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I work at a medium sized company in blue-state VA at a location with over 100 employees. Last year at this time, the Trump haters outnumbered the Trump supporters 70% to 30%. Trump haters were smug and outspoken, making wisecracks and sharing CNN and MSN talking points constantly. Flash forward a year and the split has reversed with 7 out of 10 people now clearly in the Trump camp and the non-supporters don't want to discuss politics anymore. I believe the voter turnout for Democrats in 2020 will be the lowest on record. Get ready to MAGA.

I work at a medium sized company in blue-state VA at a location with over 100 employees. Last year at this time, the Trump haters outnumbered the Trump supporters 70% to 30%. Trump haters were smug and outspoken, making wisecracks and sharing CNN and MSN talking points constantly. Flash forward a year and the split has reversed with 7 out of 10 people now clearly in the Trump camp and the non-supporters don't want to discuss politics anymore. I believe the voter turnout for Democrats in 2020 will be the lowest on record. Get ready to MAGA.
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TheSHazDroid 161 points ago

I do not fear that Trump will lose the election next year. His accomplishments are there for all to see and his biggest is the economy.

I fear the massive voter fraud the other side will resort to. Thanks to the DC metro area Virginia is pretty much lost in my opinion.

SyndromeOfADown 73 points ago

Agree with you 100%. I was thinking we should all volunteer to work as poll workers that day. What do you think? Can't have much voter fraud if you have patriots all around the nation checking the IDs.

I don't know how to sign up for that though. Any idea?

oakley 47 points ago

It will be the "oh we just found this box" and the absentee ( sp? ) ballots.

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BathouseBarry 14 points ago

Yeah, fraud is happening on a national scale but in corrupt, local areas in high population centers where they can pack many, many thousands of illegal votes. It's sickening.

residue69 33 points ago

Call your county election board/board of elections. Most post offices will have voter registration forms that should have the election board contact information on them.

If you can, get involved early so you can move up the ranks and see how the sausage is made.

I'm in a solid red area and am considering temporarily moving somewhere purple or blue so I could do more good.

Kag_Maga 12 points ago

Volunteering the day of elections is gonna reveal the tip of the iceberg. You need to become a temporary worker for your county clerk / elections official / secretary of state's office.

The SOS usually maintains voter rolls and designs rules, the county clerks implement those rules and do the actual counting of the ballots.

Many states are updating their voter rolls due to laws regarding electronic records or lower apparent costs and ease of use. For example I know in CA, the DMV automatically pushed it's new ID cards or driver's licenses into the voter rolls, so what about all the illegal aliens that are now able to get driver's licenses? What checks are in place to stop them from getting on the rolls?

Bg-Cs 2 points ago


Crockett 12 points ago

I was a poll worker in 2016. Frankly, I don't think it matters much. Checking ID is not a matter of do or do not, it's literally against the rules (in CA at least). And while I'm person voter fraud is certainly pretty easy to get away with, there's no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of fraud is in absentee ballots and fraudulent voter registration. Poll station watchdogs wouldn't make an impact.

Swedistan 6 points ago

They might.

OhLollyLollyPop 6 points ago

They should be there anyway.

usuck911 10 points ago

Infiltrate Dem groups like "Sister district" and expose the dirty tactics including voter fraud they have been using to push Dem candidates over the line. They brag about their success online.

mky555 1 point ago

Usually it’s whichever County offices run the election. Different in each state. They usually have forms to fill out to volunteer. Or check with your state’s Secretary of State.

FuckuSpez 25 points ago (edited)

I’ve made attempts. Unless you have an in with someone they will not respond. The elections boards are in on the scam and aren’t about to let interested patriotic Americans get involved. But make an effort. Maybe your area is less cucked.

OhLollyLollyPop 5 points ago

The RNC will be wanting poll watchers. Nothing the election boards can do about that.

