriend just got caught shoplifting last week. I'm sitting in the kitchen with the four boys and we are having a great time, even though none of them can talk due to disabilities.

I am the only conservative where I work. Look at how vain and selfish the left can be. When you'd rather virtue signal online than sit with four amazing children who, despite the hand dealt to them, they're here and happily eating their meal, it says a lot about the person you are.

To you Patriots, my family at home, and my boys here at work, god bless and I am thankful. To my shithead liberal coworkers, fuck you.

Lord_Sluggo 51 points ago

You're doing the Lord's work, fellow pede

SnacksAndViolence 31 points ago

Thanks for the kindness, I appreciate it.

sunnyingreenfield 13 points ago

Thank you. :)

alfredbester 24 points ago

Best Thanksgiving story I've read all day. God bless you, man.

Mighty_MAGA_Muse 20 points ago

Bless you for making a difference to those poor kids.

MAGA-licious 14 points ago

God bless you.

EPic [S] 13 points ago

Thank you for sharing your story, you're doing really amazing work.

OhLollyLollyPop 13 points ago

Massive kudos to you. These boys will go to sleep tonight knowing someone cared about them. ?

Dutch_Trump 12 points ago

Mad respect

SnacksAndViolence 25 points ago

Yeah, some days are touching where youre giving a kid Christmas presents for maybe the first time in ten years or seeing a kid get a wheelchair when they had been crawling on the floor for their entire lives.

Some days you're giving kids rectal seizure meds, knowing they can hear you but can't respond, telling them they'll be okay but not knowing if this is the time they don't come out of it.

Aaaannnnddd sometimes you're using first aid scissors to cut glitter glue out of pubes cuz a kid thought it would be hilarious to dump it down their pants.

I just roll with it lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯

loric4882 11 points ago

People who do your work - and enjoy it - are a gift to the world, Happy Thanksgiving!

OrangeManBased 12 points ago

I am not comfortable telling you this, because on one hand, it may sound patronizing, and on the other hand, it is not enough for what you deserve, but I will say it anyway because it is all I can give: Thank you for what you do.

Lips2000 11 points ago

You may not be with your family, but you are the family to those four boys and that, my friend, is the best thing in the world.

Thank you for your heart and your grace. So rare in this world.

Walther 9 points ago

I’m so happy you shared this story. I try to recognize how great my life has been. When i am cognitive of the amazing things in life, Gods gift of presence is in clear view. After your story my hope for humanity has risen greatly. I am thankful for sharing the earth with people like you!

EvensoAmen 5 points ago

An encouraging read! Blessings on this day of thanks.

EowynOfRohan 5 points ago

I work with special needs kids too. I'm so glad to hear you were giving everything you had to those kids on Thanksgiving.

Fabius 5 points ago

Aww man. You're a great dude.

kag_WI 5 points ago

Sounds like you have chosen to try and help people. I'm guessing you went to school for psychology? Don't give up - you will make a difference in someones life even if you never know it.

Awesome 4 points ago

Thank you. Hearing stories such as yours really helps with all the other bad things happening around the world lately. Gives me strength to do my part in making the world a better place a bit at a time.

utahbeachballs1944 4 points ago


Txponi 1 point ago

There are so many people that are thankful for what appears to be a small giving of themselves to those that need. It's those little things like sitting with a youngster who just needs someone to sit with them that make a difference. Although nobody else may see you, He sees all. Bless you and Thank you.

SnacksAndViolence 1 point ago

Wow thanks so much!

changemymind 102 points ago

We had a North Korea-esque summit to declare a cease-fire before things started. I promised not to bring anything up, but that if someone else does then all bets are off ?

RMR57 57 points ago

I can just see it . . . "There won't be any arguing unless one of you Lunatics brings up some dumb-assed Leftwing bullshit."

WassermanSchultz 7 points ago


EPic [S] 33 points ago

I had to re-read that a few times but now that it makes sense and I'm laughing.

shitposter9000 29 points ago

Just remember, the democrats literally promise free stuff to gain power.

Harcerz 18 points ago

And it's never "taxpayer-funded". It's always "free". As if they can manifest stuff using magic instead of your tax money.

