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totallymad4u 2 points ago +2 / -0

Kojima's Death Stranding is full of attacks on Trump. Kojima got hit by the Trump Curse and his game flopped but he still says his "game" had "sold well". Where are the sales numbers then, Cope-jima?

Harken_X 2 points ago +2 / -0 (edited)

I had a lot of respect for Kojima but once he left Konami he turned into a real leftist cuck. It certainly doesn't help that he has connections to people in Hollywood so I'd expect more SJW bullshit in his future games.

totallymad4u 2 points ago +2 / -0

I was a huge fan till I played Peace Walker and Phantom Pain. PE was fun but the story was awful. Phantom Pain had amazing gameplay, but it was full of repetitive activities, traveling and padding in two large areas that quickly outstay their welcome. The story was also non-existent.

When Death Stranding was being made, all he'd do is release stupid videos but no gameplay stuff. I had suspicions about this. He kept yapping about "creating a new genre" and all that other nonsense. When he finally showed the "gameplay", I quickly realized the game was Amazon Prime Delivery Simulator and that the game was going to bomb on its ass.

When the game came out, "reviews" gave it perfect 10s but said the game is "boring". That's a huge red flag right there.

There were articles about it selling 200k copies in Japan but no further articles about sales could be seen from then on. The only one you can see cites Gamstat whose freaking logo states that players =/= sales. All that BS about it selling 3 million is crap as a result.

Sony gave Kojima a blank check to make the game and he wasted it all prompting them to stop working with him exclusively for future games.

Kojima spent more time and money "modeling" Hollywood B-listers than developing the game. He's beyond parody at this point but the fact that he is so arrogant to think he's this "auteur" makes me want to laugh.

He is garbage without Fukushima to help write his stories. And his need to have his game translated 1:1 shows just how awful he is at writing dialog. Compare the work Jeremy Blaustein did on MGS 1 with the work done in MGS 4. There's a huge difference in quality. Blaustein's work blows MGS 4 out of the water.

Kojima is a cuck who shills the globalists and Pedowood. I'm glad Sekiro sweeped the GOTY award. Fuck Kojima. I have no respect for him after what he did to the series and his horrible treatment of the translators and even David Hayter.

AlvinOfTheTrumpmunks [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

Kojima must be angry that the USA elected Trump, since that torpedoed any negative effect of MGS4's ending. Trump leads the US to rebuild from nano machine collapse and be number 1.