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So I feel like shit, getting a blood transfusion. Doc said he's seen cadavers with more hemoglobin than me.

Just wanted to throw out some love to my pedes before I fall asleep in this fluorescent heckhole.

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We can't sue Reddit because we have no damages to claim. We aren't paying for the service, and they are in no way liable to help us make money. The only way we get Reddit into the court system is by removing Section 230 protections from them making them a publisher, like a newspaper, or magazine. Think about this, a news paper that advertises to children, r/Teenagers, and also has a place for teenagers to post their own pictures nude r/legalteens, where it is up to Reddit to both stop children from uploading nudity, but also to stop children from viewing nudity. They can't and don't do either. Right now, section 230 keeps them out of liability from that in the same way Comcast is not liable for anybody downloading child porn, your phone company is not liable for the crimes you commit on their phone network. But, the thing is, Comcast does not stop you from up voting in the_Donald because you like Donald Trump, your internet provider can not legally stop you from accessing any content, if they do, they become a curator. CNN curates. CNN is a publisher. If you go on CNN. com you do not have the right to post on their site, you don't have the right to access information, they have full control. Because of that, CNN can not, and does not provide children with access to porn, or they would be held liable. Comcast provides children with access to porn, and is not liable because of section 230. It's even worse when you consider that u/spez is actively using 230 protections to interfere in our elections. Imagine if your internet provider cut off access to thedonald.win because they don't like Trump. You would be pissed, but the internet provider would also be curating what you, the customer can and can not see. Which is what Reddit is currently doing on the_Donald. This is far worse than "Russiah" buying some adds on myspace, and Spez has already admitted to his ability to do it. To fix this we need 1 of 3 things as far as I can figure.

  1. FCC, Federal Communications Commission, removes section 230 protections from Reddit, and they get held liable for everything on their site. Imagine if CNN published content in the way of wanting to kill the president. Reddit does that every day, all over the site. The CEO of Reddit would be held liable for that content without 230 protections. The problem here is that FCC is not equipped to handle individual websites, because it is set up to deal with communications companies. But Reddit basically decided, I am not sure how they did this, that they are an ISP, when they are clearly not. At one point they may have been close, by allowing users to curate, and staff staying the hell away, something like what 4chan does. They no longer take this hands off approach. They actively took control of our sub Reddit, and shut it down the day of a debate, and a week before super Tuesday.

  2. FEC, Federal Elections Comission, looks into election interference. This seems like a joke to some, BUT Reddit is the 19th most popular site in the world (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_popular_websites) and is the 3rd most popular social networking site in America. It has a huge reach... of cucks and communists, but still. By illegally using section 230 to do what spez said he could do, interfere in our election, he is clearly violating the law. If you think Russia buying some adds was bad... This is campaign contributions totaling Billions of dollars for the demoncrats buy simply having Bernie on the front page, and not allowing Trump on the front page. Millions of people go on Reddit everyday. They don't notice that Trump is no where to be found, and that means Reddit is advertising to millions of people for the demoncrats, and those people have no clue that they are seeing a Bernie add paid for by Reddit inc that Reddit and Bernie are not disclosing to the FEC.

  3. Congress can start an investigation. We can give them the info, and they can hand that info to the FBI, and DEMAND that the FBI look into everything. That would be the feds taking the servers of Reddit, and checking on 1 and 2. If the Feds deems either 1 or 2 legitimate, the CEO at minimum goes to jail for a long time. We do not control congress right now. So this is not the best option. But in reality, the government is so cucked the fuck up, options 1 and 2 aren't looking that good either. Trump ran on draining the swamp, I'm not sure he got to draining either the FCC or FEC yet. Feel free to ask questions. Who to report election interference too-


Who to report section 230 abuse too-


Twitter addys are: @FEC and @FCC

Report everything you think is important to-


Extra info

Reddit hides behind this -

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_230_of_the_Communications_Decency_Act When they are really this -



Thanks to the mods and all those nimble navigators who had a hand in creating this refuge for us pedes in advance. Fuck Spez, Fuck Reddit, and remember that Eric Ciaramella is the whistle blower, and Bill Clinton is a rapist (Infowars.com).

Praise Kek



Dear Mr President,

I feel as if I'm an impartial person to the politics of the USA due to being a New Zealander.

I have paid close attention to your countries politics and I'm truly outraged by the share scale of criminality by the left.

But my main purpose for messaging you is in hopes you will speak out against the blatant censorship by Reddit admins who are currently dismantling r/The_Donald (T_D)

I'm hopeful you're aware that T_D is a nonstop rally to support you.

Reddit is currently de-modding (removing the communities moderators) and Reddits admins have currently taken it upon themselves to advertise for new T_D moderators. The conditions/minimum requirements to apply to be a new moderator on T_D are so restrictive, it appears as if reddit has every intention to put in new mods that will destroy T_D community on reddit.

I see this as targeted destruction of the largest pro-Trump community on the internet and they're doing it because T_D has been very effective cutting through the lefts ridiculous fake investigations such as

Russian Collusion = debunked

Mueller Investigation = nothing burger

Covington kid = proven that the Indian guy was causing the dramas

Jussie fake lynching = proven he done it to himself

FISA abuse and the IG report = verified by Horowitz of 17 breaches in procedure such as withholding evidence that disproved the FBI's assertions.

The corrupt impeachment investigation

The truth about your acquittal.

Were it not for T_D there would be next to no way for myself and the citizens of the USA to have known the real facts of the matter.

T_D was always first in finding and spreading these facts that overwhelming discredited the lefts fake claims against you and the MAGA movement.

Would you please consider voicing your opinion to help prevent the reddit admins hostile takeover of T_D.

I'm truly concerned for the well-being of the USA and God bless you for staying strong. You are my role model. I'm so proud of you.


I urge everybody to message President Trump yourselves to help let him know what is happening to us.

GEOTUS for life!

I think this one is es-Spez-cially funny! (heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com)
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As we approach the 2020 election, this Spez-sponsored Hitlerian cleansing is actually a blessing in disguise.

All they're doing is provoking / awakening a sleeping giant of a movement. What they don't understand is that the Donald Trump presidency was created as a result of extreme scrutiny and unfair treatment.

They'll never learn from their mistakes. The more they push us, insult us, smear us, censor us, the more momentum this movement will gain. Keep calm and MAGA on.

Feels a lot like 2016 energy. I'm diggin it (butlerscinemascene.files.wordpress.com)
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Thank God for all you glorious pedes, I’ve only been here a few and it feels like our old dom again already.

Where are my Pepe’s tho?

I got kids to feed.



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