ByteKnight321 8 points ago

IT"S INVESTMENT! Get your talking points right! And every few years I become RICH! (Because they ONLY tax the RICH)

lifeisahologram 14 points ago

Please post an update tonight/tomorrow if you can!

changemymind 13 points ago

Everything was going swimmingly until my teen brother set things off during Catchphrase. His phrase was, “tax cuts” and he said, “what Trump wants to give the rich!!!” ... Several of the more liberally-inclined jumped in with some laughs and hurrahs until I fired off a salvo of cold-hard facts. They beat a hasty retreat and we continued on with the game. Thankfully, that’s been the only ‘happening’ so far...

lifeisahologram 6 points ago

Lol Hopefully your brother can get set straight before it's too late.

Boomerang 5 points ago

I had to put out this same warning to my work colleagues couple days ago (yeah, Left Coast).

We all get along very well and do a lot of things together as a team and our team preceded 2016. So I put them on notice if they start in with any of the Lefty stuff I'd respond in full (we've had a few moments). They decided it was best to keep the peace and the camaraderie. So amazingly we're keeping things fairly civil - compared to what one is seeing going on in social media.

Icarus 51 points ago

Fortunately, I am in Canada. Extended family suppress commenting on my MAGA hat. I am watching them literally eat their tongues. Bloody tissues in the kitchen garbage but, smiles all around!

Scorpinox89 30 points ago

Fortunately? I would rather have Trump than Trudeau.That isn't even the compliment I want it to be,because Trudeau is blatantly corrupt and killing my country.Still got re-elected by Climate Cryers and NPCs,despite a huge conservative turnout for Scheer.

As for thanksgiving,that was in October and I was surrounded by conservatives,1 of whom is a police officer and told Peter Frag to fuck off at his doorstep.We talked about that and other things,but there was no drama at the table.

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Scorpinox89 9 points ago


RussianBotBlyat 8 points ago


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chesterfields 8 points ago

Outside of Toronto GTA is a lot of conservatism to include Sourhern Ontario

Poopityscoop 3 points ago

Can confirm. Lots of farms and rural areas away from Toronto.

Scorpinox89 0 points ago

When your city is dying so bad that 4 careers were killed by liberals,you become very conservative and anti faggotry.I'm banned from my own city's subreddit without a reason given and same for my province's subreddit.Difficult to ignore the reality that we get nowhere without free speech.I get the harshest criticism for being a Pro Trump Canadian,but I am a high energy alpha and the god emperor calls to me so I have no choice other than to side with the winners,even when it isn't my homeland.

... continue reading thread?
EPic [S] 15 points ago

Since you're in Canada, someone should at least be sorry about not liking your hat enough :p

I hear some stories from the old Soviet Union how they used to file for sick leave and spend two months on vacation. I told them that's why the country collapsed :p

Wasn't really an argument tho.

ElectricChad 48 points ago

No drama here except the meth dealers next door. I will celebrate bigly when they are evicted.

Phil_Selway 18 points ago


"When reporting drug activity, it will also help to keep the following in mind:

To further ensure anonymity, callers can dial *67 before calling any agency or organization. This blocks the number of the caller.

Reporting activity to the local police is also an option, but anonymity may be harder to keep.

It is important to remember, when making a report, you may be asked to provide personal information, but this is completely voluntary. You have the right to remain anonymous if that is what you want."


ElectricChad 15 points ago

I have reported them. Multiple times! The cops have seen video, photographs, everything. One vehicle was seized with 2 arrests. They never got a warrant to search the trailer, nothing has happened. The head of the narcotics unit talks to me.

I'm not getting why they don't watch their nightly activities. One cop straight up told me it wasn't a priority. I stay on it. I've gotten them busted by code enforcement 3 times.

The eviction is going through the court right now. Squatters rights are bullshit, welcome to Florida. It won't happen soon enough.

Phil_Selway 6 points ago *

Well, fuck them. Ever tried the DEA?

Also, if the police refuse to do their jobs, document it and send it to local conservative radio shows and TV channels.

ElectricChad 2 points ago

I've thought about it. They are pretty low level, most dealing is to the homeless. Would the DEA even act on that? Also, where to start?

It's not that the cops are refusing to do so, they tell me they can't reveal details but it's being 'investigated.' They have been here but no arrests. It's a dance around. I do document it. Also as far as local news, I don't wanna dox myself.

Very frustrating. I do appreciate the advice.

