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Well... I got permanently banned today for simply posting links to r/politics. But I rarely went there. Now the choice is easy. Fuck reddit!

They're now suspending accounts on the basis of "ban evasion". Requires no proof and their is no way to appeal it. All for the crime of posting this in r/politics https://thefederalist.com/2019/11/26/how-the-medias-impeachment-push-harms-democrats/

The ban evasion is a pretty dirty tactic. I never had another account. I always knew I'd eventually get a permanent from r/politics for wrongthink... but a complete account suspension from reddit? Thanks for making my choice easy. Fuck reddit!

Before they would normally give me a 24 hour ban. Since the release of .win they are really ramping up the censorship. I think it will get much worse the closer we get to election day and on all platforms... I'm not one for big government solving problems, but, it would be a nice slap in the face to these chicom fucks if they made them responsible for their actions legally.

Well... I got permanently banned today for simply posting links to r/politics. But I rarely went there. Now the choice is easy. Fuck reddit! They're now suspending accounts on the basis of "ban evasion". Requires no proof and their is no way to appeal it. All for the crime of posting this in r/politics https://thefederalist.com/2019/11/26/how-the-medias-impeachment-push-harms-democrats/ The ban evasion is a pretty dirty tactic. I never had another account. I always knew I'd eventually get a permanent from r/politics for wrongthink... but a complete account suspension from reddit? Thanks for making my choice easy. Fuck reddit! Before they would normally give me a 24 hour ban. Since the release of .win they are really ramping up the censorship. I think it will get much worse the closer we get to election day and on all platforms... I'm not one for big government solving problems, but, it would be a nice slap in the face to these chicom fucks if they made them responsible for their actions legally.
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Trump4a3rdTerm 190 points ago

Coordinated election interference on the part of Silicon Valley. They've stepped it up bigtime the last few weeks.

Barbieblonde 80 points ago

Silicon Valley/MSM/Hollywood is becoming virtually indistinguishable from Soviet Era, Warsaw Pact alliances and politics.

People and entities are forced to hate on/destroy everything Americans love and cherish or suffer the consequences of unemployment, cancellation of projects/removal of funding/blacklisting.

It is why they try and doxx every single one of us. To make us unemployable in their realms of influence.

joker 2 points ago

Like someone said... this will be (probably) the last election decided by voters.

Barbieblonde 0 points ago

Electing Trump was as important as electing Lincoln. Without a second term, we will lose this cold civil war and the nation will plunge into darkness and tyranny.

The rule of law has ceased to exist with the DNC, they are fanatics and criminals.

daomino 43 points ago

Very well said. They started shortly after Clinton's defeat and ratcheting it up toward the 2020 elections.

Monopolistic platform meddling with our public discussion is a clear danger to our democratic processes. We need more transparency and to break their monopolies.

Barack0bama 27 points ago

i say good, the more they push, the harder the blowback will be

it always happens, commies get comfortable and push too hard, and then America curb stomps them back into the gutter where they belong

craftmo 20 points ago

It absolutely should be reffered for criminal investigation.

Magakekdon33 14 points ago

It really is election interference and should be illegal.

This impeachment hoax is just an attempt to meddle in the election. All congress and senate members running for office must recuse themselves from ever voting on impeachment, should they be stupid enough to take it to a vote.

Lostandfound 5 points ago

The are the gods in their own eyes

anachrotech 5 points ago

I think you meant to say China.

TheMAGAlorian 51 points ago

I don't get why anyone from T_D would ever use reddit for anything. I left there 4 months ago when that 'quarantine' bullshit happened and put reddit on a URL blocklist in my browser.

peterthegreen 31 points ago

I got the boot a couple of days before TD quarantine for commenting on a post about Creepy Uncle Joe on another sub. Appeal fell on deaf ears. Considered starting another account to replace my 6 yr old account but realized Spezzit was a waste of time.

rageous 25 points ago

Interesting, how'd you find out about TD.win then?

TheMAGAlorian 27 points ago

My brother told me about it.

