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2.6M now

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Michael Berry, a talk radio host based in Houston, has played the entire Tucker interview this morning without commenting. You know Rush will cover it today too. It’s definitely getting exposure. Let’s hope it makes a difference!

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Agreed! He’s working hard to make a difference this year in turnout for Trump.

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People are starting to connects the M&Ms.... starting to connect the dots!

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can't cuck the Tuck!

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Post this on facebook and the like so normies see it. This is 100 times more impactful and important than Hunter Bidens dick pics

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Except dick pics are corroboration of not only covering up abuse of a 14yo but ALSO the very emails and text messages that made Bobulinsky come forward. "Normies" couldn't give a rat's behind if Biden takes 10% of a chinese energy company while campaigning to destroy U.S. energy sector and we know that because this scandal broke more than a year ago and ... nobody cares.

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Exact opposite. Take the time to explain that the Bidens are involved in international corruption and it will hurt him. Just start spamming pics of what you admit is child pornography and you look like a fucking psycho and no one wants to talk to you.

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Tuckers ratings were a world record 5.3 MILLION viewers last night.

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It was refreshing to hear Tony Bobulinski do all the talking, could you imagine if Sean "Tick Tock" Hannity did the interview? Tony would barely get 5 minutes to say anything.

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Don't forget at least 30 minutes of Sean small talking and joking about completely irrelevant stuff with the guests and his staff. That guy's entire radio show could be trimmed down to a 30 minute podcast.

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I really hope it gets peoples attention... but if I am being honest, I've talked to about a dozen of my center to center left friends/family and not a single one know anything about this story and a few said "no way that's true, where'd you see that? tabloids?"

Obviously I share with them the sources to come to their own conclusion. But it's interesting how much this really is just not being seen outside of the right echo chamber.

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They hear about it, they just don't want to believe it. Who doesn't know Hunter Biden took money from China and Jill+Joe couldn't afford ONE of their houses on their combined lifetime salaries?

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And it was competing with Alex Jones on Rogan. I haven't even watched this yet.

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Toe Rogan invited the goblin slayer on another show?

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Was going to say, wasn't it that plus live TV viewing?