ProfessorRomendev 3 points ago

wait, why is anonymity important? Can people find out who calls it in?

Phil_Selway 6 points ago

It's not publicly available, but better avoid the chance of having to deal with the consequences of a corrupt LEO screwing it all up.

ElectricChad 4 points ago

If anything major goes down, they will know it's me. They have seen me roll out to the cops, I straight up have pointed to their place and said hey there's the drug house. I'm not afraid of them.

OliverWillis 12 points ago

ice ice baby ❄️

But really, call em in.

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somewhereoutinspace 44 points ago

Everyone in my immediate family is full MAGA, even my Australian grandmother... except for my aunt, who we just moved (permanently) from NY to IN after she fell down the stairs at her house. She's really nice, but since she sits around and watches TV all day, she's full lefty.

So when my younger brothers (elementary school age) started comparing Hillary to the overcooked brussel sprouts, things started to rapidly devolve until we collectively steered the conversation towards lighter topics.

EPic [S] 27 points ago

Turn the TV to OANN & hide the remote :p

Comparing Hillary to overcooked brussels sprouts is still being too generous.

eyerighteye 17 points ago

Both are gross.

LacyLiberty 13 points ago

Well, word is that Killary smells like cabbage, so...

eyerighteye 8 points ago

And sulfer and piss.

alfredbester 5 points ago

and Huma

deleted 3 points ago
sunnyingreenfield 2 points ago

and old farts

Shadowman3001 8 points ago

She fell down the stairs so you sent her to H(oosier)ell? Harsh!

somewhereoutinspace 6 points ago

We live in Indiana... it's not hellish at all. It's cold but nice.

Icarus 5 points ago

Yep, Brussels sprouts still need a bit of a crunch on the teeth( al dente). Too soft will launch a family war. Along with stuffing with no walnut crunch. God forbid there are no walnut pieces in stuffing. Don’t even ask about celery! Police would be called!

Quietam_Unum 1 point ago

Try roasting them on a half-sheet. Cut 'em in half add olive oil and season to taste and roast 'em cut side down. YUM!

OrangeManNotBad 38 points ago

All agreed to no politics. Got some Democrats that bred in somehow. The wife always had a "what is your happiness and thanks too?" question for everyone since 1990. It goes around to everyone in the living room before eating. Everyone tries to be original and somewhat honest.

I was not asked and all the family kept edging my wife for my answer. She finally did give in with a grunt. I said I am very thankful for Donald Trump being president.

A few were in shock and most gave the thumbs up.

EPic [S] 14 points ago

That must have felt great.

OrangeManNotBad 10 points ago

Oh Boy! Like a good fart!

Xenophon 36 points ago

Lots of inlaws are offering unsolicited opinions on my parenting/business/life choices, and I am valiantly grinning and bearing it because I love my wife so very much. Only three more hours and I can go home. Thank you Jesus.

On the bright side, all the outlaws got together this afternoon and drank whiskey, shot guns, and raced ATVs to get away from it all for a few hours. That was pretty great.

Family. SMH.

MAGADUDE 32 points ago

No drama here. We ticked off some family members when we voted for Trump, they don't talk to us anymore.

Sea_Still 13 points ago

Same here. Nothing of value was lost

MAGADUDE 15 points ago

We were hurt for awhile but we're over it. It's pretty sad how spiteful and petty people can be

Sea_Still 12 points ago

Mine was just one militant lesbian aunt and her ghastly partner

Never liked either one of them

Harcerz 4 points ago

Most likely right now they are plotting how to commit even more space crime.

Filtiarne 3 points ago

This got a full blown belly laugh out of me, I'm still in a turkey haze so it took me a minute but my dogs are awake now lol.

MAGA_Ann 11 points ago

same here. They excommunicated me.. and I lost respect for them.

Phillysmackdown 2 points ago

Same here. My entire family is all Democrats. My wife, 2 daughters and me are the only Republicans. My youngest daughter is in college and she tells me the campus is a bunch of liberals.

UsernamesMeanNothing 7 points ago

Same. My brother and sister refuse to speak to me and my Dad barely tolerates me and occasionally tries to convince me to join the Dark Side.

Fabius 6 points ago

Yup. Two of my brothers in law didn't even say happy thanksgiving to me, just walked in silently and ignored me. Total cunts. Amazing how liberals act when they don't get what they want. Absolutely miserable people.