Serious 15 points ago


Greg-2012 10 points ago

Exactly, we need to stay on Reddit to point Pedes here. I have been saying we need to leave that shithole (Reddit) for years and create our own platform. Now that we have our own platform, we need to direct people here.

swinginmad 3 points ago

No retreat. No surrender. This is a fallback position. One that we have been clamouring about for at least a year. I'm stoked, but still on reddit.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

No quarter given. Give them no ground. To war boys!

swinginmad 4 points ago

Some dudes brother.

DanIsSwell 19 points ago

When we were quarantined, I unfollowed every Reddit page, except for TD. I’ll give that site as little support as possible. They have also ramped up their shill game. They make it look as though leftist think rules the other subs. But it stinks of 2016 election meddling. Supposedly, so many Hillary supporters were on all social media sites. But, looking at her rally’s, where were they all? It was as if shills had multiple accounts each, were bots, or didn’t exist at all in real life, at least not in this country.

johnrambo 8 points ago

Same here. Even left a pretty big sub I modded giving people free advice. Turned it over to a few other guys and said I've had enough of reddit's bullshit and spez was a cuck. I don't think they had any idea what I was talking about but so what.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

Good for you. Fuck reddit.

RavenRuler 7 points ago

I only occupy the more neutral subs, choosybeggers, camping etc and I've actually seen casual amounts of Trump support leak through. It's just a bit but it always makes me happy to see pro Trump comments upvoted outside TD.

side_o_beef 7 points ago

the only use reddit still has for me is porn

HorribleDeplorable 10 points ago

Las people I would want knowing my porn preferences.

Moldylocks_Butthole 9 points ago

LGBT Midget porn.....LOL j/k

YuugeNews 8 points ago

Don't fret Moldylocks_Butthole, your secret is safe with us.

swinginmad 2 points ago

"natural armpit vaginal fisting" imma head out.

Crimson_Identity 3 points ago

Young amateurs isn't exactly niche...

Enigmatikone 1 point ago

Liberal interlopers will get fucked in the ass. You have been warned.

Occam 2 points ago

This is so true. If they ever went the tumblr way and banned porn, reddit would be pretty worthless to me.

DreddPirateDonald 7 points ago

I like the bourbon subreddit. Also guns and conservative aren't bad either.

deleted 7 points ago
NavyGuy [S] 4 points ago

Can confirm. Left it long ago. Much better places for serious people.

swinginmad 2 points ago

And weekndgunnit for gun enthusiats who like pretend they're retarded is also fun.

NavyGuy [S] 4 points ago

They will be next in the "ethnic cleansing" of reddit.

Lostandfound 4 points ago

I've totally stopped using them

Dave_PH 1 point ago

More cat pics

Nunya__Biznus 37 points ago

Guess what you can do now? Download a proxy plug-in for your browser... and go evade bans by creating new accounts.

What are they gonna do? Ban you again?

Don't sweat the loss of their dake social currency called "karma." It's bullshit anyway.

deleted 13 points ago
MAGApride 11 points ago

Tell me more about the raids. Is anything being setup for coordination and whatnot? I so think we should be "brigading" the fuck out of r/politics at least. I have wanted to setup something for a long time to fight back against their obvious censorship where like minded pedes could coordinate.

GorboTheGreat2 4 points ago

I am up for that action. Coordinated assault on redacted sound like fun

side_o_beef 9 points ago

good thing we don't live under the ccp--that karma would matter

NavyGuy [S] 6 points ago

I likewise have no fucks to give.

Yogi 26 points ago *

Fuck em'. Just as Socrates learned the hard way: you cannot reason with the mob. These are ANGRY people looking for an outlet, and they will let anyone who does not conform to their statist hive-mind feel their wrath. Censorship is the first step on the path to violence.

If you can't reason with them, let them delude themselves - just like they did in 2016. "Trumps's chance of winning: 1%". Yea, how did that turn out for you? I can't wait for the next "Young Turks 2016 Election Breakdown" video.