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WinstonSmith1984 10 points ago

If the Dems gain control of Exec and both houses of Congress, I don't think we will ever find out in a provable way. The Republic will be no more.

brsmith77 12 points ago (edited)

In 2016 his lead was so overwhelming that the little fraud you can get away with without being caught couldn't touch it.

My worry for 2020 is that the Dems have got away with SO MUCH lately. Literally zero consequences for so many illegal acts and so much outright corruption. I fear that this will embolden them and they will just say "fuck it, the media have our back" and go all out with ridiculous, obvious levels of vote fraud.

They have not had to face any consequences for breaking the law and constantly lying so far, so why not just blatantly steal the election? The press will lie about it for them and call anyone who speaks up "conspiracy theorists" and "Alt right trolls".

AtariArtist 5 points ago

So show up near the polls with open-carry.

If they want to cheat - we'll show some teeth.

chuckachookah 11 points ago

** I fear the massive voter fraud the other side will resort to.


2018 was a trial run and the democrats are gasping for power.

BurnedExperiment 11 points ago (edited)

The things that worry me is the constant barrage of negative media coverage--fake news. By this standard, this makes him a relatively weak incumbent. If you only watch the fake MSM, you wouldn't know any better.

Of course this is purely mitigated by the fact that the demonrats have a laundry list of candidates that are all virtually unelectable.

Spez: I figure since this might be misconstrued as anti-MAGA, all I'm pointing out is that Trump could cure cancer, usher in an era of world peace, solve world hunger tomorrow and still get bad press for it from the fake news media.

MadMaxUSMC 7 points ago

The recent polls suggest people are starting to tune them out. Even for normies, having every news story be a "bombshell" that amounts to TV's version of click bait gets old. It's like the old saying about you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Also, how many people are truly still trying to make up their minds about any of this? Everyone I talk to, even people who are typically oblivious to politics, seem to have some sort of opinion on all of this.

Lavender_Blue 1 point ago

He could walk on water and then change it into wine, and the Dems would bitterly complain that "It's been done before, and we prefer red wine!"

NocturnalPatrol 8 points ago

I think the most likely outcome in 2020 is, Trump holds the White House. Democrats hold the House, and win control of the Senate. The Republicans have 23 seats to protect; the Democrats have 8.

Meanwhile, Democrats are openly bragging about committing electoral fraud, and NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

WinstonSmith1984 5 points ago

If you are right, President Trump will be gone by March 2021.

sodypop 4 points ago

Nope. Still takes 2/3s of the Senate to convict an impeachment. Also, we have a great chance at the Senate majority.

OhLollyLollyPop 5 points ago

I think we will keep the Senate. Trump will campaign hard to keep those Senators in office.

WinstonSmith1984 7 points ago

It's not the votes, it's who counts them...

AtariArtist 6 points ago

That's kind of what the EC is for. CA had millions of instances of voter fraud.

Didn't matter.

That's why they want to get rid of the EC so their vote-fraud will work.

MAGAngelo 4 points ago

Voter fraud is the ONLY thing I fear

PawelKozak 4 points ago

now that would be ironic, "Democrats" stealing a democratic election...

AerialRush 2 points ago

I also fear the unending waves of illegal and legal immigration that are essentially importing democrat voters.

Fullarr 48 points ago

Don't get complacent. The shitty candidates on the left are terrifying. I think Trump will win, but I think it's a problem if you aren't afraid of the potential loss.

We need. Every. Single. Vote.

MadMaxUSMC 8 points ago

Amen to that! This may well be the most important election anyone living has voted in. We can leave nothing to chance and I'm not confident of the integrity of the polls in many places.

OhLollyLollyPop 5 points ago

I am scared to death one of those Socialists will win and wreck health care, the economy, and open the borders. Crime will explode!

Stoya9186 43 points ago

I work at two locations for my company. One of them is predominantly pro-Trump and the other is the exact opposite.

The pro-Trump location is quiet and industrious. Politics are rarely discussed and when there is good news for America, people just nod and smile at each other.

The other location is loud conversations about impeachment non-stop. My God, the morning Sondland testified, the REEEEEE level was over the top. It was hilarious how much his later testimony shut them up.

