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Kaiheitai 61 points ago

The place has really become a dystopian shitshow of censorship and doubleplus goodthink. Social media at it's hivemind worst. Fuck Reddit.

YugeBallsBelieveMe 46 points ago

Used to be a nice place, ruined by the left like everything else they touch

Santa 24 points ago

The totalitarian left hates humor because they can't control it and they can't fully embrace it themselves (since they can't "offend" anyone), and that is why the left will never be able to meme.

julianReyes 13 points ago

Clowns and jesters were historically social valves through which the reigning regime could be exposed to ire.

noagendashow 8 points ago

because deep down most of them consciously know they are being evil, so they also fear being outed if free speech existed like Xi and Pooh Bear

OhLollyLollyPop 3 points ago

Xi is ? ?

Lavender_Blue 1 point ago

Also, Satan is humorless and so are his spawn.

teen_burger_combo 16 points ago

You can’t even engage in an honest debate anymore. It’s just endless screeching.

OGpsywar 10 points ago *

You and Putin Shut Your Nazi Mouths, Bigot!!! Can I Get Some Muscle Over Here?? REEEEEEEEE!!!!!

( .. ^ , in case anyone was having issues coming up off of ?rEddit? cold-turkey)

canadian_nobody 6 points ago

I like to think this place would be less quick to anger and banning and quicker to counterargue/downvote dissent.

The point isn’t to become Bizzarro /r/politics, I would assume.

Wow. Feels weird to just say that for what it is, and to read it that way. Y’know, not having to redact it like on Reddit, frankly.

julianReyes 5 points ago

Greatest casualty was internet culture itself.

TEGRIDY 11 points ago

The left thinks that somehow humans have evolved from the thousands of large civilizations over the millennia. We're somehow different aside from our technology.

For them, Utopia is always just around the corner.

We know that man will always be man. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we're greedy. No amount of rule making will ever change that.

The left thinks with just a few more rules things will be perfect. The problem is that they're addicted to forcing compliance. It's a dopamine high for them and I don't think they're even aware.

Logic_usurper 6 points ago

This comment deserves, I don’t know, a lot. Upvotes, it’s own post and a thesis video essay on the matter. Love it

drherpmaderp 11 points ago

They shadow ban real people and promote the shills.

victory 10 points ago

Reddit got cucked by Chapos. Before, they had contained the Chapos and quarantined them. Now they are banning our subs and letting the Chapos get away with quarantine evasion. SAD!

julianReyes 6 points ago *


These people are embarrassing losers as I can personally attest. The highest position they can obtain is being an assistant manager at a gas station or a grocery store in the gentrified poorhouse regions outside of a soy-filled city with a seaport. Hence why they spend their breaks in the bathroom stalls posting on their phone.

MikeVicksAstrologist 3 points ago

It's so brutal because it's so true

Waffle_Destroyer 6 points ago

Reddit is trash. Actual garbage. Literal biowaste, a slurry of shit sludge and fecal masses.

redis_help 4 points ago

Hey! Hey, you... that's not true at all. Biowaste can be used for something useful, and refined into fuel and assorted other chemical products with some effort put in.

Chapos however, have nothing redeemable about them.

noagendashow 2 points ago

It really shows you how the censorship mentality works.... I'm still mentally double checking before I post here. I'm traumatized by Reddit. Maybe I should sue them.

tall_bacon 24 points ago


sunnyingreenfield 11 points ago

when did mods add image posting capability? is this new?

superalienhyphy 9 points ago

Big if true

UpTrump 3 points ago *

I can't figure out how to post images

Test: https://magaimg.net/img/9p8r.png

AtariArtist 3 points ago *

Here it as descriptive text


! Placed in front of the ID in brackets tells it to hide the text - otherwise it'd be a normal embedded text link

HorribleDeplorable 4 points ago *


It works!

UpTrump 2 points ago *




forgloryofkekistan 3 points ago *


yey . it really works .. this place just got 10 feet more awesome.

... continue reading thread?
sunnyingreenfield 3 points ago

thank you for this!

Santa 1 point ago


ChelseaHubbell 5 points ago


TerraHertz 5 points ago

Oh my! TheDonald.win opens the Gates of Hellarity.


What's the syntax?

Toughsky_Shitsky 14 points ago


Air Pinochet

P365 with the 12 round mag (Yes, reddit banned me for 3 days for this comment)

Moozlums are sub-human filth that fuck goats, hate dogs, and treat women worse than animals

Eric Ciaramella

EowynOfRohan 9 points ago

I never knew that saying "1776" was banned on Reddit. Why? That's insane.

PepeFarmsRemembers 12 points ago

China owns Reddit. 1776 = revolution and therefore wrongthink?

