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There are only 6 DAYS LEFT until the day we have all been looking forward to for many many moons now….

So what can you do?

  • GET OUT AND VOTE! (This should be obvious...)
  • Bring others with you to vote. Bonus points if they are first time voters or voted Dem last election. The more the merrier!
  • Volunteer to be a poll watcher. Only you can prevent wildfires voter fraud.

Congratulations, ACB!

Our brand new Supreme Court justice, Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed and sworn in this past Monday. And oh, how the salt did flow…and flow.


Let’s give him all of the energy we’ve got for these next six days!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


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Permastickied until the election

We think nationally a lot, but let's talk local for a bit!

Rules for this thread are pretty simple. Top-level posts must be structured as such or they'll be deleted:


[COUNTY/CITY/etc (if applicable)]

[Position title. School board, police chief, dog catcher, tax hike, etc.]: -Who is the MAGA candidate(s), or Yes/No to the initiative. Please include an explanation (and link, if possible)




Police Chief:

-Deputy Dangle. He puts rollerskating hookers away and doesn't afraid of anything

School tax increase

-Vote NO. They're failing our students, churning out rollerskating hookers. They'll use the money for rayciss training anyway.

If you're looking for advice for your state/county, ctrl-F and search for it. If nothing comes up, do some research and advise others!

GET TUCKED (i.maga.host)
posted ago by shadypollster stickied

I volunteered as a "poll observer" in my state, which is largely considered purple. Area is suburbs just outside of a major metro area.

I spent a couple of days just sitting and watching - not very exciting, but actually interesting at the same time. Speaking as a voter, I'm reassured that the procedures used in my county are actually very good and appear to leave very little room for fraud on the part of staff or voters.

When voters arrive, they must show ID - either a driver's license or other state-issued ID.

A poll worker helps them check in through the computer system, which scans their ID and shows their name & address. Once the voter signs their name on the screen with a fingertip, they are sent to the tables at the back of the long room where the printers are set up.

After walking past the many voting booths - just tall tables with plastic screens set up around the tops of each table - the voter arrives at the printer table. By the time they get there, one of the poll workers is pulling a ballot and an envelope, both with that voter's name & address, off of the printer.

Voter is given a black ballpoint pen and shown how to fill out the ballot. Any questions are answered and voter is sent to one of the booths in the middle of the room.

Once the ballot is filled out, the voter puts it in the envelope and takes it back out into the hallway where the big rolling ballot bin is waiting. The poll worker there checks the signature on the envelope, helps the voter seal the envelope, and the voter drops it into the bin. And they're done.

Also, many, many voters were stopping by to drop off ballots that they'd received in the mail, putting them into the same bin.

If the voter gets partway through filling out the ballot but makes an error, or changes their mind, they can start over with the computers and have another ballot printed out. The poll worker will "spoil" the old ballot - write over it so it will not be counted - and that ballot and its envelope go into a separate plastic bag on a table behind the printers.

They can handle virtually any sort of handicapped voter. One person came in who was entirely blind, but there is a device there that will read the ballot to them and allow for touch voting. (I wanted to look closer but didn't want to bother the voter.)

Tables were set aside where voters could sit down, or roll up in a wheelchair, if they wished.

About midday, two people arrived from the counting center downtown and collected all the ballots from the bin. They placed them into a couple of large red plastic boxes that were then tied shut with zip-loc ties, so they could not be secretly re-opened and closed again unless you had the exact same zip-loc ties to re-close them with. Not foolproof, but still good. They also take the "spoiled" votes with them.

Tech support dropped in a few times a day to make sure things were good. They seemed to be constantly making the rounds of polling centers and some were on call in case of any tech issues.

Overall it was a very smooth process that left little room for any funny business. I was very glad to see that there are no blank ballots anywhere; ballots are printed out one at a time as voters sign in, and each one has that voter's name and address on it.

There is also supposed to be a way that you can go online, a few days after voting, and see that your vote was counted. I haven't looked for that yet.

About the only drawback I could see was that if the system went down, there was no backup. As I mentioned, there are no blank ballots anywhere. The computers did go down for a short time on one day, and if the workers had not been able to simply reboot them they would have had to wait for tech support with no voting happening.

One strange thing was that I saw maybe three people wearing some political gear - hats and a mask - but the poll workers said nothing about it. I still think the old rule of "no political gear in the polling place" is a good one, especially with as crazy as some folks are right about now, but it wasn't up to me.

So, at least in my county, I was actually reassured by what I saw. Hope things are at least that good in yours. I'm supposed to go back again on Monday for another day of observing on the day before the election, so we'll see how it goes then!

Trump Rewrites H-1B Program to Help American White-Collar Workers (www.breitbart.com)             MAGA            
posted ago by libman

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Tonight, Tucker Carlson brings us additional e-mails, recordings, and text messages provided to him by Tony Bobulinski. In case you missed last night's interview with Tony, you can watch it HERE.

Now, the MSM has covered this story like they're the UK police and Tony Bobulinski is Muslim rapes, which is to say, not at all. However, this interview was watched by a staggering 7.761 million viewers.

Livestreams (refresh the page if one goes down. The links will be updated)
YouTube 1
YouTube 2
YouTube 3

VOTE (media.thedonald.win)
posted ago by Grainolalava

How does the Madman have this much energy? Join us to watch the second Arizona rally today in Goodyear, AZ.

With the disgusting photos of Hunter dropping today, Big Tech lying about censorship, Philly riots, NY Police being run over, and Hunter's ex-partner exposing Joe's connection to China; Trump has plenty of material for a bombastic rally.

AZ will vote red down the ticket 6 days from now and BTFO the establishment.





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