SonomaGA 12 points ago

I upvoted this after reading the first sentence. Then tried upvoting again after the last sentence out of habit.


utahbeachballs1944 6 points ago



DivineLordTrump 25 points ago

Reddit admins are either 300lb purple haired feminists or CIA agents. What do you expect from them? Both these groups hate real news.

BeMyFren 14 points ago

They hate us and want revenge.

Skyrison 15 points ago

too bad. they are not going to do shit. internet forums need to make a BIG comeback. drop reddit. fuck em

Independenceforever 12 points ago

I like your attitude!

Their suppression only gives is opportunity to create a world of our cooperative choosing instead of joining their clown world to honk off.

side_o_beef 11 points ago

back in the day when we had millions of random internet forums was the golden age

no one likes all this centralization where "it's maam" reddit moderators can flip out and ban you while dilating their neovag

HorribleDeplorable 6 points ago

I think it might go back to those days. I mean look where we're posting now.

DanIsSwell 6 points ago

The CIA agents are in charge of the purple haired henchmen.

uiucrower 2 points ago

Doesn’t matter. They’re taking orders from the commissars posted by the Communist Party of China.

deleted 1 point ago
TheNakedAmbassador 1 point ago

I bet some of them are both things

PawelKozak 21 points ago

I was shadowbanned for years, I don't even know how many years

impera 11 points ago

Remember when the ostensible premise behind the creation of the shadowban feature on reddit was the suppression of bots? Which nobody had even identified as a problem at the time. And the admins were all with the 'dont worry everybody, this wont ever be a threat or problem for real users, we love our users!'

I think supression and banning of dissidents was planned for way back when.

Isolated_Patriot 4 points ago

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Intention didn't even need to exist, once the tool existed it was guaranteed to be used by those who want to feel they are in control.

DanIsSwell 4 points ago

What a pain it was. Posting something, checking if it posted to feed...nope, only showed up in personal post history. Keep trying 5 more times, editing out terms like “libtards” or “snowflakes” then finally it would post. The left thinks they like to see us censored. Just wait until it effects them, too.

deleted 5 points ago
swinginmad 2 points ago

That wasn't real communism though.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

They will get it right next time!

BeMyFren 15 points ago

They're purging us. I got banned within 24 hours. I went scorched earth though:

'The admins of reddit are communist faggots and I hope they get face fucked until their teeth are loose.'

Fuck reddit. Communists and degenerates supported by useful idiots.

side_o_beef 5 points ago

face fucked until loose teeth? probably their kink

RainCityBitchPigeons 5 points ago

There's probably a specific sub on Reddit just for that kink.

TheNakedAmbassador 2 points ago

I hope to go out in a blaze of glory, too.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

We shall reserve a seat in Valhalla my fren.

one3five 14 points ago

they're so salty

Logan051361 14 points ago

My first name was banned permanently, cause I was Bashing people in another sub. I didnt start it either. I got one of those, YOU POST IN THE DONALD bullshit posts attacking me. So i Ripped into everyone. Next day I was Perm banned.

Freeeeeeeeedom 14 points ago

Go to play store. 1 star review. And tell that commie website exactly how you feel.

Independenceforever 10 points ago

I also boycott google.

They took over my city's failed fiber optic network to offer "free" basic internet.

They lied to me and double charged me routinely. When I finally got my complaints escalated to Austin, they told me if I didn't like it, don't do business with them.

Google is evil. Apple too.

And I won't ever use their store. But I will use word of mouth everywhere I go. Their phones will record it and it will all go back into the matrix.

Now we know why theres no trace of tech in ancient civilization. By the time we wake up to how much humanity has been lost, we will never want or need tech again.

Math and engineering is greater than "technology".

side_o_beef 6 points ago

apple is much better than google--at least you know they make money when you pay them a grand for a phone whereas google is whoring your info and stuffing commie shit into your screen

TrumpFortyFive 4 points ago

Math and Engineering are technologies.

Redmoon 0 points ago

>Now we know why theres no trace of tech in ancient civilization. By the time we wake up to how much humanity has been lost, we will never want or need tech again.