Needless to say, I hate working in that office. I can't go 5 minutes without hearing these NPCs trash the president. For location MAGA, politics is a personal journey. For location Cuck, it's nothing short of a fundamentalist religion.

Shark_FL 12 points ago

MAGA vs. Cuck

--pretty much sums it up

BathouseBarry 5 points ago

I think the interesting thing is that the cucks have to constantly project and affirm themselves with their delusions and hate. They have no strong guiding center based in fact or truth. So the only way to keep going is to be loud and proud and have others back you up to feel better about yourself.

MAGA knows things such as absolute truth and don't believe in this moral relativism, nothing matters BS. When that's at the core of you who you are, you don't need to virtue signal 24/7 to feel better about your false beliefs.

dakrag 5 points ago

How productive is site Cuck vs site MAGA?

Stoya9186 7 points ago

Anecdotally I would say site MAGA is an order of magnitude more productive. Site Cuck has some smart people who always seem to be out for coffee breaks, in the office late and out early. Team MAGA is in early and leaves late. Great attention to detail, and good work ownership.

MadMaxUSMC 11 points ago

In my experience it boils down to this. Conservatives look at a job as an opportunity and liberals resent the fact they have to work. I think it's that sense of personal responsibility that seems to be the core difference between the two groups.

Stoya9186 6 points ago

Nailed it. Well said!

dakrag 5 points ago (edited)

Wouldn't expect anything else honestly. Conservatives/right wing types are far more industrious and hard working (facts backed by scholarly research). Progressives/left wing types are more worried about how they FEEL rather than getting their work done. The nihilism doesn't help their case either. It's sad watching lefties work, cause all they do is complain and then nothing ever gets done.

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

Hasn't management noticed this? Like maybe tell the employees to leave their politics outside?

shitposter1776 2 points ago

In my opinion, work and politics should be like church and state, completely separated

Stoya9186 2 points ago

Clearly, we saw in tech companies the C-level meetings after the elections where executives were consoling their liberal workforces and lamenting the stupidity of the American voter.

They exhorted their employees to find ways to ensure that something like Trump's election never happens again.

I happen to work in a blue coastal state. While I agree with politics ideally remaining personal, it just won't happen here.

grenades_and_ham 26 points ago

Now, if we could only get voter ID.

FuckuSpez 11 points ago

I agree. 100% first step. But if poll workers refuse to check IDs, what then? I’m in a mandatory ID state, the last election we had I showed my ID and she acted like she was a vampire and I had shown her a silver crucifix. We need military running our elections for now.

Archangel 6 points ago (edited)

I've been saying military should be stationed at every polling place, but I'm pretty sure that would make the NPCs literally explode into rants about "voter intimidation".

MadMaxUSMC 3 points ago

Ya and so what? They're going to find something to act that way about anyway.

DubstepForever 2 points ago

In California make it ICE.

ippwndu 2 points ago

Have them swipe it. No swipe, no ballot. If the number of swipes doesn't equal the number of ballots, we'll know there's a problem.

shitposter1776 1 point ago (edited)

They should do the same thing they did when they raised the drinking age where they make them have standards, like requiring a REAL ID to vote, mandatory paper ballots so the votes could be audited, must provide proof of citizenship when you register to vote, no same day bullshit, no mail in votes except for military (absentee ballots should instead be done securely in person in advance), a whole set of standards for securing the voting booths physically and digitally, and hold funds they would receive hostage if they don't comply

Caferrell 23 points ago

The Democrats don't have a single viable candidate. If they run Biden, he will be evicerated repeatedly for his constant abuse of office to enrich his family.

Men won't vote for Warren. Only a fraction of Democrats will vote for a candidate that promises lifetime income to any non-American willing to illegally cross the border.

I don't see a single candidate that could challenge the President.....

