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The most highly requested feature for this website since release has been dark mode.

You can now toggle between light mode and dark mode from the settings page.

We've also released a default comment sorting option which can be toggled in the settings page. This toggle will determine whether comments in threads display newest first or top first.

This is our public Trello board where you can see the bugs and features that are being worked on.

Use this thread to note any other bug reports and suggestions that you have.

You can also continue reporting bugs in Discord and elsewhere on the site.

The most highly requested feature for this website since release has been dark mode. You can now toggle between light mode and dark mode from the [settings page](https://thedonald.win/settings). We've also released a default comment sorting option which can be toggled in the [settings page](https://thedonald.win/settings). This toggle will determine whether comments in threads display newest first or top first. --- This is our [public Trello board](https://trello.com/b/xJN2iaAI/thedonaldwin) where you can see the bugs and features that are being worked on. Use this thread to note any other bug reports and suggestions that you have. You can also continue reporting bugs in [Discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/rd3r4N8) and elsewhere on the site.
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menardo3 84 points ago *


edit: Dark mode looks great after trying it out for a few minutes!

[FIXED] edit 2: the word "save" on the save button on desktop is almost invisible when making an edit to a post (noticed this while making the previous edit)

[FIXED] edit 3: when you're viewing a user's comments in their profile, the text is still completely black so it's practically invisible. I hope I'm not the only one that's having this issue so I'm not sounding crazy.

[FIXED] edit 4: (hopefully the last edit) the titles for each option in the setting page are still black text.

Doggos [M] 33 points ago


menardo3 18 points ago *

Thank you! Truly appreciative of your dedication.

Chipper875 8 points ago

Minor nitpick: links on dark are white instead of blue. My eyes are thanking you!!!

BaldyGull 5 points ago

You guys looking for volunteers? I am usually more of an infrastructure guy but a wrote a code once.

0nlyL0s3rsC3ns0r 3 points ago

Thank you for all your hard work!!

CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Thank you.

Now please restore the Edit button.

Naming it "spez" does two things:

Keeps spez forever in your heart, in your mind, and on your lips, letting him live rent free in your head.

And makes newcomers believe there is no edit button, leading to frustration plus lower-quality posting.

Spez isn't here. He isn't editing any of our posts. It's an old, tired, forgotten joke. Let it, and spez and reddit, die. Please.

Thank you :)

deleted 20 points ago
AerialRush 5 points ago

Yes it’s still black for mine when I see a user profile as well.

HanSolo 3 points ago

Thank you!!! It's beautiful.

HuggableBear 28 points ago


PremAmerica 17 points ago

And today, in honor of Conan, MODS are also DOGS!!

deleted 14 points ago
thewild1one 26 points ago

Dark moooooooooode!!!!

Tommy_Patriot 22 points ago

Along with neverending thedonald.win. It would be great to:

  1. Be able to view 100 posts at a time (instead of just 25).

  2. Number the posts so I know how far down the list I am.

  3. I think somehow the Hot posts need to refresh a bit quicker so there is more new content pushing up towards the top of Hot.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

menardo3 11 points ago

I think the Trello board has “unlimited scrolling” on it so your first suggestion is certainly in the works!

PremiumPatriotPepe 20 points ago

Dark mode looks great!

V43_of_ii_dim 19 points ago

My eyes salute you.

mikeroolz 17 points ago

Make an orange mode.

SheikFromMozambake 8 points ago

And name it dank mode.

ithurts2bankok 4 points ago

name it god emperor mode

Horus 15 points ago

Can we make the upvote/downvote buttons bigger? Might be just me, but I miss the old look where there was a giant smiling don face on every giant upvote button.

JailThemAll 13 points ago

Please remove active users and total users from the wishlist and put it on top of the todo list.

Election meddling proof > the rest.

xavtrix 10 points ago


JarretGax 10 points ago

The dark mode is so helpful, much easier on the eyes.

