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BurnedExperiment (98 points)

And if you dont get 2500 upvotes? Get the hat anyways!

Crimson_Identity (59 points)

Like he's not getting to 2500...

Do you know where we are?! No Brakes!

OrangeIsAColorToo (42 points)

We need our bots! Bricks, coats, and trump train bots!

Karmy (21 points)

He's at 2017 in 3 hours!!!

NavyGuy (15 points)

Be at 2020 soon. Also the post.

Buttfart88 (11 points)

2470 at the time of this post. Only 30 upvotes away from that sweet sweet MAGA hat.

rustyrockers (7 points)

Favorite answer. I love this. Fuck spez, just saw what he looks like today

HEXEN (50 points)

Loophole dictates that if full votes are not reached, a mesh backed hat can be purchased instead of a full solid color.

The_New_Pope (29 points)

Hey I like the mesh hats.

PremiumPatriotPepe (10 points)

I got two of them!

Schiff4Brains (20 points)

Gets tossed back to Soro's School of Terrorists in the Desert.

ChelseaHubbell (17 points) *

1k upvotes in 2 hours. He's got the hat in the bag. I wouldn't be surprised if he hits +5k upvotes. That's 2 hats

If his parents were smart they'd have made a time limit

Karmy (8 points)

Haha. Someone's getting played here. The end result is a MAGA hat for a young man! Woo Hoo. Gives me good vibes for future KAGA.

Hugh_Don_G (10 points)

^what this guy said

Razeontherock (5 points)

He's over 4400 votes in what, less than a day? I think it's more a question of can he build a hatrack in shop class for all the Trump hats he'll have, lol

tall_bacon (33 points)

Doubt it but here's an updoot anyway

Oh ye of little faith. Why did you doubt?

CreepyPornLawyer (4 points)

We may have surpassed that 2500 mark. Not quite sure though. Never was good with maths stuffs

Femprep (2 points)

It’s the common core. Gets you every time.

Windir (29 points)

Hey look!

The upvotes are working on this site!

I feel like a winner.

Mike (24 points)

Dude - Marines will issue a Lightweight Ballistic Kevlar helmet when you graduate bootcamp. Just put a pede sticker on it. Have an uptoot anyway.

C_Jonesy (15 points)

I regret that I have but one upvote to give.

CokeOrPepe (5 points) *

^ this guy MAGA’s

Emperorvoid (4 points)

Well we aren't Democrats, we don't rig votes!

treeskier82 (14 points)

let's get this party started

SchiffsAnalFissure (14 points)

Get this kid a hat!

Silkom (13 points)

Helping a young patriot.

MAGA (12 points)

Tell them this is america and stop being fascists

Oside760 (11 points)


Donna (11 points)

If you were my child, I'd buy the hat for you even if you don't get 2,500 upvotes!

Ironlabel (11 points)

I don’t like when people beg for upvotes like this.

SomeDiggity (10 points)

Panhandling for internet points to give you endorphins is barely different than panhandling for cash to get junk. I think. Maybe I took that too far.

TrumpFortyFive (6 points)

Meh. Everyone's excited for the new site. It'll calm down soon.

Feelsgoodman (4 points)

That's my hope too

Tradox (4 points)

kinda smells don't it.

pedeypete (3 points)

Agreed, too many people still care about that fake reddit money. I'd rather have no numbers and was hoping we'd be different. See too much shit on the main feed designed just for shilling votes.

LanceUppercut (9 points)

Take my upvote and get off my lawn

Azarak (8 points)

Have an upvote young Pede!

BidenSmellsKids (8 points)

The greatest piece of American hatwear is the 5 gallon hat, MAGA hat runner up

rcstl (8 points)

OP has a post deleted? Be there a troll amoungst us? Upvote nazi here, No upvote for you!

what??? already?

rynotg12 (7 points)

Congrats on your new hat🧢!

DinsdalePiranha (6 points)

At Reddit he would have stalled out at 63 votes.

ChelseaHubbell (6 points)

Boom hat time

ChelseaHubbell (6 points)

enjoy your new hat

Jojomrjojo (6 points)

Have my upvote fellow Pede!

JosefStalin (5 points)

So close OP! Enjoy and KAG

TruBlaze (5 points) *

No way my parents would let me get one. House is full of TDS patients at varying levels.

Now you go get yours.

Taritup (5 points)

I would upvote if I thought it was true. Sorry Pede.

Fame (5 points)

Let's make it happen!

GeorgeBonanza (5 points)

I already donate so many upvotes...But its for a good cause.

TrumpFortyFive (4 points)

I wish I could get one. I'm not in the United States :( I don't want a knock-off.

YuugeNews (4 points)

We did it! Now we sleep, because tomorrow, tomorrow we ride!

Your parents are guilty of obstruction of justice. Might have to turn them in to CPS.

Lol just buy it yourself.

byejerzy (4 points)

Shameful attempt to build points ...

Well done, have my upvote.

deleted [S] (4 points)
EricCiaremella (3 points)

Got my up-Trump! Almost there!

EowynOfRohan (3 points)

Just 17 UpTrumps to go!