Fenianlad 19 points ago

Their lineup is so pathetic that Mike fucking Bloomberg thinks he has an actual chance to win.

blumenkraft 8 points ago

Yeah. But with him in there, the lineup is still pathetic.

edxzxz 5 points ago

Maybe you're just underestimating the vast swaths of voters who care deeply about having a government authority dictate to them how big their sodas are allowed to be?

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

He has 0 personality. Plus, he is really short!

SpeedyPrius1 1 point ago

Wait til Moochele enters the race. Tucker had a spot tonight about that and I agree - she’s gonna jump in.

quiche_epinards 3 points ago (edited)

Tom Steyer is running ads. Last night's ad, run after 60 Minutes, said that Trump is a failed business man and a fraud. Mr. Steyer said he started a company from scratch and was making billions -- and that only he could stand up to Trump.

The failed business he referenced was Trump's airline. ?

I watched the ad and thought, "But what about the Trump org today and all the people it employs? And what about all the good things Trump has done for America in the last three years?"

As a side rant, I positively cannot stand Leslie Stahl and her fake concern and "gotcha" questions.

spez: grammar

AtariArtist 1 point ago (edited)

I thought Tom already pulled out? Isn't he that so-called billionare from Shitty McShitstain San Franshitshow with hardcore TDS that's obviously hiding illegal gains or pedophilia?

WTF is going on over there :D

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago (edited)

He is building coal plants all over Asia while pushing Green deal here because he is highly invested in those companies.

quiche_epinards 1 point ago

He's running a lot of commercials on legacy media. I don't like him.

dakrag 2 points ago (edited)

Hillary should run again just so we can see the climax to that epic.

MadMaxUSMC 2 points ago

Ya the first time Biden's eye fills up with blood when Trump starts trolling him at a debate wouldn't be a great look LOL!

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

We will have to see what happens with Bloomberg. I think Warren and Bernie will jump all over him, though, and he has no base in the D party.

Deplorable_in_PA 1 point ago

Gropin' Joe actually does well with working class white voters in states like PA and with blacks. If he were able to get Obama to stump for him he could do even better with blacks. His problem is his performances have been weak as well, also representing the political status quo and establishment.

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rcianpandacian 18 points ago

uh never underestimate the communists

Nezmith 16 points ago

"the non-supporters don't want to discuss politics anymore"

I love these people who 'don't want to discuss politics anymore' and then find a way to insert their political opinions into every discussion

Fenianlad 14 points ago

drive-by shooting of their bullshit gotcha comments

Dingus 9 points ago

Let's not discuss politics any more.

Slips in nasty comments into every discussion.

buco 12 points ago

Virginia just went full blue in the state government. Hillary won Virginia in 2016 by 200,000 votes. Ya'll have a lot to do to win for Trump in 2020.

deleted 5 points ago
WinstonSmith1984 4 points ago

Virginia has been blue for how many Presidential Elections now? They are a lost cause, essentially a housing unit for the deep state like Maryland.

lambda 12 points ago

I remember at work, after the inauguration, when people were smugly commenting on how low Trump's approval rating was then other Presidents at the time of their inauguration. What they didn't expect is that he would make things better, and that his approval would go UP!

BattleToad8999 6 points ago (edited)

My favorite aspect of the Trump presidency, far above anything else, is the performance/results aspect. Second place has to be the good humor and tweets and going after corruption and exposing the media and hollywood and the Barron memes and sticking it to cultural marxism and saving the west from destruction and building a narrative to expose the central banks and ending the endless wars (which is what I voted for Obama to do, TWICE) and the fact that Melania is a badass herself. All of those are second place, plus a dozen more things.

(who am I kidding, it's hard to pick favorites here)

SilverStarv5 2 points ago


s2upid 10 points ago (edited)

get involved in the election process and make sure the Dems don't steal it.

oakley 7 points ago

Great! Keep those cards and letters coming...

NotNolan 7 points ago

We will always remain vigilant.

maddog_dad 7 points ago

Are you south or north of Ashland? I'd guess south.

JesusisKing 6 points ago

Only if we FIGHT! To WIN! Do not get complacent! Do you part for HISTORY!

