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This. From 2019.

Also involved is John Kerry's stepson.

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And Romney and Pelosi's sons I believe.

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It'd explain why Whitey could skate charges so easily. His lot could have been doing this for decades.

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That name is seriously familiar but I can't remember why.

Was there a Mueller or Comey connection?

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Thx for link Great job !! In the article is a pdf download link of Louis Gohmert exposing corrupt Mueller-cant wait to read !

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Mueller's sketchy relationship with Bulger and his family goes back decades. An intriguing rabbit hole.

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I wonder how far back it goes. Wasn't the mob involved in Stonewall, too?

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Yep, to be clear, the "James Bulger" in this email is the nephew of James "Whitey" Bulger. His parents gave him the name James in honor of Whitey.

Whitey's brother, Billy, is the father of James Bulger. Billy was a very famous Democrat politician in Massachusetts, and later was the president of all the University of Massachusetts colleges. He had no experience in education when he received the job, but was recommended for the position by the governor of Mass at the time.

Politics makes me sick some times. There is way too much money controlled by politicians, either directly or indirectly. Democrats on both coasts have mixed politics and crime so much over the last 30 years that it is just expected now.

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You mean like the time Berry had ties to the Chicago mafia & the libs justified by saying: Come on, man! It’s Chicago! You have to play with the mob!

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Whitey Bulger had dirt on Mueller over the murders Mueller allowed him to commit for years. Then conveniently murdered in prison after Mueller was appointed special counsel.

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the truth

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Thank you! I felt like I was the only person who noticed that.

Mueller's relationship with the street mob and the DC mob shows that he was nothing but a tool. He is one of the most corrupt cops to ever live and will sadly get away with it.

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This is one hell of a crime racket. It makes Epstein look like a toddler. It makes the mafia of the 1920s look like amateurs.

Yep, Bill Clinton is implicated. Which means Killary is also involved.

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Hell that's probably how Epstein was a part of it.

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Red meat for Howie Carr of the Boston Herald.

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Howie’s great. Been outing the Bulgers for decades but they were well connected.

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Bulger’s nephew was part of corporation. Rudy breaks it down on his podcast.

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Jesus Christ. There is a 100% chance Hunter is being iced.

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CC mueller and comey.


its amazing how the Bulger family had hands in everything.

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You mean how the FBI is an actually organized crime syndicate?

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add DNC to that same sentence and throw in some GOP also.

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Nailed it. Mueller was a fixer for the street mob and the DC mob. The FBI has become what they were designed to take down. It's the natural order of things and why these types of organizations should have a shelf-life of no more than 10 years.

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Well the FBI did cover for them also. If this is real.

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My post from this morning about why JFK was killed will help shed light on this.

"Each major player had their own reasons.

It was not one solitary cause. And you need to understand some things about the world at that time.

Firstly, the mob was running a good portion of the worlds power structure. Second, the intelligence community had grown from a few offices designed to help guide strategy, and had turned into a runaway threat to human civilization. I am not exaggerating for effect. Having been given essentially unlimited power with next to no checks or oversight, it was seen as a ticket to rule the world and was taken over by every shady secret organization around. The NWO/freemasons/illumanati/etc got the first foothold. Big Oil Tycoons got the second. And those two brought along the mafia. Why? because they soon realized they needed to have access to vast amounts of off the books cash. They had unlimited power and no oversight, except for when it came to asking for funding. That was the only way any control from congress could hold them back.

So they did the only reasonable thing and started helping the mob traffic drugs, guns, children, and money around the world.

This was the world Kennedy walked into.

It wasn't all these separate groups, they were essentially all one big corrupt enterprise.

Well JFKs dad was a big mob boss and a big shot freemason. Because of this the mob helped him get elected and expected him to be their guy.

They vastly miscalculated.

He and his brother hated the world their father was a part of and they knew how the whole crooked racket worked.

He appointed his little bro as AG and he went after the mafia hard an in public. JFK was dismantling their drug running all over the world, their illegal rackets in third world countries, and was threatening to topple their empire.

At the same time Cuba was overthrown by Castro. He was not going to allow mob control of their industrys and they could not have that. Anti commie Cubans fled and came over to America. The CIA saw an opportunity to manipulate them.

These guys would do their political bidding and fight against castro. The deep state (cia mob nwo oil enterprise) trained squads to assassinate Castro and the rest in basic warfare.

These assassin squads tried again and again but never killed castro.

The deep state sent their army of Cuban rebels to invade Cuba, and Kennedy was not happy about it. He called off the planned air strikes and essentially left the rebels to get fucked hard.

You see the deep state wanted Cuba for its resources and casinos, it has nothing to do with ideology. But their actions threatened to escalate tensions with Russia and maybe lead to nuclear war. Kennedy cancelled what he could and managed to explain to russia that his rogue out of control criminal conspiracy that really ran things was behind the aggression and it was not U.S agression.

Well that was a huge tipping point and what sealed it. Anger that he was opposed turned into fury from the deep state and the Cubans rebels he abandoned.

They planned to kill him and then they killed him. Ironically by using two cuban assassination teams. mob/deep state resources tied up loose ends (like ruby) and it was all swept under the rug.

Until the democrats found evidence of the op.

Remember watergate? Ya, the watergate burglars were the people who'd carried out the hit. They were breaking in to steal photos of them operating at dealy plaza, reportedly one shows Bush clearly.

But I digress.

It is crazy but thats all completely true.

And this is who Trump is up against.


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I read it the first time and you have left an indelible mark on my hippocampus thank you very much, come on man!

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Watergate.....including G Gordon Liddy?

doug2 1 point ago +1 / -0

Specically Howard hunt and Frank Sturgis. In general the anti Castro rebels the cia turned into their private hit squad ran the op.

Go read about the burglars backgrounds.

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I would love to know more evidence about the plumbers and their connection to the assassination.

It certainly puts Roger "Nixon was a peacenik" Stone in a very interesting, new light.

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Andy... McCabe???

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Hunter Biden was being used to buy Colin Powell?

Powell, .. says the “values I learned growing up in the south Bronx and serving in uniform are the same values that Joe Biden’s parents instilled in him in Scranton, Pennsylvania.”


Tony Blair?

George W. Bush initially regarded Tony Blair as a Clinton stooge.

Blair said he knew Biden well and thought him “highly capable and decent”, but said the challenge if he did win the White House would be to effect real change while in office.

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The same Bulger that Mueller was in charge of, that killed several people while being an informant?

I'm so shocked. /s

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So....Fredo could ACTUALLY be Fredo?

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Whitey Bulger's brother was a corrupt Democrat who used his influence to shield his brother's criminality. Whitey became an informant... but there was no one bigger to inform on...

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Chinese guy was a PLA member. They arrested him in June trying to fly back to China.