Too many shill accounts posting malware links. Neuter these cucks, mods. Finish what they're too scared to do and make eunuchs out of them. Remove posting privileges for accounts under a certain amount of bricks.

Make sure you're all checking what you're clicking and giving bricks to. We don't need Pedes infecting their computers with some commie computer virus. SMASH THAT DEPORT BUTTON!

Hated outsider with savant-like ability comes out of nowhere destroying the norms and ignoring the unwritten rules of the game. Gains a passionate following of fans. Hated by the establishment but also drives up their ratings. He even faces sabotage by paid operatives who go after him and his family. Fucking uncanny.

.....If liberals are so much smarter than the rest of us then why didn't they go get a mechanical engineering degree or something similar in a field that is in high demand ?

I mean, hell, they are so much smarter than all us dumb "cleetuses" that getting a degree in mechanical engineering should be easy, right ?

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