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Toughsky_Shitsky 14 points ago


Air Pinochet

P365 with the 12 round mag (Yes, reddit banned me for 3 days for this comment)

Moozlums are sub-human filth that fuck goats, hate dogs, and treat women worse than animals

Eric Ciaramella

EowynOfRohan 9 points ago

I never knew that saying "1776" was banned on Reddit. Why? That's insane.

PepeFarmsRemembers 12 points ago

China owns Reddit. 1776 = revolution and therefore wrongthink?

JunkieBiden 8 points ago (edited)

I don't think it is. Probably just banned from places like r/politics and r/news which got rid of me pretty quick. Reddit just forced baby into a corner and quarantined us to one place cut off from everyone else. Nobody puts baby in a corner. We got our snazzy new Trump Tower now. Gotta get everyone over here ASAP though. The_Donald isn't going to make it till the election given the arbitrary rules they're using to destroy it.

Toughsky_Shitsky 9 points ago (edited)

1776 is shadow banned on T_D. I've had to delete 2 comments that failed to show up before I realized this.

JunkieBiden 8 points ago (edited)

I didn't know how to see if my comments weren't showing up on Reddit. I don't care now though cause I'm here instead. Fuck Spez

ChelseaHubbell 6 points ago

The USA flag emoji is banned on YouTube. Think about that stupid shit

Shadowman3001 5 points ago

"Inciting violence"

Fdsa 1 point ago

Settle down francis

RedditRapefugee 6 points ago

I wanted to quote you.

On plebbit you can highlight text and hit reply to put a quote inline.

P365 + 12 Round mag - I carry with the flush mag, 12 rounder in the backup slot.

deleted 3 points ago