Redpillhope 5 points ago

If Biden gets the nomination a lot of dem voters stay home.

edxzxz 5 points ago (edited)

Well, it's likely Biden will also stay home on election day, since he's senile as all hell.

treeskier82 4 points ago

getting a similar vibe here in Mass, although not quite 7 out of 10 in favor, it seems like some of the liberals who are intellectually more honest are doing some soul searching

OhLollyLollyPop 2 points ago

It's a stark decision. Socialism, crippling taxes, and poor government health care, or what we have... which is pretty dsmed good in most places.

Steve_OH 4 points ago

Or the highest zombie voting rates on record. Stay vigilant.

MadMaxUSMC 2 points ago

Right? It's hard to win when the whole cemetery votes against you every election.

Shark_FL 4 points ago

Excellent on-the-ground report. And in Virginia of all places.

This makes me think that maybe the state really didn't want Northam as the black-faced Governor and both houses in the Democrat control.

This all adds up to Voter Fraud in Virginia.

JohnnyBitcoinCash 4 points ago (edited)

Lots of people who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 will vote for him in 2020.

Virtually no one who voted Trump in 2016 will not vote for him in 2020.

This is the Trump train gaining steam.

Many people have come aboard. Nobody has gotten off.

deleted 3 points ago
1776forever1776 3 points ago


mcdrilly 3 points ago

I only see yard signs for Trump so far. Trump is going to win my county again no problem!

try4gain 3 points ago

>I believe the voter turnout for Democrats in 2020 will be the lowest on record.

hopefully they get a centrist like Biden. radical left is mad and mobilized. so we need them to NOT have someone like Bernie.

bernie could lose every debate and still get many millions voting for him.

we need someone they hate. kinda like hillary in 2016.

trumpismypresident 3 points ago

Once you wake up and take the red pill it is hard or impossible to go back. Just use your brain and common sense. Trump has literally fulfilled more promises than how many other presidents combined! God Bless Trump for saving America and giving up his billionaire lifestyle to be constantly harassed and berated from the leftists and fake news. He will go down as one of the greatest presidents in American History!

theSocraticChallenge 3 points ago

This has definitely been my experience as well. You see it in comments on normie news sites. Used to be full of smarmy leftist comments. Now, I see a lot of pro-Trump/pro-America comments.

Not to mention that he's filling stadiums in every state, while the lead Democrats can't draw anywhere close to those numbers.

If Trump loses 2020, it'll be because the Dems successfully cheated on a massive scale...something I suspect is all too possible. :-|

ProudAmerican 2 points ago

I’m thinking beyond what will most likely be a second term for President Trump. How do we prevent falling back into bad habits when we don’t have a true MAGA candidate? Nobody can follow his lead in my opinion and even if there were someone perfect, that person won’t get the support they need from anyone in the swamp. If anything, the constant barrage of the MSM and globalists against that person would kneecap any chance of progress. There’s only one Teflon Don. My guess is it will become time to revolt by “accidentally” missing April 15th deadlines to cut off the gravy.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago (edited)

I would likely vote for Ted Cruz, but that would mean Texas would have a slugfest for Senator.

Like the huge field Trump faced, it will be the same deal again. A lot of the same players (RINOS), too. I bet even that narcissist fool Kasich shows up again! ?

DubstepForever 0 points ago

I'm OK with Pence taking the presidency.. Lindsey Graham would be good if he could keep the fire in his belly going. Ted Cruz would be a rip-roaring hoot though.

davidmode 2 points ago

wow, how do i work at that place :P my work was and still is about 92% leftist

rageous 2 points ago

Personally, I can't wait to vote again. Every vote cast is a big middle finger to the Democraps.

eigene_Meinung 2 points ago

He absolutely needs to get more votes than every other candidate before him.

The only way some people will learn that they shouldn't vilify a large percentage of their own fellow citizen.

There will always be a large enough group with TDS that will annoy the absolute shit out of you. But they shouldn't be relevant and destroying everything.

