I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it. - Voltaire


My name is u/D4rkd3str0yer, resident Shitpostmaster General of .win. Normally you may see me posting salt compilations, memes, LNCs, and Meme Magic Fridays (the next of which is coming tomorrow!), but today I'll be posting something a bit more serious. It's no secret that I'm a huge troll - most of my content revolves around shitting on leftists, making fun of Spez, etc. - and I've been asked a few times by other mods, TDD, etc. to pass my wisdom onto the rest of the community for us to more effectively troll on Twitter, Reddit, etc. This is the Art of the Troll, and the first lesson is...


As a .win mod for years, I interact with shills frequently. I can sniff them out faster than Joe Biden sniffing a small child. They are attracted to the .win community due to our massive amounts of high energy, but yesterday, one shill interaction caught my eye. The shill, when being shit on for supposedly being an adherent to the cancerous ideology known as Islam, asked a seemingly innocent question: "Am I worth less than you?". This question is a trap. It is not an honest question. We are conservatives. We are the pro-life side of the argument. The shills are aware of that too, they just don't care. That question exists to waste your time. So how do you beat it?

Leftists have gained power on social media platforms largely due to infiltration and shaming. Not only are questions like that designed to derail you, they are also designed to shame you. How could you, someone who believes that all lives matter, be such a hypocrite and say that Muslim lives don't matter? Why don't black lives matter to you, bigot? Who cares if they committed a crime, why are you pro-death penalty? Don't felon lives matter? Pedophiles don't even deserve to be felons, they die in prison all the time. Why don't their lives matter to you Mr. All Lives Matter? The fact that you really do think life is precious does not matter to them. That's why it's dishonest and not really an argument. You are now on the defensive, and worse yet you're defending something you don't even believe. The solution? Don't argue. This is the internet - 99% of arguments on the internet are retarded anyways. If the argument is on Twitter or Reddit, that jumps up to 100%. Go on the offensive instead. Fortunately, most retarded leftists are also NPCs, making attacking them back pretty easy. If their initial attack doesn't work, they are unable to compute a follow up and go on an endless loop of sperging out. But how do you get to that point?

The easiest way to completely defuse their non-argument is to simply agree. *Are you saying that Muslim lives don't matter? Yes. Wow bigot, so black lives don't matter either? Yes. What is the answer to all of these non-arguments? Yes. Are you saying that illegal alien children don't belong in the United States? Yes. Do you do as this person asks, call them a slur, give them what they want? Why play their game when you can just say Yes. You don't apologize, you don't kneel, you don't engage, you don't show weakness. If you don't bow to the leftist mob and refuse to engage them on their own terms, they lose.

At this point, your inbox will look something like this. Just autistic screeching about how you're a white supremacist, how you're so awful, everything that you as a Trump supporter have heard before. You are like the man himself, Teflon Don, nothing sticks, including the insults. You have won.

As winners engaging in the Art of the Troll, your goal is to model yourself after this. That sentiment is correct, despite being from a lefty - you're not interested in learning about their bullshit Marxist poison, you're there to debate their right to burn down cities, it's extremely fun to play devil's advocate, you are only there to exhaust them, and their frustration is your goal. Twitter and Reddit were dead to me for years outside of T_D but this mindset has given me a new perspective. Use the left's game against them. Go winners, go and take this knowledge to disrupt, deflect, and cause some NPC malfunctions!

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