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ObamasPinkSock 4 points ago

De Niro's ex wife accused him of domestic violence.

We shouldn't be taking advice from this man about who needs to be beaten.

sushicomped 3 points ago

so what hes saying is - Butthead is the least damaged democrat candidate at this point? wow thats not saying a whole lot.

ever notice how the DNC isnt running around celebrating some magic candidate that will assuredly beat Trump? all they're interested in doing is bringing Trump down because they have absolutely no way to beat him.

unless they pull and oprah or the rock they cant win. shit is done before it ever began.

lifeisahologram 3 points ago

He's from Indiana, and not a socialist. That basically makes him a literal Nazi to the Progressive Leftists.

He really only has support from the elite leftists. Which may still get him the nomination since they don't really do that whole "democracy" thing with their primaries, but without their own base supporting him, he has no chance in hell.

Sadly the best chance the Dems have, they don't want to nominate because, because they are retarded. But even if they picked their best, they won't, they'd still lose to Trump.

GGRain 3 points ago

This, and we can be happy about it. I think it will be Biden or Pocahontas. Both aren't fit enough to handle Trump. If Biden wouldn't be such a creepy ass, I would feel sorry for him.

lifeisahologram 3 points ago (edited)

I agree. Biden, and Warren are definitely in the top 3 (in terms of who they will pick not top 3 in terms of quality lol). I think Buttigieg may also be in that too 3.

Warren probably has the best chance (to get the nomination, not beat Trump. Against Trump she probably has the worst chance lol). Because of those 3, the progressives probably hate Warren the least since she has a vagina. Although the progressives still hate and mock her constantly.

However if they don't think they can control her, they'll probably pick Biden. However I do think Warren would be all to happy to do the elite Dems bidding if she got in office.

Fenianlad 3 points ago

Mentally ill

patriot_games 3 points ago

No idea what got into De Niro. Really disappointed with this guy. I was I big fan back in the day of some of his work - but now, on to the trash pile. Hopefully Al Pacino doesn't alienate us.

Rookie_2 3 points ago


He's a manlet with a BIG inferiority complex. Look for a pic of him wearing platform shoes.

J3N93W 3 points ago

Did Trump fuck his wife or something? This guy's completely off the rails over him.

patriot_games 3 points ago

He would have enjoyed that. Don't think that is the trigger.

FreedomFromGovt 2 points ago (edited)

He played a closet transvestite in Stardust; he played the role disturbingly...well.

MAGA-licious 1 point ago

He fucks underage girls and wears platform shoes because he’s never grown out of being a man child.