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Shadowman3001 8 points ago

This kills the candidate.

Gonzo262 [S] 2 points ago

She is getting desperate and it is starting to show. She peaked when Biden was playing defense about Ukraine and Bernie was having a heart attack. And even then she only broke into first place for one day before falling back to her earlier poll numbers.

This is also stupid because it means that she can't offer the VP slot to someone like Buttigieg to get him to throw his support behind her.

Taqiyya_Mockingbird 2 points ago

BREAKING: Woman's name is actually Running Mate of the Ohno Tribe.

genghis_khek 1 point ago

Pick one of the squad or you're a racist Elizabeth! Also did she do this via smoke signal?

oakley 1 point ago

Big deal. She will LOSE... from a woman.