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XithePooh 7 points ago +7 / -0

As opposed to your burn loot murder lot antifa retards that actually employ clan tactics on other people, including children and the elderly?

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XithePooh 4 points ago +4 / -0

Last I checked, it wasn't 250k, nor were the deaths even strictly caused by the coof. Do you honestly think that while coof deaths are up, that flu, heart attack, and cancer deaths would just coincidently go down?

Those deaths are due to actual flu, heart attacks and cancer which appointments can't be made for because follow-up appointments and procedures to handle such are being deemed "non-essential" in the doctors' offices that are even still open after being initially forced to close, and bacterial pneumonia, which, surprise surprise, one is more likely to get by constantly wearing a mask. Ever wonder why people who constantly wear masks are still the ones getting sick the most?

99.98% survival rate on a virus that's mainly effecting younger people the same way as a cold or flu would...and this reddit faggot wants to keep people locked up inside wearing two face diapers while losing everything in their life and ignore actual domestic terrorists on the street attacking innocent people in a fit of their deranged commie retardation.

You may want to take that mask off, it sounds like its starved your brain of too much oxygen.