Fuck em. My wife and my child had a great thanksgiving. One of the best.

TychoDurandal 1 point ago

They walked into your house silently?

Shadowman3001 28 points ago

I'm in the swamp all weekend.

alfredbester 7 points ago

That sucks, man. Unless your family is there. Pop a cold one and heat up a Tombstone pizza.

deleted 4 points ago
MAGAlikethis 2 points ago

Hang in there, pede.

deleted 1 point ago
HabitualThinker 27 points ago

I really tried to not discuss politics today, but eventually somebody says something so monumentally stupid you have to speak up. This family of mine truly believes it is only a matter of time before President Trump will go to prison. Typical NPC arguments, he's a crook, he's a fraud, and my personal favorite, he is a failure. I mean how fractured is your reasoning if a man can become MOTHER FUCKING PRESIDENT and you still see him as a failure. Anyway through out it all, I didn't get heated, I didn't get mad. I have faith in President Trump, I have faith in 2020, and while they reeee at us, we laugh at them.

MElfers4473 27 points ago

This sounds similar to my situation. I'm white and married to a black woman who is rather moderate. We had Thanksgiving over her cousin's place who completely buys into the leftist narrative (racism, TDS, etc). Everything was cool until her cousin opened her mouth, talking about how she can't stand Trump, doesn't trust him, and how she's "keeping an eye on him."

Then she asked her 18 year old niece how bad the racism is at her college in Iowa. Her niece mentioned a racial slur being written in one of the bathrooms on campus, which brought the conversation back to what happened in Syracuse recently.

It was a complete cringe-fest having to listen to them overreact. I ended up leaving early. I don't think they realize how pro-Trump I've become in the last couple years after witnessing the Russia collusion hoax. I turned from being indifferent to a full-on pede!

EPic [S] 12 points ago *



Married to a model that speaks 5 languages

Successful Kids who are not crackheads

Best Economy in modern history

Highest every stock market that recently made 100th all time high under Trump

Man if only the average person can fail 1/100th as much as President Trump.

AtariArtist 9 points ago


Just point out "if Trump's a failure - what does that make Hillary?"

Harcerz 7 points ago


CNN_is_ISIS 1 point ago

Same here. I'm the only conservative on my side of the family, while my in-laws and wife are all staunchly conservative and Christian believers. We had my family at our home here in the country for Thanksgiving, all ultra-liberals from big east coast cities. My brother tried to get things started a few times, calling GEOTUS a liar, we're on the road to hell because of global warming, bitching about income inequality (he just spent over $100k remodeling his kitchen!), etc. Since I was the host I just continued to smile and be pleasant. If someone comes to my house as a guest and wants to be an asshole, that's their problem. If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. For in so doing, you will heap burning coals on his head.

trauncher 25 points ago

Ok, I disinvited the 20% leftist idiots from our Thanksgiving. I just called them and told them that I am thankful that our magnificent president is putting our country back together, after all of the damage leftists have caused.. and that it's important for me to make sure that every left wing hate monger gets an ear full of the cure... so I'm soooo looking forward to setting them straight when they arrive...

and just like that... the assholes in my family had other plans. MAGNIFICIENT!

CaptainChrisPBacon 8 points ago

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment!

EPic [S] 3 points ago

More like MAGA-nificient ! Well played ped, well played.

deleted 23 points ago
lifeisahologram 14 points ago

What kind of question is this? The correct question is: "When will I eat my second piece?"

ChrisTheSoberITGuy 4 points ago

I got to enjoy three pumpkin pies from three different family recipes, and had to go to two different thanksgivings (lunch then supper)

Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Sadly it will be the last one with my Uncle-in-law, he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and will probably be gone by next October :'(

lifeisahologram 3 points ago

Sorry to hear that. However, I am happy for you that you are able to enjoy spending time with your family now.

