Looks like the mods are becoming famous. (www.washingtonexaminer.com) HIGH ENERGY
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LasGatosPantalones [S] 48 points ago

The Examiner does a decent job. They are consistent.

Titus70 44 points ago

That's because the owner of the washington examiner is a Christian, unlike most people who own media conglomerates


Spunrecord 25 points ago

You're not allowed to notice that Jews tend to run the most divisive news sources.

They're our greatest ally.

Titus70 20 points ago

Israeli publications are often more willing to have honest discussions about this sort thing

Israel's most prominent publication openly blames Zionist Neocons for the Iraq war and admits that Israel knew the USS Liberty was an American ship



Now watch someone accuse me of hating all Jews after praising these Jewish authors for their honesty

KRosen333 17 points ago


Lol pcmr banned me for joking about scary brackets before. Reddit is trash.

OrangeMan 11 points ago

The brackets are fucking hilarious, autism at it's peak.

SimPilot 0 points ago

Brackets are a new hate symbol? I'm out of the loop. Ok sign, milk, being white race....what else am i missing?

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Dave_PH 6 points ago

What happen to the Moonies

KRosen333 6 points ago

Whats a moony

OhLollyLollyPop 3 points ago

Krishna-type cult from the 60-70s. They hung around airports to grift change off pedestrians. They wore weird robes.

Titus70 4 points ago *

The Moonies owned the Washington Times, not the Examiner

Titus70 18 points ago

That's because the owner of the washington examiner is a Christian, unlike most people who own media conglomerates


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luke21 5 points ago *

When was that? I remember when they smeared McCarthy, Nixon, and Reagan, shilled for the USSR and the nuclear freeze, and told us the Tet offensive was a defeat for the US. The press has never been objective in my lifetime. Not a response to you, Polishhussar88. I was answering someone up above.

OhLollyLollyPop 4 points ago *

Old school Journalism. Articles must have Who, what, when , where, and (sometimes) how.

Learn to spell correctly.

ShellGame 26 points ago *

I just posted this article to /r/the_donald...

...I hope they don't censor it.


EpicTrump 10 points ago


Trish1998 6 points ago

Post it to /r/worldnews and /r/pol and /r/news

Dave_PH 5 points ago

No, really, Don't

Anarchy404 20 points ago

Ouch, they name-dropped the whistleblower. So much for his secrecy.

EpicTrump 10 points ago

The worst kept secret in D.C.

redis_help 19 points ago

This should get sticky on r/The_Donald :)

PremiumPatriotPepe 9 points ago

Let the salty tears pour!

SnakeFaceMcGavin 18 points ago

I can't even access t_d on the trash ass reddit app. They keep butchering the mobile version. Also im suspended. This is my new home. Thank you Mods.

quiche_epinards 6 points ago

I can't stand Reddit on mobile.

flashersenpai 2 points ago

yeah can't use it on my phone browser because the quarantine alert page is messed up

GhostOfMyFormerSelf 15 points ago

The New User Enrollment market is going to go through the roof, get in now!

Trish1998 14 points ago

Holy crap, the Washington Examiner just outed the whistleblower:

"the alleged whistleblower at the center of the impeachment effort, 33-year-old CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella"

daomino 7 points ago

It's a game by the left leaning media, suppress mentioning of the name to avoid a public discussion of his political connections, motives, and anti trump background.

Ciaramella was not the reason for the impeachment inquiry, he was the excuse, well coordinated with democratic operatives.

Big Tech is suppressing public speech and meddling with our democratic processes. Time to regulate and break.

Garnet56 13 points ago

Congrats mods & construction crew, on a job well done.

tall_bacon 13 points ago

A neutral article simply reporting what happened and what we did to address it. Imagine that.




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TrumpFortyFive 10 points ago

Kudos to the reporter Zachary Halaschak who wrote this piece: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/author/zachary-halaschak

Baelor_The_Bellend 9 points ago

It would be real cool to get a presidential endorsement at tonight's rally.

outofsync42 7 points ago

just wait till we get the big guy to tweet it... it will be glorious

EpicTrump 7 points ago

Congrats Mods. You did a great thing!

