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K-Harbour 11 points ago +11 / -0

Be careful!

AOC nearly became a prophet.

Covid-19 is almost custom designed to make her 12 year plan a reality.

  1. Force everyone to school and work from home.

  2. Ban most air travel, domestically and worldwide.

  3. bankrupt the airlines — force nationalization of all air travel

  4. all vehicle travel must be contact traced & approved

  5. leading to retiring gas powered “clunkers”

  6. ban cars except electric with Drivers license e-key and contact tracing built in

  7. with strict contact tracing, single-managed home-to-home and tele-medicine apportioned to each person

  8. only contact-traceable chips for dogs

  9. postal & Amazon delivery by electric vehicle only

  10. limit all retail stores to delivery only

  11. ban new retail and office construction

  12. convert school buildings to state health & homeless centers

  13. contact-tracing pre-approval required for permits for physical business meetings, under showing of necessity and at approved facilities

  14. periodic state licensed sterilization of meeting facilities, periodic state licensed sanitization of private dwellings

These moves are the beginning. There is no “end-game”.