LacyLiberty 9 points ago


shitposter9000 22 points ago *

I can't get my family to move out of this demokkkrat shithole we live in... to much invested, their spouses families live here and they wont move... Its so bad white kids have to lie about hating other whites so they wont get bullied by minorities here in shithole commiefornia.

deleted 11 points ago
Boomerang 4 points ago

but with all the illegal aliens stealing the vote for Dems, they're at the margins now in a communist single party state

f_bastiat 21 points ago

No conversation about it because i am good about not letting things bother me, but in front of my entire family of like 40 people in a circle right after our pre dinner prayer, my aunt said i had an announcement and i protested like 3 times and eventually had to say my wife and i were having another kid. Not how i wanted to let everyone know i was having a kid so i guess i was visibly irritated because people kept saying that was fucked up to make me announce something like that. She is only 5 weeks pregnant, a lot can go wrong that early on and its not traditional to announce that early because then you may have to announce you lost the baby.

MAGA-licious 6 points ago

I wish you both the best!

f_bastiat 3 points ago

Thanks pal, this will be #3 so I'm hoping we have most of the kinks worked out by now.

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Congrats, Pede and Mrs Pede!

eyerighteye 20 points ago

Sorry to disappoint, we are all good.

EPic [S] 10 points ago

That's good news ! Also glad to hear other people are also having drama free holidays.

Kirbaay 20 points ago

None. I’m blessed, my entire family is fully red pilled on the pedophilia and satin worshipers of the left

EPic [S] 8 points ago

That is great to hear ! Glad you're enjoying your holidays.

SpiritOf76 8 points ago

I have to admit, I kind of like silk myself.

rustyrockers 15 points ago

YUGE drama here! My Trump supporting father questioned why I only wanted a quarter of a squash, not a half! :)

EPic [S] 5 points ago

We would demand you take the full squash around here ! No half assing.

Thep1mp 15 points ago

None. I don’t celebrate holidays with cucks liberals. Don’t have any in my family and I don’t have any friends that are leftists. That aside, we don’t discuss politics at these family gatherings. We catch up, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the many blessings we have. Life if too short to bring up such serious matters at the holiday dinner table.

Baelor_The_Bellend 13 points ago

No political drama, just a 5 hour power outage that kept the bird out of the oven until 2pm.

Mustangmark83 13 points ago

We didn't even talk politics but if we did, we all get along. I'm thankful

DrQxx 13 points ago

Everyone has voted for Trump in my house, or is going to go for Trump in my house. Maga 2020

OhLollyLollyPop 12 points ago

We are all pedes here, so the only discussion was which was better... oyster casserole or smoked oyster stuffing.

MAGA_Ann 5 points ago

perhaps we should have a recipe subforum? hehe . Sounds good!

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

We had both. Oyster casserole with Tapatio sauce drips on the oysters (it was soooooo good), smoked oyster stuffing, smoked turkey, turkey gravy, green bean casserole, Sister Shubert rolls, pecan pie and chocolate pie.

Oyster casserole for the win, but the smoked oyster stuffing was first class, too. I spent about $65 on the oysters for the casserole! They are pricey here in DFW and they run out early.

deleted 2 points ago
CP473 11 points ago *

We just don't say anything in regards to politics. Though the leftist in the family make snide remarks. We tolerate it, as this is the only time of the year we visit with the shit heads.

ds420 11 points ago

None because I picked a wife that is politically compatible and I grew up in a WASP household with traditional American values.

Velocipede 10 points ago

I have heard about drama from the news but I've never witnessed it myself. Is combative political talk normal Thanksgiving conversation?

EPic [S] 13 points ago

I wouldn't know, this is why I am trying to get some information. Everyone here seems to be enjoying their holidays. Maybe its just liberals screaming at each other at their dinner tables.

deleted 1 point ago
deleted 9 points ago
TinyOxKing 10 points ago

“Jeffry Epstein didn’t kill himself”

TinyOxKing 5 points ago

No arguments but the parents hadn’t seen the meme.

Hankster 10 points ago

no drama here, the wife and I moved to the small table (kids) where all the smart ones are eating

OneTypoComment 9 points ago

No drama here. We can pretend, though, if you like. I'll start.

"as far as breakfast meats is concerned, bacon is highly overrated."

EPic [S] 9 points ago

Ah ! Heathen !

Boomerang 0 points ago

had skillet fried squid with my eggs and toast while on a vacation to a diver's island - decided I really liked that

BonerDonor 9 points ago

No drama here. We have some disagreements but realize it's okay to have different opinions. Most of us are pro Trump.

mikeroolz 9 points ago

No drama to report, even though my aunt's branch of the family are raging lefties. The rest of us are conservatives.

chesterfields 9 points ago

None. I’m surrounded by American loving conservatives.

