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WinstonSmith1984 7 points ago

I thought so too; he's looking better! Must be taking some vitamins and laying off the acid.

TrumpTrain 6 points ago

Since this sub is created out of excessive censorship by Reddit, and this post is about 2 genders, I feel obligated to announce that a popular sub named /r/ThereAreOnly2Genders was banned by Reddit yesterday, immediately after a non-stop 2 day brigade and takeover attempt by a group of organized deranged leftists.

Further discussion about the topic is discussed on /WatchRedditDie

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

I was an avid reader of that sub. :)

TrumpTrain 3 points ago

Not any more, thanks to censorship loving leftists!

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

I deleted my reddit account. It is a toxic leftist sewer.