Sometimes you are the most compelling type of insight in the most unlikely of places. That's a fucking wild thought and I've never even considered the possibility.


genghis_khek 10 points ago

If you enjoy communism, fascism and censorship this is site for you! If you are slightly right of Stalin or Mao this isn't for you. If you enjoy demonizing a group of people, then concentrating them in a quarantine until a final solution can be be achieved you are going to have a great time. Heil Spez!!!! One star

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago


Eeshmail 11 points ago

I've been having a hard time leaving reddit since the mobile platform and funny videos are appealing.

I'm going to post some wrongthink articles over in r/politics and maybe they will decide for me. Suicide by freedom

Moldylocks_Butthole 7 points ago

Just create a different account for each sub you use. I currently have around 15 working reddit accounts, much more that have been banned.

Thank "thedonald.win" I don't have to do that here.

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Pretty much what happened to me, lol.

PawelKozak 10 points ago

too bad for them

deleted 9 points ago
AenAllAin 8 points ago

What's Reddit?

treeskier82 11 points ago

I think it's like A Leppo

mightyclaw 6 points ago

My favorite Johnsonism was released shortly after the U.S. had taken some military action against Assad. It's a shot of Gary Johnson looking typically clueless with the upper caption: "He bombed Syria?"

At the bottom: "The iPhone girl?"

Hibakusha 4 points ago

What's a Leppo?

Faffz 3 points ago

By chance, are you a libertarian?

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago


NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Never heard of her!

Degenecrat 8 points ago

I deleted my account the day I signed up here. I don’t need reddit for shit. That place was full of depressed losers anyway.

CQVFEFE 8 points ago *

Where do you think the depressed losers are going?

Every day on here we read at least one "Trump can't do anything, no one will ever be arrested, nothing is being done" whine from a concern peddler that gets a bunch of upvotes

Independenceforever 7 points ago *

I consider it a high compliment to be banned by the ilk of reddit mods. Well done!

Only created an account to lurk, but td was too fun NOT to participate. Did get banned from /r/hitleryclinton when I asked them how Trump could be attacked for lack of "patriotism".

Seemed stupid to me. I seriously wondered if they believed it or just throwing spaghetti on wall to see what sticks. They banned me.

I only post in the_donald. Everywhere else was a cult. Let them come to us (they do! ?)

Moldylocks_Butthole 7 points ago

It's always a good idea to have a few burner accounts for Shitposting.

GorboTheGreat2 2 points ago

I have lost a dozen + soldier alts.


solarsavior 7 points ago *

Yesterday I got banned from posting in a subreddit that I rarely visit for a pro-Trump comment I posted in a different subreddit. Mods are out of control. It's not just the communists. I got banned from a libertarian subreddit and I'm a libertarian. But the mere mention of Trump gets one banned. Assclowns.

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

They're insane

2020magavision 7 points ago

This hurts Reddit more than it hurts us. The Left is dying. When all they have left is outright censorship then that's the beginning of the end.

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Yep. By the time it gets to this point "they" have usually taken the firearms. They have overplayed their hand and are now totally fucked. This country was founded on resisting tyranny. Stupid filthy fucking commies. Not even following their own gameplan. GET FUCKED!

NYNanny7 7 points ago

This is the REAL Resistance. You guys and gals are the BEST. Just signed up and am so glad to have found this place. Will be spreading the word near and far.

It is imperative that Our President Trump gets re-elected in 2020. If not, it may mean the end of Western Civilization as we know it. I know this sounds a bit over dramatic, but just look at what we are up against.

If it was a fair fight, I wouldn't worry so much. BUT between the rigged voting, illegal voting and DEMONIC BIG TECH MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE AND SERVANTS OF SATAN, we have quite a battle on our hands.

God bless all of you who have been doing the work and thanks for your vigilance and patriotism. #MAGATRUMP2020&4EVER

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Our founding fathers are proud of us! No doubt they had a much more uniformed threat, but, what we are doing here is revolutionary. 1776 WORLDWIDE!