Nostradumas 9 points ago

Mostly about stuffing. Houseful of pedes here. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.

the_dave 9 points ago

None at all. Spending this glorious Thanksgiving with based grandparents who love GEOTUS as much as I do.

ElCapitanBlazzinFace 9 points ago

If anyone is going to see the next Star Wars movie or sit it out. Personally TLJ ruined Star Wars for me and unless the audience reviews are incredible, I’ll be staying home.

patriotblend 5 points ago

I have a feeling that the reviews by the fandom menace youtubers will be more enjoyable than TROS. Considering where they came from (i.e. fans buying movie tickets just to watch a star wars trailer then walking out, hundreds of books in the EU, comics, etc), and what it did to the story and to the fans, TLJ may be a candidate for the worst motion picture in history ever produced.

Best to stay home and not feed the beast.

AtariArtist 4 points ago

Not until Kenedy is fired, and they apologize publicly to the fans.

The entertainment options are too plentiful to waste time on product that hates the audience.

deleted 5 points ago
Magakekdon33 2 points ago

Smart. Disney Company has gone full communist... anti-American, pro open borders, firing and replacing Americans... communist propaganda in all their new stuff. They have new "resistance" themes in their new stuff coming next month.

TychoDurandal 1 point ago

EP 1 ruined Star Wars. The franchise has been creatively bankrupt since 1983

deleted 9 points ago
EPic [S] 5 points ago

"The Biden family is just as crooked as all the others.""

So glad to read this. Hopefully this is actually waking up more and more people.

CaptainChrisPBacon 8 points ago

We spent Our Thanksgiving Day Laughing our asses off at all the failures these Commie Leftist has had to endure..All because their side of beef did not win.Even our Leftist family were laughing so hard.They said they cannot belive how the media lied to them.

EPic [S] 3 points ago

Based on this thread I feel only the left complains at thanksgiving.

ProfessorRomendev 7 points ago

the now ex-husband of my step-brother's mother-in-law got drunk before he left his house cause he's an alcoholic, drove to our house, got INSIDE the development before pulling over and asking someone for directions. Then, somehow, he fell over and bashed his face on the concrete.

He had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, so his ex-wife and son had to leave the house to go make sure he's okay.

So now we have a ton of leftovers, cause we were down 2 people. Also the ex-wife keeps making excuses for him.

EPic [S] 3 points ago

Wow , that's an actual drama story. Hope he gets better.

Boomerang 3 points ago

that's kind of the old fashioned kind of family drama

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Turkey sandwiches for the win!

Don-O-Mite 7 points ago

The biggest Thanksgiving drama here was Glock vs Sig for full size 9mm.

TychoDurandal 1 point ago

I have both and I honestly can’t decide. I lean toward the Glock 17 because it’s about a pound lighter. But the 226 is such a slick machine with the SRT

TrumpTrainJune152015 6 points ago

None here. Only what to do with all the leftovers!

MakeALaskaGreatAgain 6 points ago

Everybody's on board in my household so how much gravy do you want on your turkey is about as dramatic as it gets for me today!

senseiturtle 6 points ago

No drama, just a happy family of Trump supporters.

NotaRussian_Bot 6 points ago

Completely banned from MA liberal family houses.. Pure cambridge tDS(rich white liberal)..

I'm so sad.

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Sorry, Pede. These are the people that will suffer first under Socialism, but they don't take that seriously.

MAGAmanforever 6 points ago

I said we should colonize Iceland as the 51st state, everyone laughed thinking I was joking.

TychoDurandal 1 point ago

Iceland or Greenland?

chodebabies 6 points ago

Made a joke about how I switched to Diet Coke because that's what Trump drinks. Room got silent and I got a "not sure if that was sarcastic or not, I sure hope it was, but we are going to move the conversation along"

What a bunch of snowflakes!

EPic [S] 3 points ago


Can you imagine the TDS a person must have if that joke made them go silent.

Jeesus man.