Thank you very much!

1standboobs 10 points ago

We have the best mods folks, the best. Anywhere on the internet. To won't find better mods than this, trust me. I have a lot of people that tell me about these great mods, the great work they do, and believe me there is no one better. No one.

menardo3 4 points ago


Clabber 8 points ago

You guys are genius. Amazed at all you have done. Dark mode not really working on my iPad though. Typeface goes dark too, making comments unreadable. Am I doing something wrong?

America1776 2 points ago *

I believe they have fixed this now. Can you try and update comment if resolved?

NYforTrump 8 points ago

The expando controls and voting arrows are too small considering how often I click them. They need to be embiggened.

Also the expando animation takes like half a second so if I look at 30 posts I'm watching that animation for 15 seconds. Thats way too long. Can it be instant?

Also I'm missing keyboard shortcuts for next / previous / expand / upvote, this was an RES feature.

gorillachannel 5 points ago

Embiggen uptrumps so we can upvote under budget and ahead of schedule.

deleted 3 points ago
outofsync42 2 points ago

expando control needs fixing for sure... easing down when showing image is way to slow.

GGRain 6 points ago *

Trello board looking good, thanks for the updates

Eren_Kruger 6 points ago

Allow videos/gif to be played in the post list view,

magabirdlady 6 points ago

Way better...Ty

BathouseBarry 6 points ago *

Dark mode is sicK! Finally, our page isn't only in racist white.

HorribleDeplorable 1 point ago

Nice username Mr. Soetoro!

BathouseBarry 1 point ago

Thank you, sir.

SomeGuyOnTheInternet 6 points ago

You guys are awesome and I don't know how hard this would be, but my further suggestions would be a "view images" as well as making links open in a new tab.

Thank you guys for all that you do, so far everything is awesome

AmericaTheGreat 6 points ago

How about a Save button so we can save educational posts or posts with great info that we can share later

the-cuck-stops-here 1 point ago *

This needs to be higher. Gotta rebuild my collection of red-pilling material!

T_BigD1745 5 points ago *

On Android at least, using the back button on the browser after clicking a post gives an error, forces reload to page 1

Keep up the good work guys

Nightbringer33 5 points ago

Love the dark mode!

But when looking at my alerts from the "Control Panel"(?) the text is black on a black background.

You guys are great!

MsVegas 5 points ago

Oh thank God. Dark mode for my eyes. Thank you!

Kag_Maga 4 points ago

Any chance we can use this scheme for dark mode?


P.S. Using the new dark mode, I can't read my posts history (dark text on dark background)


Kag_Maga 3 points ago

What it looks like (link from original post):


I just find this one more aesthetic, maybe you can work with that pede??

Doggos [M] 4 points ago

We'll look at taking some aspects.

SarcastiCarcasS 4 points ago

The Donald.win should have a contest among it's user to choose a "mascot". You know, like Snoo but without the soy.

OrangeMan 7 points ago

I vote Conan, the Badass Bitch!

Valanantar 4 points ago

My eyes are happy! Thank you!

1standboobs 4 points ago

Dark mode is great!

However the text when viewing my own comments on my profile is black on gray. Basically invisible.


RiverFenix 2 points ago

Top quality posts in this image.

Pence stealth scratching Conan made me smile this morning.

Thanagor 4 points ago

Dark Mode Bug: It appears that text shows up fine (light) in most dark mode pages, but the text is dark when I click on my own profile. I can post a screenshot if that would help!

gorillachannel 4 points ago

Can you make the logins last longer? Like forever? I have to login every time I visit.

Doggos [M] 4 points ago

It's one of the top priorities. Sessions shouldn't expire for ~2 weeks but unfortunately it seems they do.