Dave_PH 6 points ago

Very wow

Prepare for our borders to be flooded

BidenSmellsKids 6 points ago *

You lose spez, you fucking faggot (and not the kind of faggot I like, as we have the best gays (don't we folks?))

luke21 6 points ago

Actually a fair piece. No bias at all. I salute them.

OhLollyLollyPop 6 points ago *

Added it to my FB news feed. All of my friends are conservatives.

ds420 5 points ago

Don’t be dumb, lol. Guess that excludes most if not all leftists; great rule!

sustainable_saltmine 5 points ago

Reddit warned r/The_Donald about using his name last week, telling users “posts that do nothing more than attempt to focus mob attention on this alleged individual cross a line.”

in all honesty, fuck that mindset. If someone is a CIA leaker and the evidence is out there, put the fucker on blast so much he doesn't want to leave his house for fear of being confronted by a mob and reporters. Don't want the attention, don't leak

SuddenlyClintoned 3 points ago

>Threatened for saying his name.

Article covering that fact says Eric Ciamella in the same sentence

VDLPolo 5 points ago

Fucking “deport” button is the best thing in the world.

Cartman98 4 points ago

Shocking unbiased article! They aren’t with the enemy from what I’ve seen from them.

Dave_PH 4 points ago

Oops, the Moonies own or owned The Washington Times not the Examiner

The Reverand Sun Myung Moon.

selfstarter20 4 points ago

I knew someone who worked there, they almost didn't make it out of the DC swamp.

sustainable_saltmine 4 points ago

lol great, tell the leftists where to DDoS /s

myvoicecountsonce 4 points ago

Nice article.

selfstarter20 4 points ago

Thanks to the Mods Squad for a great platform.

bubblegummy 4 points ago

Great job, mods! ????

Dialectic 4 points ago

We famous now

AbrahamLincoln 4 points ago

Eric Ciaramella

AFuckingWhiteMale 4 points ago

I’m proud to be here

kag_WI 4 points ago

My favorite rule referenced in the article for the reading audience: “Don’t be dumb” A simple rule to live by every day.

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BrokenLeftEar 3 points ago

Wow that’s surprisingly neutral!

Dave_PH 3 points ago

White victim = no crime

noagendashow 3 points ago

warms my heart... it's like the good old censorship free days of the Internet are back!

lambda 3 points ago

Bored leftists brigading is nothing. Not to be a downer, but be prepared for malicious digital attacks. The fellas who made this site seem to know what they're doing, so maybe I'm just being overdramatic.

eviantears 3 points ago

We are the news

Not because we’re crying for attention

But demanding the TRUTH

Censorship must end; democracy dies with a gag in the mouth

jamesvien101 2 points ago

"The moderator said they felt as if they needed to hurry and release the website after Reddit began limiting the ability of users to discuss the alleged whistleblower at the center of the impeachment effort, 33-year-old CIA analyst Eric Ciaramella."

From the article

kicklucy 2 points ago

KEK! Based Washington Examiner

ShiffsDeadHooker 2 points ago

I wish just once the press would say "The_Donald was quarantined after a few cherry picked comments made by new user accounts were made that supposedly were anti-police. Meanwhile, anti-police posts and posts calling for violence against people such as teenage boys who wear MAGA hats positively litter Reddit in popular default subreddits site-wide."

JackDallas 1 point ago

The Great Migration Has Begun

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Shadowman3001 3 points ago

'bout tree fiddy

LilLadyLiberty4All 1 point ago

Sweet baby Jesus! You all did it! Great article and thanks so much for making this site! Reddit, Twitter and FB are all in trouble with our new found movement!

Tunapig 1 point ago

Question for Mods: Is there any future release of an ap? For some reason, I can't reach the site on my work wifi

WildCape 1 point ago

Well done to all. It is refreshing to witness such a strategic. preemptive move.

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