I wonder if they thought that some day what they had done would inspire the world to do the same and say FUCK TYRANY!

Bunnybudman 7 points ago

About a year ago I got suspended from all social media in one day for talking about my son killed by an illegal alien. (Fb, Twitter, and IG). Fuck all those social media platforms. They aren’t winning hearts and minds by doing this.

And big tech suppresses any unbiased platform from emerging.

NavyGuy [S] 5 points ago

So sorry for your loss. I've lost a child too. It's beyond any pain imaginable. I'm re if you ever wanna talk. Sometimes you need a bro. To this day it's hard to talk to my wife about it. Only through our lord and savior are we still together. It was almost the end of the whole family.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating what we are thankful for. We got through the hard times and made it. We have 5 children now. Thank god for all these wonderful gifts.

Democrats_Disgust_Me 6 points ago

It’s time to get my accounts banned on reddit. Let the gaymes begin

randomusename 3 points ago

Sell your reddit account somewhere, esp. if it has decent karma. Just tell the TD mods so they can ban it from posting there. then buy yourself some beers that your time on reddit paid for.

mintscape 6 points ago *

Silicon Valley and in the case of Reddit, China are meddling in the 2020 election, it must be stopped.

ythehorses 6 points ago

Walkaway from Reddit!

jgardner 6 points ago

The dirty commies running reddit can die in a fire.

OrangeAddict 6 points ago

They were always planning to purge us, fuck em.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

Make no mistake fren, they want us dead. 2A all day! Like blades of grass. Get fucked commie scum!

WashedMasses 6 points ago

Once TDW admins are comfortable with the status of the project, open sourcing so that others can build their own doms will go a long way toward taking away reddit's power and influence. If anyone can spin up a modern clone (or, most likely an improved version) of reddit, what's their play? Communities are already mostly siloed and no one gives a shit about their attempts to bridge the gaps between communities.

tl;dr fuck reddit, open source TDW.

deleted 4 points ago
NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago


ProudAmerican 5 points ago

Badge of honor. :)

TheNotSoEvilEngineer 5 points ago

Yeah, you basically just need to create a new account. Ban evasion is super easy, and there is nothing they can really do to stop it. Only karma hoarders really care if they lose an account. With the temper tantrums the mods / admins throw on reddit its kind of a requirement to have multiple accounts.

BitcoinTrump 5 points ago *

Yeah man fuck those idiots. Braindead retards. "Front page of the internet" my ass.

utahbeachballs1944 5 points ago


realFrogLips01 5 points ago

Twitter here, Fuck Twitter!

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

Username checks out!

collusion_illusion 5 points ago

I was able to get IP banned there a few years ago after exposing an admin (cupcake) using an alt account to argue with me and forgetting to switch back at one point.

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

I love it when they forget to switch accounts. So fucking lame. Faggotz!

DreddPirateDonald 5 points ago

I was also banned. Because I was banned for posting in T_D and made another account I got perma banned. Free speech is dead on lefty tech sites.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

Can confirm. Kek!

fdagasfd 5 points ago

I was permanently banned from /r/politics for posting a defense of Kavanaugh with sources showing that every single rape accuser has publicly admitted to making it up.

I don't know if it was the post itself or the fact that it actually got upvoted and silver.

Dems be like: "TRUTH!?!? NOOO!!!! KILL IT!!! USE THE FASCISM!!!!.... phew Now, about those 'fascists'!"

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

How dare you!??? I'm literally shaking...

Yuri_Gagarin 5 points ago

I got banned from r/ Democrat for shit posting. I figure I will re-double my efforts in r/politics. It's a leftist shit hole. They need to be roasted with red pills.

RonaldMcDonald 5 points ago

They can't risk a Digg event. There have been a lot of studies to analyze certain influential individuals and targeting them to disrupt a network. This results in the undesirables being removed without a huge migration.

