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Suckstart a shotgun chief, Captain Kenya subverted the last transition of power. We've been in civil war since, you're lucky we have saintly patience.

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Obama is still talking about Obama, faggot.

He's the only president in our history to not allow a peaceful transfer of power. Obama never left DC, and everything going on right now has been orchestrated and run by him and his gang of traitors.

History already looks poorly on him, and we sure as hell won't let anyone forget it. I just hope he's alive to see the shame and scorn when everyone sees who he really is.

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Hearsay? Like Russia Collusion? Ukraine? Stormy Daniels? Those dozen sexually harassed hags that disappeared? Emoluments? Logan Act violations? Starting World War 3? 2 scoops of ice cream?

Anonymous sources say the walls are closing in on Donald Trump. Lol. Another week goes by...you're right we need a Special Counsel with unlimited subpoena power (and 2 years at least) staffed with 17 Trump Loyalists to get to the bottom of this. Fair is fair.

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He's not dragging anything through the mud. The outright resistance to a full and honest audit is dragging this out. If everything is legit why the secrecy, why throw out poll watchers, why call time out on reporting vote totals and continue in secret?

You should welcome a full honest audit and recount because President Trump will lose again right? If the hearsay of Russia Collusion (proven to be nothing) gets 2 years, the full power of the federal government and unlimited funding why can't the Trump campaign get simple cooperation on audits and recounts? Why the threats? The delays? The spoiling of ballots despite written law and court orders? Why so quick to shutdown when there is supposedly no wrongdoing?