MadMaxUSMC 2 points ago

My kids are in high school in Washington State. We live towards the south end of Puget Sound but still very much in blue territory. It's going the same way. It's becoming cool to support trump. The memes and all that are kind of giving him an urban legend/cultural hero status. It's amazing. Also USA and American flag gear are ALL in.

MAGAMAGMA 2 points ago

Agree. You also have to remember that in 2016, democrats thought it was going to be the end of the world if Trump won. That the stock market would collapse and we'd have nazi style concentration camps for anyone who wasn't white and we'd be launching nukes at countries we didn't like.

Now almost 4 years later, many of those people find that Trump wasn't the boogie man they thought he was. The fear that made them vote in 2016 will not be there in 2020.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

Just imagine if they didn't watch globalist media and actually heard about the good things he is doing every day.

ythehorses 2 points ago

Woohoo!!! That's fabulous. I'm worried about their cheating which will be at astronomical levels, but if we vote for him in a landslide, they simply cannot cheat enough to get around us. We the people TRULY ARE their greatest fear - they don't want US interfering in the election!!!

MAGA16KAG20 2 points ago (edited)

If the Trump Card is played, IG and FISA report come out when they are supposed to, the House will fail. Many in the Senate will be arrested and we will finally see justice, plus get national voter ID. The demonrat party will also fail.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

I don't expect anything out of this IG report. Horowitz is a rabid D supporter. The FBI is a cesspool of them. His last report was a joke.

Whiskey8 2 points ago (edited)

Having grown up in SE VA, I still can't bring myself to say "blue-state VA". NORVA flipped the entire state in a decade.

Belleoffreedom 2 points ago

I have hope. I will still vote.

Flagwaverforever 2 points ago

Thanks for sharing that. It’s the best - when you see that kind of progress - and it’s all about the JOBS, baby!!!

ClarenceBeeks 2 points ago

2020 is Trump vs voter fraud. No doubt about it.

We need to drown out the fraud with a massive turnout or our republic may be lost.

And why hasn’t voter ID been a priority?

PatriotDefense 1 point ago

Well, except they're going to cheat.

TheVoiper 1 point ago

How did the supporters of the sitting US president get run off the 3rd largest site in the country

Salt-N-Pepe 1 point ago

You mean the 87th now they’re gone?

Jack_Dupp 1 point ago

And the churches out by me have been PACKED for services.....

Drumpfuck 1 point ago

It’s happening.

ds420 1 point ago

Their communist candidates are trash. They’re gonna lose badly I think. Last election night was one of the best days of my life; I can only imagine how their heads will implode when they wake up to 4 more years of Trump MINIMUM.

Steven 1 point ago

Please send at least one of the 7 to NJ. We need the help.

42rle 1 point ago

I fear vote rigging like they did in the mids and recently in the gubernatorial races

magabirdlady 1 point ago

Thanks for sharing that.

Star_Commander 1 point ago

I've been seeing the "underground" trend strongly in local unions too.

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

Just wondering why VA voted in a whole blue state government and Congresspeople in 2018? My fam is from NW Virginia near the TN border and it seems crazy to me that Virginia has sunk so low.

Joeret 1 point ago

It’s always easy to be loud when “you’re guy is the president”.

We were the silent majority last election because our guy wasn’t in office. They’re the quiet ones now.

Just because you don’t hear them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Get out and vote.

Don’t assume they won’t show up.

luke21 1 point ago

Virginia just sucked bad in the recent elections. People will have to be impacted personally to oppose that clown fascist governor. If they can hit bottom, they might be salvageable, and the counties refusing to follow gun control is a good start.

Cuck-WTF 1 point ago

Small problem there.

2017 about 2.7 million Americans died.

2018 let's assume the same, 2.7 mil.

Repeat for 2019, 2.7 mil.

Let's pro-rate 2020. 2 mil.

That's an additional 10 million Democrat votes before anyone actually hits the ballot box.

deleted 1 point ago