Greg-2012 5 points ago

We need to stay on Reddit to point Pedes here. I have been saying that we need to leave that shithole (Reddit) for years and create our own platform. Now that we have our own platform, we need to direct people here.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

The ban is imminent. Once it happens the worthy will find us. It is inevitable.

yurimodin 4 points ago

Reddit is Asshoe!

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago


Iteachfuckingscience 4 points ago


I_Love_45-70_Gov 4 points ago *

Seriiously comrade... You go into r/polydicks and post that kind of wrong-think?

Report to the Ministry of Truth immediately.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago


KarlHungus53 4 points ago


NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Thanks. It does feel like an honor. Especially when ya earn it!

Shark_FL 4 points ago

Hey NavyGuy, I just commented on Mollie's article and asked for her to comment on your banning. Let's see if she responds.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

They never do. Filthy commie fucks!

Anyslogan 3 points ago

The dems have to cheat, censor, and intimidate to win. These are vile, disgusting people I’ll tell you.

pedeypete 3 points ago


I've been posting how spez is a cuck and a pedo for quite a while now hoping for a ban.

FluffiPuff 3 points ago

<3 I'm so proud of you <3

wipes away a tear

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago

Until today I had no idea it was such an honor! Better than every medal inwas awarded in the military. Now that I think of it... I'm gonna make a "banned from reddit" award and letter!

DArtist51 3 points ago

Badge of Honor, man.

NavyGuy [S] 3 points ago


Burchoid 3 points ago

fuck reddit

OldGlory1776 3 points ago *

Great article. Of course they don't want that posted there.

They are like children with a finger in each ear making screeching noises to avoid hearing things they don't like.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

It has gotten beyond childish. And, America is done with it. Hope they brought lube for the foreseeable future because they're about to get dry fucked. If they thought 2016 was rough... BUCKLE UP BUCKAROO!!!! 1776 WORLD WIDE!!!

clampie 3 points ago

If you really wanted to do it, you can create another account.

jenk 3 points ago

Deleted my account today. T_D was the only remaining reason I went there, and I'm certainly not welcome anywhere else on there. Long time user who migrated years ago when Digg was dying, and wow has that company been taken over by some very bad people. Its tightly controlled like communist social sites, complete with a social credit score. Get off of there.

TheWinningNeverStops 3 points ago

I was just banned from r/donald which is really the only place besides a few others that I used my account for. Don't go to reddit at all for the most part.

Caractacus 3 points ago

Good article!

gorillachannel 3 points ago

Once you start living the vpn life you'll never go back.


BidenSmellsKids 1 point ago

I would suggest protonmail vpn, and they usually have black friday deals that are pretty good. I used protonmail to get off gmail too. They have nice stuff. Worth paying $3 a month for it.

deleted 1 point ago
Lawless 3 points ago

The leftists reich's ideas are so good they must ban you for wrong think!

Wear that badge poudly soldier!

patriotX 2 points ago

I've been permanently banned like 3 times. Get over it. Use a VPN. You're being tracked online. Wake up.

NavyGuy [S] 2 points ago

Humble brag... kek!

Scooby 2 points ago

I'd suggest using a vpn to create several more accounts and use them to dispense red pills. ree/politics is mostly Eurofags and commies so the success rates are pretty low there. These people reject facts and reality as a defense mechanism against the mental anguish they would suffer by admitting they were ever wrong about anything, and I mean anything. They've developed a very real mental illness which include side effects such as derangement, self mutilation, self hatred and grandiose narcissism. There are some lurkers there, though. I've had people tell me they didn't know Trump "did that" and thanked me for some truth. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. I think that's why most of us are here. We are but peaceful warriors fighting for the future of humanity armed with nothing but the truth.

pjabrony 2 points ago

> Well... I got permanently banned today for simply posting links to r/politics.

That's understandable. R/politics is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I wouldn't want to be linked there.