SummonedDaedroth (3 points)

Why is everyone falling for this

Jebsgottheclap (3 points)



AmericaTheGreat (3 points)

I hope this site doesn't get bogged down by people begging for upvotes.

deleted (1 point)
RexCollumSilvarum (3 points)

I just gave you upvote number 5000; tell them to get you two hats!

Scuffers (2 points)

This thread is worthless without pictures!

Icarus (2 points)

Upvoted! But I am thinking you are a blossoming karma whore. Aren’t we all!

TwoStar (1 point)

We gotta get those sweet, sweet, fake Internet points!

Pittsbuilder (2 points)

Let’s get this kid a hat!!

gbgb2017 (2 points)


Burisma (2 points)

I don't really care for the precedent this sets. "You are validated by internet people and get real rewards from it." So pm me for a Ferrari.

Rellim5150 (2 points)

Once again here's another post I know I've already upvoted that now is unchecked

HiManchy [S] (2 points)

Check out my profile for update... I think you pedes will like it

Ghost5525 (1 point)

Upvote #3800. How’s that OP ;)

Razeontherock (1 point)

Over 4400 updoots by 4 PM Saturday. (I saw over 11,000 members in what, 3 days now?)

I'm still sad that I can't buy myself one of these from outside the USA. Gonna have to pay a visit to the states soon.

cincydan (1 point)


TrollingThunder (1 point)

As of now you're pushing towards two hats. MAGA!

deleted (1 point)

You should have one by now my fellow pede...make sure to wear it PROUDLY when it comes in!! We are the real revolution, don't be afraid of your beliefs, don't be afraid of conversations.

BrokenLeftEar (1 point)

Someone’s gonna get a MAGA hat now!

magabirdlady (1 point)

Congrats young pede!

Pootweet (1 point)

Time to Don it.

Enjoy your new hat!

Sluggypogo (1 point)

Get that hat and give this man a coat!

CA_Patriot (1 point)

Looks like you might get 2!!

OllieNorth (1 point)

Enjoy your hat pede

Labyrinth9000 (1 point)

Nice! Great work!

Czechsareus13 (1 point)

Congrats. Enjoy your crown.

Looks like you getting a hat.

deleted (1 point)
Patriot_Zom (1 point)

Take my upvote, young pede!

HillaryIsACunt (1 point)

almost there, pede!

Dell_Fargus (1 point)

Enjoy your hat, kiddo!

The__Michael (1 point)

Upvote that bitch MAGA!!!

BonerDonor (1 point) *

Your parents underestimated the power of The Donald. When you get 10k votes, they have to buy you four hats!

suzookus (1 point)

2500+ you earned it

TrumpTrain (1 point)

Take my upvote

ApplePie (1 point)

Make them buy you one of each on the website. It's only fair.

4WhomTheBellsTroll (1 point) *

Almost there, betting 2500 by 10:45 EST who else can guess closer?

spez off by 14 min. Congrats! under budget and ahead of schedule

maga_que (1 point)

God speed, young Pede. I’m doing my part.

pendulumislander (1 point)

And If you go on to TD and get 2500 shill downvotes...you should get a gold version!!

Canapeder (1 point)

Lets get this patriot a hat!

Mobilemech92 (1 point)

Wear that new hat proud pede!

MrBob1137 (1 point)

Take my upvote. To the top with you!

NZ_needs_a_Trump (1 point)

Nice. As an aside: one hour and 840 upvotes. Holy Phuck

suzookus (1 point)

Almost headed to 5k - that’s 2 hats!

2 scoops

2 hats

Futuramawe (1 point)

Pretty soon you'll be at 2 hats! 2 scoops!

I just upvoted him to 4841. Doubled it baby. Yeah. Feel the love, pedes.

MElfers4473 (1 point)

5,200 upvotes! Woohoo! MAGA! KAG!

holytrpbatman (1 point)

Two hats!! Two genders!! Two scoops!! Two terms!! And last, but not least: two exclamation points!!

BayAreaPede (1 point)

5K upvotes. Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Pede owe you TWO hats now

deleted (1 point)
Shitsbrokeyo (1 point)

Over 5000. Now you can get 2!

deleted [S] (1 point)
deleted [S] (1 point)
deleted [S] (1 point)

just upvoted so you can get 3 soon.

deleted (0 points)
177pairsofleggs (0 points)

Doubled the votes? Double the hat sorry those are the rules.

Boomerang (-1 points)

I'm going to start being a Teen Trump supporter, darn it

Ingots (-1 points)

Did my part

deleted (-3 points)
deleted (-4 points)
grenades_and_ham (2 points)

The picture is for reference to the hat schill.

Schiff4Brains (-6 points)

Prove your a teen and not some millenial college age sucking tornado of need.....

Khaynizzle77 (8 points)

I'm a (just out of college) aged millennial. I receive 0 benefits from the government.

Dont start generalizing millennials like the left does to boomers.

The__Michael (5 points)

Upvote all Pedes it is the American Way

Texas-Centipede (4 points)

This dude feels personally assaulted!!

RareMillennialPepe (5 points)

Did you just assume my gender??

Texas-Centipede (5 points)

My gender is Donkey Kong. Respect my pronouns!