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NPCs4Trump 4 points ago

I think one of the problems is that we should be calling out behavior, not whole groups. I do see issues with people being extra passionate about jews as a group either way.

Respectfully_maga 4 points ago

That’s why I labeled them Radical Zionist Jews and not just “Jews”

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deeeplorable 22 points ago

We got another Leftist here ^

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Airman_Skippy 10 points ago

Israel is far from perfect. The Kurds are far from perfect. Everybody face palms that Saudi Arabia is our Ally. The reality is that this 12th Imam doomsday bullshit coming out of Iran is the greatest threat to the region. Either bring the troops home or continue at limited proxy war. Backstabbing our middle east Allies is what Woodrow Wilson did after WW1.

eyerighteye -3 points ago

Good thing you didn't link to the last battle. The slow drip is going to be agonizing here I can tell already.

Naughty goat, casting pearls to the unappreciative can be thankless, but not today.

Thank you for trying.

eyerighteye -3 points ago

Tired of the down votes or the mods being reactionaries?

DubstepForever 1 point ago

Could you restate that in coherent English?

eyerighteye -5 points ago

Eyes to see, ears to hear.

If my message was unclear to you, perhaps it is not for you to understand. I won't judge. Doesn't help that the comment I was responding to is deleted. That Anon understood me, as I understood the now deleted post.

I will not be dumbing myself down to comfort your ignorance. If you don't get it, that is fine, move along.

eyerighteye -4 points ago

Guess I shouldn't be so curt, my comment referenced a movie, a website, and a book. Which of those didn't you understand?

DayTrumper 7 points ago

Another leftist cuck

walletvoter 8 points ago

Can you tell me about Israel's nuclear weapons program?

1776forever1776 24 points ago

Deporting this lazy anti-Semitic behavior.

The New World Order globalist groups are comprised of satanists and pedophiles, full stop.

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Cameron 6 points ago

He’s gone, mods=gods

magabirdlady 25 points ago

You dude are NO MAGA

Kaseiopeia38 13 points ago

Define “radical Zionist Jew” in a way that doesn’t condemn all Jews.

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Kaseiopeia38 8 points ago

So you can’t.

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FudgyFudgeBots 0 points ago

They cant. They also cant say Jesus is Lord. Theres a reason for that.

2WOMP_BRICKLAYER 9 points ago

you have to go back

luke21 4 points ago

Love the way they spell "Isreal."

DinsdalePiranha 2 points ago

So you know Isreally serious.

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Scooby 6 points ago

Not sure why you're getting down voted so hard. It was creepy as fuck to watch congress give the Israeli PM thunderous standing ovations over and over WAY too many times. Why do Jews have to be the exception? If you point out something you don't like about Israel you're labeled an antisemite in the same way the left will call you a racist for calling out Black Lives Matter. I don't give a shit what ethnicity anyone is. It'd be great if my family on the right would leave the pearl clutching, virtue signal stuff on the left. Identity politics is for losers.

Respectfully_maga 0 points ago

Amen brother

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Josiah 4 points ago

Hmm... maybe we need downvoting after all.

sushicomped -4 points ago

no, we dont.

GrumpyAmerican 3 points ago (edited)

Yes we do. We don’t want to just deport everyone instead

DubstepForever 4 points ago

At the moment I think we do. The rabid jew haters and the rabid fascist lefties will sink this site in days without 'extreme vetting' of posts.

Ostrichesarecool 3 points ago

I wonder if the ones on this threads are all different people or the same psycho and different usernames

CyclopticErotica 3 points ago

One person can become 10 on Reddit, and 10 an army. I don't think we are protected from that here.