BidenSmellsKids 2 points ago

The mods at worldnews would ban my account every week I would always just message them on another account and another IP telling them they have no power over me. Then they started with the shadow banning of pretty much anyone new or speaking wrong think. They are ruining their own site, fuck em.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

Here here!

suzookus 2 points ago

You will not miss it.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

I already don't. I go for this first thing now. Fuck reddit. Never look back.

uiucrower 2 points ago

They did something to me about 4 weeks ago. They didn’t explicitly say ban evasion, but due to “multiple and repeated violation’s of Reddit’s content policy.” And this targeted all of my Reddit accounts (emphasis on plural), even the ones that didn’t post anything political or rule-breaking.

Moreover, an attempt to create a new account after getting nuked by the admins was banned within a day or two of creation. Those fuckers must be tracking my IP address.

BananaWizard 2 points ago

Just change your ip and make a new acc. You have the same IP so they can tell it's you.

ERIC_CIARAMELLA 2 points ago

I've been shadowbanned so many times. Yours truly was u/BIGBIGMEANIE who ran the r/NeoFAG sub that got shut down with r/fatpeoplehate. r/NeoFAG did exactly to ResetEra and NeoGAF as r/The_Donald does to libs and reeaboos... We were relentless. Just reset your cable modem and make another name. Or just stay here.

Fuckreddit01 2 points ago

My sentiments exactly.

WisestGuru93 2 points ago

Yeah the first instance I saw thedonald.win, I didn't even had a chance to look at how many upvotes it had because I had already migrated to the website (legally ;) ). It's a "no thanx" from me to reddit now that this site is up. Hurt them in the wallet, leave the site. Going to T_D literally brings them ad revenue. There is no choice. thedonald.win.

DinosRFake 2 points ago

I once got a temporary ban. An unfortunate misunderstanding around De Blasio, and his travel arrangements on a helicopter. In fairness, it was a clear violation on my part, fair enough. OP's ban just looks like the SJW's have wrested control of Reddit, and even TD.

I expect TD and MGTOW to be toast pre-election. It's been fun though.

Tunapig 2 points ago

I have been long banned from pol...but the one that really grinds my gears is the ban from the mueller. Those pussies couldn't handle any form of real facts at all. I could redpill those fags all day

2honks 2 points ago

The better question is why bother going on /r/politics at all? I got my 8 year old account nuked as well. The people there are just one echo chamber full of bots and people using reddit as a backlinking tool to help boost their tiny news sites on the search engine rankings.

GorboTheGreat2 2 points ago

I got a 3d ban for vote manipulation, which was a lie. It is the precursor to a full ban for any lie the admin select

Tychicus 2 points ago

Silly rabbit, only boys are allowed to post yo that shithole.

Maythewinbewithyou 2 points ago

Good job. Wear your ban with pride.

MAGALauncher 2 points ago

Just use the Tor browser pedes. It even has a built in “scramble my current IP” option to get around that shit.

Ingrid_Cold 2 points ago

They will ask themselves how they lost AGAIN in 2020. They wouldn't know self awareness if it hit them in the body part that identifies as the face.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

Kek! Underrated!

coldfusion718 2 points ago

This is only a rumor, but I heard that the Trump team already has a fight plan drawn up to deal with these Silicon Valley companies once the shampeachment is over.

Hopefully it will have a chance at scaring them enough to leave things alone for 2020. They think they care about their cause and "social justice," but we all know they worship first and foremost money, Moloch, and Satan himself. The aim is to hurt them so much in the wallet that they abandon their "fight to save democracy."

You know whenever we fill out those surveys that the Trump Campaign sends out (text or email)? There's always a box at the bottom for other comments/concerns to send to POTUS.

I'm sure that other patriots have been expressing concern about these big tech companies' ability to massively influence election results (as I'm sure they've seen with various local and state elections).

Keep using that comment box and keep fighting in all ways, every day.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

I use the "other" box every time. GEOTUS knows...?

Dave_PH 2 points ago

Three words


45Trump2020 2 points ago

That's a great article, OP.

NavyGuy [S] 1 point ago

Thanks. Felt good saying it outloud.

Seriousblak 1 point ago

I was suspended from reddit a few days ago for three days. I doubt it will be lifted. We'll see though.