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BrokenLeftEar 46 points ago

The only thing a leftist can get physical with - children

elpoePehTeW 30 points ago

Annnnnd, boy, do they like that!

Leftists are Pedos.

msp_generalist 15 points ago

just ask Jeffery Epstein... If they've got cellphone coverage in Hell, that is.

Biblical_cosmology 7 points ago

I do hope he's still alive and spilling the beans on everyone.

patriotblend 3 points ago

I tried 1-800-666-DAMN and it was just a booking service for full service Caribbean vacations or something.

64-19-06-24-87 10 points ago

They love to get their grubby fingers in... I mean ON them

Adler 2 points ago


BFG_Stumpthousand 6 points ago

"My name is Joe Biden and I approve of this message"

Anarchy404 17 points ago

I hope this kid wins his case and punishes the fake news media

msp_generalist 10 points ago

He's got three cases, and they are all moving forward!

marmch 7 points ago

Do you have any links from unbiased sources? I'd love to read up on how it's going and be there when fake news gets what's coming to em

txladyvoter 3 points ago

Winning his case against NBC will be really choice.

VikingHalo45 13 points ago

Rules are for thee, not me.

  • every Democrat
Pinky 6 points ago

But he used an assault smirk which should be banned!

Tellman125 11 points ago

Nick Sandmann - a normal person and therefore seen as Enemy #1 by TDS-afflicted psychopaths

swinginmad 3 points ago

One sicko wanted someone to set the fucking school on fire... excuse me WHATTHEFUCKISWRONGWITHYOU?

Maui_Boy 8 points ago

thank you to all the patriots that creates this website!

Eric Ciamerella is the whistleblower!

2020magavision 6 points ago

Nick Sandmann handled that encounter with great composure. He showed leadership potential that the Left absolutely despises. Justice for Nick!

C_DAHLERS 6 points ago

I like how all the kids around you can lip read saying "what the fuck is happening"

LAFreddy 5 points ago

Weaponized smiling

menardo3 4 points ago

You had me in the first half, not gonna lie

IronMaiden 3 points ago

Honk Honk

HRC4prison 3 points ago

The Dems like to pick easy targets like antifa with the elderly crossing the street, or Hillary with women who got raped by Bill.

MI_MAGA 2 points ago

What the media did by pushing the false narrative of harassment of a veteran wasn’t just dishonest, it was downright shameful and evil. No amount of money will make up for that, but boy will it be nice to see them have to pay out the lawsuit

DrRobert 2 points ago

I still the remember first the time I saw this. Even though it was heavily edited I saw nothing wrong with it. All I saw was a bunch of happy kids being antagonized by the leftist pigs.

JoeB 1 point ago

Almost completely unknown is the unsuccessful assault - just hours after the Covington kids incident - on the Basilica National Shrine in DC during Mass by the pieces of shit protesters including Nathan Philips.

Fox news has a 1:43 minute clip online briefly describing this (1/19/2019), but I am not able to locate a video shot by people in the group. This other video was was particularly vile as a female Native American was exhorting the mob (50 or so) to prepare to storm the Cathedral's locked doors which quick thinking guards were able to secure.

Robert 1 point ago

Fuck Steve Cuckman.

Goku 1 point ago

The hypocrisy is absurd in this current era and the media are in cahoots with pedos

Brocklanders 1 point ago

Memer when the media tried to prop up nathan Phillips as a Vietnam war vet? And Then it came out that he never served in Vietnam. So they changed it to Vietnam-era vet. Good times.

Salt-N-Pepe 1 point ago

Bum with a Drum

Taker 1 point ago (edited)

I find mainstream media's obsessive need to spin things their way highly disturbing.

Now imagine the power they had back in the newspaper age of decades ago, when no one could post a comment containing counter-narrative -- via ink on paper, they had complete mind control (and led people into costly and immoral wars with it).

zaku 1 point ago

The left like to exploit children for their own agenda. Just look at Greta Thunberg and that drag kid Desmond