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ok if he did drop out though, what would happen next?

Do dems lose the election altogether? Kamala go up and nominate her VP?

ModernKnight 14 points ago +14 / -0

Not sure who would take over, but IIRC votes cast for Biden would still be Biden votes, and not for the new candidate, so it would pretty well sink them.

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Kamala go up and nominate her VP?

I dont see how that's even legal since she wasnt elected by any voters in any primary, but chosen by the candidate.

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I actually woke up this morning worried about this scenario. I saw a chan text larp about Joe dropping out the day before the election. The scenario plays out where we think we won so we don't go and vote Trump on election day but state officials still count the vote as if Biden did not drop out and wins. The states have to give their electoral college votes to someone. It would basically be a tactic to confuse us and prevent us from going to vote on election day.

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Took me a minute to get this but wow... That's almost a smart strategy, guess I need to learn more about the technicalities of "dropping out", is it an official procedure or just an implied suggestion.

If you can officially and formally drop out then it would be weird to be forced into becoming president.

"Sorry but you got the most votes, Come with us"

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Well it's like he "resigned" the day before the election so would Kamala become president? I think it would be a huge supreme court fight and possibly resulting in the House of Representatives deciding.

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No you don't want him to drop out. The more he speaks and appears in public, the more he gaffes, humiliates himself, and says damning things. It's better to have him visible, no hiding!

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South park said it best.

everydaybetter 4 points ago +4 / -0

Why the corporatist Dems would damage their brand by keeping Biden running is crazy. Look ahead 5-10-50 years and see how much that will hurt when Progressives will point out the corruption of Joe Biden, when average voters will distrust them, when history will judge them.

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He’s hoping the media can carry him across the finish line

Dudean 10 points ago +10 / -0

What’s he hiding from? It’s not like the media is ever going to ask him about Hunter or the hard drive?

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Wherever he shows up more Trump voters show up and yell stuff like "Where's Hunter?" and drown him out.

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A lid on a day before it even happens? Classic Biden move. Do you think he had a lot of scratch and sniff cards as a youth?

MidwestNorsk 4 points ago +4 / -0

His entire campaign staff I guarantee is on massive doses of Pepto today

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If Hillary’s a side of beef than Biden’s a stick of jerky

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Joe as been Fracked.

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So Biden hitched his entire campaign to "preexisting" conditions.

That's it? That's their platform?

I won't even mention the complete nonsense of "I'd handle the virus better" No Joe, that was unprecedented. There was nothing you could have done 'better' and suggesting as much is pure conjecture

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They screwed up the 2009-2010 flu season. That's where all those gel sanitizers come from. That season was supposed to be particularly deadly so they put fear out and companies told anyone that had any kind of sickness to stay home. Tons of disposable food plates from company cafeterias ended in landfills. Services were disrupted. Gel sanitizers everywhere. Huge productivity losses.

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I mean, he probably wouldn't have personally killed over 200k Americans, unlike a certain President...


| Heart | Resp
2008 | 616 | 141
2009 | 599 | 137
2010 | 597 | 138
2011 | 596 | 142
2012 | 599 | 143
2013 | 611 | 149
2014 | 614 | 147
2015 | 633 | 155
2016 | 635 | 161
Total | 5500 | 1313

Numbers in thousands

I'm assuming we're holding Obama responsible for all the totally preventable heart and respiratory disease deaths of his admin. Should have locked down or something, or told people what to eat. Just for like a few weeks to flatten the stomach.

*it would be disingenuous to not say that these trends obviously continued into Trump's admin, but still nobody gave a shit or has ever directly blamed them on a President for whatever reason.

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Joe's not feeling shit. His campaign is working their problem...or trying. They put a cartoon show on Joe's TV and told him its Saturday. Hes good.

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C’mon man, look here’s the deal....I never said I didn’t like Ice cream walks away

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COVID COVID COVID you dumb bastards

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The only pussy bigger than Joe belongs to a blue whale. And he's a close second.

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I thought he is doing a three day tour in Texas

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Why would he waste his time?

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I have no idea. He was just in Georgia and now Texas. Two odd choices to be campaigning in this late.

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Biden is running the oddest political campaign. My theory is that Steve Bannon and Giuliani have infiltrated the Biden campaign in disguise (Groucho Marx glasses probably) and are calling the shots.

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The Biden strategy: If I promise to give you everything for ‘free’ will you promise not to throw me in jail for corruption and pedophilia?

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Where are people getting info that he called a lid? Twitter? Also he doesn't have campaign event info on his website.