NotProgCensored 2 points ago

Forever? I'd be happy with a couple hours. I have to log in about 8 times a day.

menardo3 1 point ago

Usually you are logged out when a hot fix to the website is made.

shadowfax 4 points ago

the disclosure triangle for image posts is somewhat small. any chance you could make it a bit bigger? beyond that, anybody else have any interest in card view? personally consider it one of the few good things added to reddit since we came along and pissed in their cheerios in 2015

draintheswamp 3 points ago

I agree. They should make a click on the image expand the image inline too.

Eurorack 4 points ago

We need an option to stay logged in. I’ve already had to log into this account like 100 times because I’m automatically logged out randomly.

NotProgCensored 2 points ago


JailThemAll 3 points ago

The dark mode doesn't change the color of the text. Unable to read anything...

Rkupcake 3 points ago

On Android the in text links don't show up as a different color on dark mode.

DJT4PRZ 3 points ago *

Please add upvoted stories history to the user profile pages.

Oldreddit still has this. It's a great feature.

Not sure what this Trello card means... maybe it's the same thing? (We already have submitted stories on the user profile pages.)

menardo3 3 points ago

It's not the same thing that you're suggesting. Submitted stories are just the user's own text/link posts. I would love upvoted stories history so I can go back and see all the great things I may have forgotten about.

Bartmi3 3 points ago

a lot better, thank you

menardo3 3 points ago

Bug: When replying to a comment, a copy of your reply is added as a new comment in the entire thread. (This was happening before the dark mode update as well)

OrangeMan 3 points ago

Keep 'em coming you based devs!

AtariArtist 3 points ago

NICE! Wow that's so much easier on the eyes. Problem with LCD monitors - particularly today is the backlights are so freaking bright (and no - turning them down too much screws up the color and contrast).

Love it!

WeWillWinAgain 3 points ago

You folks are SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

The_Litehaus_Abides 3 points ago

Thank you! Dark mode working perfectly and looks great.

Jadae 3 points ago

Hot damn. My eyes thank you.

davidmode 3 points ago

you're the best mayneeee.... you did it.

TyrannyBuster 3 points ago

As Conan would say, once you go dark, you never go bark.

Syvril 3 points ago

Hey do we have anything in the works like Reddit enhancement suite that will make all the images load without having to click into threads? I'm all about scrolling through spicy memes.

mrgreencard 3 points ago

How about hiding the upvote/downvote buttons when you view a user’s comments? It just gives shills and cucks an easy way to visit a profile and mass downvote every comment

gorillachannel 2 points ago

Yeah, why would you even have vote buttons on a user's comment page with a bunch of out of context comments? This design never made any sense on reddit.

menardo3 1 point ago

I like this. It’ll prevent abuse against 1 single user. It’ll take much more effort to visit each post the OC has commented on and downvote it that way.

draintheswamp 3 points ago

Comments containing links are not blue. I mentioned this before, and it's only a one line fix.

.theme-dark .post-single .content a { color: #527fc5 }

draintheswamp 1 point ago

You can't even see the links in your original post because they are the same color.

draintheswamp 1 point ago

I'm just gonna go ahead and stop posting suggestions https://thedonald.win/p/10f0N9/x/c/41OGfFB

draintheswamp 3 points ago *

Make the visited posts purple


.theme-dark .post:not(.stickied) .title:visited { color: #551a8b; }

or a lighter shade of purple like #7647a2

Silkom 3 points ago

You guys are the best, just after our President, of course. Thanks a lot.

RedditSucksChinaPoo 3 points ago

Please post larger size pics in the preview/home page mode!!

ol-rapin-billie 3 points ago *

Can we get some non Trump focused subs too? I miss being able to share and view cool stuff without snowflakes turning everything into the oppression Olympics and getting offended. You guys are seriously awesome.

deus_vult 3 points ago

On Safari (11.0.1) I get "error updating the theme." I do not get this on Firefox (70.0.1). Likewise, when attempting to comment, "an error occurred," and likewise this does not happen on Firefox. Did a -webkit- get dropped somewhere?