Fabius 1 point ago


TychoDurandal 1 point ago

“You know who’s also funny without really trying? Donald Trump”

FluffiPuff 5 points ago *

My Family gathered round the Table, prayed, and looked at Dank Memes from TheDonald.WIN! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

VeryDustyWeeb 5 points ago

just blazing some weed with my two redpilled cousins talking about how Trump is fucking the globalists hard. was a good meal after.

deleted 4 points ago
TheVoiper 4 points ago

Just the baby doing funny stuff

eviantears 4 points ago

None! Just turkey, all fixins, & a great game of Balderdash!!!

What a time to be thankful - blessings and goodwill to all!!!

Old_ex_Commie 4 points ago

Mine amount to meows, answered with more turkey in the cat dish.

ParrotLady4Trump 4 points ago

No drama here sadly. Lost my husband to cancer last month and I have no family so I spent the day alone. My dinner consisted of a $4 pizza. Not looking forward to Christmas either now.

Brainspore 3 points ago

I think that is plenty of drama... Best of luck to you, and my prayers and thoughts.

ParrotLady4Trump 3 points ago

Thank you.

AtariArtist 1 point ago *

Any Friends? Or Neighbors? I could leap into suggestions but those would be the first questions to ask before putting ideas forward.

ParrotLady4Trump 3 points ago

Not really.

AtariArtist 1 point ago *

I'd start there. If you're in an apartment scenario it's easier to connect - but unless you're rural and remote - there's plenty of people to meet. It can be challenging for some, easier for others - but they're out there. The best I can advise is break out of your usual habits and see what happens (considering I don't know you - that's always a good start).

Sorry for your loss (and that's an understatement to be sure). Don't rush things and bury your grief. But when you're ready, beginnings boil down to choice. If you want it - it can happen. Perhaps not quickly or easily, but never impossible. This, of course, is an oversimplification - but it's a starting point.

Take care, and don't give up - you've got more stories ahead of you. We want to see what you can write.

Dialectic 3 points ago

I don't have many lefties in my family so we just chit chatted and had a good time. Best part of the evening was a cousin brought his Valve Index vr set with his laptop so I got to try out VR for the first time. Definitely going to get it for flight simming sooner rather than later! Happy Thanksgiving, you buncha winners!

MAGA-licious 2 points ago

Don’t forget Alyx is coming out for it soon!!!

SamWB16 3 points ago

None here. We're all Trump supporters.

gky55 3 points ago

No drama here. Friends and family. Conservatives & libs. Just love. No politics. Truly blessed and very thankful to be living in the USA!

HowdyDoodleDee 3 points ago

I was warned that a cousin might be prone to being a drop of frozen water, but then my uncle prayed the blessing and prayed for blessing and protection over President Trump and our troops. Cousin didn't say a word and we had a great meal. Feeling incredibly blessed and happy.

Crockett 3 points ago

Person said: "The definition of communism is having shared property, which is done by a lot of religious groups."

Me: "Are you retarded?"

(I'd had a few drinks at that point)

It escalated predictably from there. The lady of the house broke it up and we all went back to eating pie and it was a grand old time. 10/10.

Detectorist 1 point ago

This gave me a good laugh. Leftists do seem really dense, in general.

noagendashow 3 points ago

I'm unlucky as ALL of my in-laws are obamabots. Needless to say there hasn't been a holiday family gathering in awhile. If I recall, perhaps since 2016

Barney_Gumbel 2 points ago

white people can't wear the same clothes that africans wear because its racist against Africans

EPic [S] 2 points ago

Africans should stop using all the technology whites created then. Only fair if they don't want to be racist. No cultural appropriation for anyone.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

So they are giving up Nike?

shtnbull 2 points ago


deleted 1 point ago
Saneromeo 2 points ago

Our biggest drama was after saying grace when we all had an awesome meal and enjoyed a day of thanks in a blessed country. Thanks to the men and women who make this possible, can't wait until you're back home! God bless this country (even the libtards)!

Reallytiredofthem 2 points ago *

How technology has changed, how the deep state is controlling us. How Tesla is probably the future... How weed will be legalized eventually.

Joeret 2 points ago *

It was a great thanksgiving. Had the in laws in town (Democrats) but we had a great time.

I usually wait for them to bring up politics but as Trump’s term clicks on they’ve had less to complain about.

I think they’re not willing to admit Trump has been a solid President.

EPic [S] 1 point ago

But what about those concentration camps for homosexual & eugenics centers for blacks he was supposed to build ?