JunkieBiden 8 points ago *

I don't think it is. Probably just banned from places like r/politics and r/news which got rid of me pretty quick. Reddit just forced baby into a corner and quarantined us to one place cut off from everyone else. Nobody puts baby in a corner. We got our snazzy new Trump Tower now. Gotta get everyone over here ASAP though. The_Donald isn't going to make it till the election given the arbitrary rules they're using to destroy it.

Toughsky_Shitsky 9 points ago *

1776 is shadow banned on T_D. I've had to delete 2 comments that failed to show up before I realized this.

JunkieBiden 8 points ago *

I didn't know how to see if my comments weren't showing up on Reddit. I don't care now though cause I'm here instead. Fuck Spez

ChelseaHubbell 6 points ago

The USA flag emoji is banned on YouTube. Think about that stupid shit

Shadowman3001 5 points ago

"Inciting violence"

RedditRapefugee 6 points ago

I wanted to quote you.

On plebbit you can highlight text and hit reply to put a quote inline.

P365 + 12 Round mag - I carry with the flush mag, 12 rounder in the backup slot.

deleted 3 points ago
Fdsa 1 point ago

Settle down francis

BelichickBradyTrump 13 points ago

We should still keep making their lives difficult, keep living rent free in their heads.

Buttfart88 1 point ago

We need to start implanting promotions for our website in images and paste them all over Reddit. Bots can’t properly read images so they can’t auto ban.

McFatty7 9 points ago

Not only is this place 100x better, it's surreal seeing more than just 2 stickied posts again lol.

GodEmperorTrump45 9 points ago

Yeah it's nice but i'm not jumping ship over there just yet. We need to hold both forums. We shouldn't surrender anything to the dirty fuckers.

RedditRapefugee 5 points ago

Organize the brigades here?

Guns4Freedom 6 points ago

Freedom is always fun.

deleted 6 points ago
JunkieBiden 6 points ago

We're not fully free. We still need to venture behind enemy lines for now to bring the rest of our allies home.

sunnyingreenfield 5 points ago

We leave no meme soldiers behind. It's not brigading if we are allies.

GasHands 5 points ago

1 7 7 6

deleted 5 points ago
VikingHalo45 5 points ago


45er 4 points ago

I left digg for reddit all those years ago. Was a good place to kill time until the election. Site was pretty split between trump and Bernie at first, then almost overnight it was overwhelmingly Clinton and has been garbage ever since

OneBravePatriot 4 points ago *

I had an inactive Trump sub and let me tell you the departure of T_D from Reddit kicked the hornets nest. That sub is now full of left wing trolls and I'm banning people left and right now. Glad to see T_D escaped the circus show. It'll be much better now.

redis_help 3 points ago


jamesvien101 3 points ago

Leave alone all the censorship, the speed issue is enough for me to shift to here.

It takes ages for reddit to load

deleted 3 points ago
jamesvien101 3 points ago

I can now state my opinion free of any restraints. I used to give my frank analysis on issues but had to censor myself because reddit could use any excuse to shut us down.

ca_rellz 3 points ago

This is what a Republican government looks like, free of restraint and censorship, feels good doesn’t it?

Byron1233 3 points ago

4chan: my true successor

BornSameMonthAsTrump 3 points ago

The Electric Eye can't harm us.

Donald_Trump 3 points ago

No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

RedditRapefugee 3 points ago

Half of my fun was earning karma in t_d to blow it in /r/politics!

However, now I can probably say "water the Tree of Liberty" without getting bant.


Bunknown 2 points ago

Eric Ciarmella

deleted 2 points ago
gateway-project 2 points ago

Just made the jump and there is defo a feeling of liberated Pedes in this place.


OMC-RADIO 2 points ago

Honkler is back!

alt26000 [S] 2 points ago

And everything else that ever got banned too.

FluffiPuff 2 points ago


Scuffers 1 point ago

Good work all!

sanefellow 1 point ago

It's just a matter of time before google results for thedonald.win turn into:

  1. first result being some VOX (or equally garbage website) writing how this website is an alt-right extremism website
  2. a wikipedia article of the same thing^

This website is a great idea. Especially with the election around the corner, the lame reddit admins are going to work overtime in censoring (if not outright banning) t_d.

FinallyFree 1 point ago

I'm Finally Free

LibertyShill81 1 point ago

You guys are kings for creating this site. I'll never use reddit again. It was pure hell.

TheVoiper 1 point ago

I saw it. You saw it. We all saw. What they did to us. We will never be the old boomer comes home from work and watches sports until sleep. We will pound these commies into the dirt until we die a glorious death.

deleted 1 point ago
MAGA_Louisiana 1 point ago

Thank the Lawd

Detective51 1 point ago

I feel like I’m finally free to be candid and share my actual opinions with fear of being banned for wrongthink.

ca_rellz 1 point ago

This is what limited government feels like, this is conservatism at its peak.

SimPilot 0 points ago

I like fun!