RonnieCrypto 3 points ago

Thanks a lot for Dark mode! Just gonna echo the longer log-in request.

RonnieCrypto 3 points ago

Would definitely suggest replacing the default Text Post thumbnail (the big yellow T) with something Trump related? Maybe a MAGA 2020 icon, or a Trump avatar?

TrumpsThrowaway 2 points ago

Just turned on dark mode. Looks great guys, keep up the good work!

theLurker 2 points ago

Down the road can you guys make a general section to post in. Would love to post other stuff without a bunch of commies commenting.

MAGAbility 2 points ago


deleted 2 points ago
Uberkritz 2 points ago

Will we ever get a mobile app? I'm not used to looking at the Redditesque UI not formatted as the Reddit app.

Belleoffreedom 2 points ago

I had a temporary problem today, I could click on a post with a link, and go to the article, but when I tried to comment I'd get an error message. It did not happen with every post. I left the site completely, and the problem was over in about 15 minutes.

RiverFenix 2 points ago

I've never used Dark mode before now - didn't realize it was a thing.

Now I've got Dark and I'm not going back!

Join-or-die 2 points ago

Thanks. My suggestions are being able to upvote a comment reply directly without having to enter the full thread and the ability to save posts for later reference/viewing

gorillachannel 2 points ago

Arrows are too small to upvote on mobile (Firefox), especially at a high rate. An upvote should happen if I tap anywhere in the vicinity of the up arrow. Downvote should require precision accuracy.

menardo3 2 points ago

In-text links aren't showing up as links, just regular text! (in dark mode)

deleted 2 points ago
ShiffsDeadHooker 2 points ago

Love the dark mode!

NocturnalPatrol 2 points ago

It would be nice if AskThe_Donald and HottiesForTrump could get their own pages on here. AT_D is pretty much useless on Reddit because it's crawling with leftists, and I never get any satisfactory answers on there. HottiesForTrump, same thing. Trump fans post, leftists comment.

HeartofStone 2 points ago

Can we have different subs based on content? I like all of the different subs that we had, Ask Trump Supporters, AskThe Donald, Donald Trump for accomplishments and positive news, etc.

DonTread 2 points ago

Suggestion: The actual posts need to be a bit farther to the right on the screen. Like another 1/2" inch

deleted 2 points ago
NotSpyRussian 1 point ago *

Seconded’d in addition to hiding posts we’ve already voted on

dockmarlin 2 points ago

In dark mode after visiting a thread the title should change color. It currently stays the same.

AbrahamLincoln 2 points ago

Yesss this is perfect. Fuck reddit.

Spez_BTFO 2 points ago

I like sorting by new. Would actually prefer to sort by oldest first.

sondybundy 2 points ago *

I love the dark mode. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for everything you are doing.

Classic 2 points ago

Now this is some high energy level shit.

Good stuff.

deleted 2 points ago
deleted 2 points ago
hint 2 points ago

This should be a button on the front page so even people not logged in can change the theme.

deleted 2 points ago *
RonaldMcDonald 2 points ago

Any word on API access?

deleted 1 point ago
johnmonash 2 points ago

I'm super impressed at how quickly you roll out new features, great stuff! ?

Archangel 2 points ago

Dark mode is nice, but can we please get something that kills all the graphics and "loud" colors? Something similar to Reddit's "disable custom style sheet" ?

Magafauna 2 points ago
  1. post flair 2) Pepe skin 3) stickied "can't stump the trump" videos 4) nimble navigator count
TipDog 2 points ago *


Allow clicking on an image to expand the image without taking you to the comments page.

Clicking on the text will take you to the comments section.

Clicking on the source will redirect externally if applicable

menardo3 1 point ago

Preferably redirecting you to a new tab as well.

ChuckedBeef 2 points ago *

Thanks, how about a subscriber/currently online counter?