Epstein_Was_Murdered 2 points ago

None, we all talked about how Trump was the best, but we all acknowledged the sincerity of Gabbard and Yang, Lot's of talk about AI. One thing people don't understand, is the AI Revolution will create lots of jobs, and improve our future generations education immensely, and also provide vast amounts of wealth to the countries.

SJBHamilton 2 points ago *

Talked to my husband's sister on the phone, while she is appalled at the crap in Washington, she doesn't seem to appreciate anything that POTUS has done.

She wants to sit out the 2020 election. And she voted for Trump in 2016. Some people just don't see reason.

mumblenuggets 2 points ago

Democrats are evil scum. All agree.

Vincenzo 2 points ago

Apparently the MSM has been asking Trump haters to make Thanksgiving drama. Like with most of their things, they don't appreciate that people hate Thanksgiving drama and so this will only make everything worse for them...

EPic [S] 1 point ago

Really I did not hear about that ( I don't watch a lot of MSM ). But based on this thread the only drama did seem to come from liberals.

WarViper1337 1 point ago

Someone linked one of those articles not to long ago. It was written by some militant feminist who was saying stuff like don't even visit family member who are Trump supporters. Make them miserable by reminding them all about systematic patriarchy, racism etc. Overall it was just a guide on how to be sad miserable person during the holidays and to drag everyone else down around you.

CheeseyCentipede 2 points ago

My dad ate one of the big apples that was supposed to be for apple cinnamon rolls. We gave him shit all day for it.

MusicToMyEars 2 points ago

My 44 year old goddaughter is going through a difficult divorce. For the first time in months she finally came to visit and was able to talk about other things and relax and smile and laugh during our Thanksgiving feast. We avoided all drama and simply embraced family. I also raised a glass “to the greatest country on earth that forever changed the concept of individual dignity and what it meant to be a free human being.” For her, it had a double meaning.

ParrotLady4Trump 2 points ago

I appreciate your advice but I also have cancer and have decided not to go through with treatment. After seeing what my husband has gone through I don't want to put myself through that. I also don't want to be a burden on anyone else. It sucks being alone but I think I can manage for now until I'm united with my husband again.

bdillahu 1 point ago

Prayers for you...

Gryphoenix 1 point ago

Muh universal healthcare ?

Rhapsody_The_Blue 1 point ago *

None. We’re all based or centrist at worst. Just talked about funny things we saw or heard about this year.

Waicool 1 point ago

dRaMa BoMb EmOtIoNaL iNtElLiEnCe

deleted 1 point ago
Yeti 1 point ago *

We prayed together, gave thanks to God for the food, health and POTUS, had a great time.

stjimmy92 1 point ago

None actually. My mom and sister don’t like Trump but aren’t nutcases about it.

noagendashow 1 point ago

someone could probably write a book on this topic

Xpb104 1 point ago

Trump hasn't done anything for this country....but the economy is good

Jakefoy92 1 point ago

It was wonderful! I got to pray over the food, and the only liberal family member did not attend. It was also my pede’s first thanksgiving, it was wonderful

NOT_GLOBALISM 1 point ago

Dad said same dumb stuff about Trump. It's always:

  1. Melania doesn't love Trump
  2. He lowered taxes for the wealthy so bad
  3. Twitter He works in New York city so the brain worm has taken a toll on him and I fear he will die a libtard. At least I will live on to be his better!
philandy 1 point ago

My father was recovering yesterday from WEB surgery to clot a brain aneurysm, so we did Thanksgiving on Saturday instead. Other than celebrating here that is.

Was great having no lines at the stores.

JediMasterPepe 1 point ago

No drama at TG but I did get banned from the Runescape subreddit for the comment "??" yesterday

mo_based_centipede 1 point ago

My family likes engaging in politics and arguing. Not many are MAGA, but are open to hearing arguments for Trump. Then I have a cousin with green hair and face piercings talking about communism and openly complaining that she has to work to eat and pay rent. Then someone commented that squirrels have the same problem and she stormed out. Pretty sure college ruined her.

Sheff 1 point ago

My family is at least willing to listen. My wife not so much. I think she's slowly getting red pilled. Learned that many of our friends are pro Trump but some who are not have grown distant. I still get a kick out of triggering strangers with TDS when it's obvious they don't expect it.