Chodeus 1 point ago

Thank you guys so much! We all really appreciate your hard work!! Keep it up!

TheNakedAmbassador 1 point ago



TyrannyBuster 1 point ago

My eyes can rest now. God mods!

keithcu 1 point ago

What programming language is it written in?

Lion-Ted 1 point ago

Put a donation button front and Center

menardo3 1 point ago

I want to donate as well, maybe even microdonations. I can only think of one big risk with this. Some troll could donate under a racist name or racist organization and then that’ll be tied back to us. You would need a vetting system for donations.

MythArcana 1 point ago

Wonderful! Looking snazzy!

BoldFusion 1 point ago

Thanks guys!!

SubaruKayak 1 point ago


KSC10165 1 point ago

Make a Mobile already!

menardo3 1 point ago

Quality of Life Suggestion: When I click “permalink” to view a comment, there should be a setting that automatically opens the comment they were replying to or the entire thread.

draintheswamp 1 point ago

The ▼ preview (data-action="expand") on the .post-list still shows a white background with black text, or a white border surrounding a youtube video.

menardo3 1 point ago

Quality of Life: Be able to sort by “top” when viewing another user’s post/comment history to see their most upvoted things

draintheswamp 1 point ago

.header .logo

is too small

fugg 1 point ago

Greatly appreciated. Thank you

DigitalWarrior 1 point ago

Dark mode! My previously squinting eyes thank you!

zomebieclownfish 1 point ago

Can we have a setting to hide posts upon refresh if we've upvoted or downvoted? I have to scroll through a ton of posts I've already seen.

Harambe 1 point ago

Did you guys really just implement dark mode in a few days? Yeah, this is big brain dev time.

NordicRonin 1 point ago

Thanks for the dark mode! You guys rock!

Littleirishmaid 1 point ago

Thank you for dark mode!!!!!

Gene04 1 point ago

Thanks for the text box fix, this one is amazin

Basedfaggot 1 point ago

Thanks mods and devs. You guys are the best.

One suggestion, top posts need to turn over faster so the front page changes more frequently

NaThong 1 point ago


yPree 1 point ago

Dark mode is great. Good job devs.

OnlyTrump20 1 point ago

I need a dark mode. I don't do white backgrounds after 3 pm.

readysetgo 1 point ago

Love how fast you guys work

deleted 1 point ago *
DJTXLV 1 point ago

Is there an option to display more posts per page?

Mal_Masters 1 point ago

When in the settings window and you change to dark and press "Submit" the tab settings stays light till you go elsewhere, could you have the tab refresh to dark as soon as you submit to have an instant verification that you have dark mode?

EPic 1 point ago
  • Turns on dark mode *
  • Nothing Happens *
  • Refresh *
  • ohhh my eyes, so much better *
UhtredRagnarok 1 point ago

I don't care about default comment sorting

I would like to talk about default collapsed comments below parent level comment, as shown in the following photo.


The green number next to the comments is the number of replies

I personally find it frustrating to have to scroll past 72 replies, to get to the next parent level comment.

I hope this could be considered

SuperMario 1 point ago

Dark mode links show up exactly same color as all other texts. Might want to tweak the css lol. Using Android 9 on the brave browser.

RonnieCrypto 1 point ago

Quick thing; the text color on 'An error has occurred. Please try again' is black.

Hard to read in dark mode.

meltingman 1 point ago

thank you from a nightshift worker

2honks 1 point ago

A dark mode quick toggle next to your username on the permanent bar would be awesome. Thx mods!

lurkwellmyfriends 1 point ago

My eyes thank you for Dark mode :)

I'm late to the party and this probably has been mentioned, but the hyperlinks do not stand out in the OP in dark mode. In light mode, they're blue text, underlined links ... In dark mode links appear as regular white text. Mouse pointer still picks it up as a link.

Brandofjosh 1 point ago

I need an app? I need an app bad

Bmorepirate 1 point ago

How can I get involved in the dev side of things? On discord but not yet vetted

McStainsTumor 1 point ago

You should implement the iOS thing that automatically turns on and off dark mode depending on the user’s phone’s current mode.

deleted 1 point ago
Nikiasx 1 point ago

You guys are wonderful!

TDaccount841 1 point ago


A humble suggestion: I noticed that that Hot sort on the main page brings up Hot posts with a may be 4 day limit? For someone like me, those 4 day old posts (while obviously high energy) are cluttering things up. I already seent 'em. Reddit allows you to sort Top:hour/day/week/month/year/all. However, we don't have to do it as they do it. I think a Best of the Week sort would be pretty cool! Basically Hot posts going back as far as 7 days. Then change Hot back to just within 24 hours like it is on T_D.


kb3pxr 1 point ago

MacOS and iOS and by extension Apple's browser Safari have dark modes as well. While I haven't seen it anywhere yet, would it be remotely possible to detect what mode the browser is in (and by extension what mode the OS is in) and automatically adjust this site to match.

The reason I'm asking is, Apple has a major win with this one. Just like Night Shift (warms the display to reduce blue light, known as Night Light in Windows), dark mode also has the ability to automatically change for sunset and sunrise.

rcstl 1 point ago

In dark mode, for example, "Trello board" is not a contrasting link appearing thing!

How clear was that? It just looks like normal text. I saw it highlighted when I viewed this page in light mode.

THOTH 1 point ago

Is there a save feature in the works? I know sometimes I don't have time to read an article or write out a long comment and would love to be able to go back and revisit a post. If the feature already exist I have just not seen it yet.

kornesque 1 point ago *

An idea: develop some means to auto-import all threads from T_D to TDW, at least until they shut it down. It may help improve numbers and might be rather simple to implement via script?

spez: (can we still say that here?) Only import the OP, not all the comments too.

deleted 1 point ago
Barkumo 1 point ago

Awesome, thank you.

Now we just need the ability to "hide" posts we've already seen.

DarkestMatt 1 point ago

I can't view any of these magaimg.net images. I can't be the only one. Seems to be something wi5h the sire security.

kenlwells 1 point ago

Thanks for dark mode. Can we also get continuous scroll?

pudding 1 point ago

Please link the title of the articles, or the thumbnails, directly to the images, so tools like Hoverzoom and Imagus work correctly.

Only reason I am going back to reddit daily is because I can consume the image only posts in very short order without clicking on them, just hovering.

I get way more info per minute on Reddit versus this site currently.

Toastman333 1 point ago *

This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you mods/devs for creating this great alternative to Reddit’s increasingly horse shit website with their censorship and unfair treatment of fellow trump supporters.

Keep up the awesome work. Dark mode makes all the difference ??

daves52380 1 point ago

Card view please without multiple pages.

rlbigfish 1 point ago

What is with the idle logout timer? If I don't comment for like, half an hour I am signed out? Can we expand this by like... infinity?

katsumi27 1 point ago


ciaramella_is_gay 0 points ago

I don't know if this is possible, but if you can get Reddit Enhancement Suite working on this site, that would be the ultimate.

I like being able to expand photos and videos without opening the post, but also, I like the "never ending scrolling" so I don't have to go from page to page.

Now, all that's fine and dandy, but I do most of my browsing on the Reddit Is Fun app...you get it to work in that app, that'd be the ultimate.

no-one 0 points ago

Suggestion: Setting for opening links in a new tab

Belleoffreedom 0 points ago

Really nice job.

Dark mode needs higher contrast for the OP's username.

Comments would benefit from formatting options. I can see this as relatively low priority, and if it must be so, could we at least get the option to double-space relatively quickly? Readability for complex posts is dependent on paragraphing.

uxername27 -1 points ago

I noticed you are using Cloudflare's SSL certificates. Maybe you should switch to LetsEncrypt, you know, to decentralize things.