An anti-CCP group called "The New Federal State of China" is now releasing Hunter Biden sex tape footage in order to show the depth of CCP infiltration and how compromised / owned the Bidens are specifically.

They claim to be dropping new stuff every hour. We will update this thread with new drops.

To protect our users and TheDonald from possibly illegal content, we will be removing all links and pictures concerning this drop outside of this magathread.

WARNING: Links are very NSFW. The posts have text but even video previews are sexual.

Initial statement from The New Federal State of China below:

Thanks to Mr. Alvin Jiang (Mr. Jiang Zhicheng), Mr. Bruno Wu (Mr. Wu Zheng), Mr. Zhang Hongwei, Chairman of the Orient Group Inc.,and many more people who will remain anonymous.

We apologize if the video from Hunter Biden has caused you any serious discomfort! But it is for the sake of justice that we, the New Federal State of China, have made this video public. Because the friends of the communist are our enemies.

We will not allow anyone to steal from the Chinese people! We will not allow anyone to enslave the Chinese people! We will not allow anyone to abuse our children!

This video shows only the tip of the iceberg of what is important in the Chinese Communist Party’s Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) program. They take advantage of all those Western politicians, celebrities, and their families who are greedy for Chinese wealth, and threaten them by getting hold of and recording their sex and drug videos, forcing them to sell out their countries and people, and even their own national security in order to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party’s world domination.

U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party as one of the most successful political instances of the BGY program. He is also a target of the CCP’s 3F plan, which aims to “fall, fail, and fell,” to weaken, destroy and kill America!

The Chinese Communist Party’s use of this tactic to threaten Biden and his sons and to bribe them with large amounts of wealth is one of the major causes of the disputes over the South China Sea, US-China trade, intellectual property rights, and energy prices, etc., as well as Biden’s provision of large numbers of CIA intelligence agents in China to the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party has such a BGY program in the United States and in several Western countries in Europe. We will have millions of videos and photos of government officials, corrupt people, traitors, and criminals colluding with the Communist Party to dominate the world.

It doesn’t matter what country you come from, what ethnicity or color you are, or what party you belong to. The next person to be abused may be your daughter, your wife, your sister, so there are no party or ethnic borders when it comes to eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

The next picture will be released in an hour, please stay tuned!



Drop 1: Breaking News! Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World

Video of Hunter getting a foot job while smoking crack

Drop 2: Breaking News! Watch out! Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is actually…

Picture of Hunter doggystyle in a chick

Drop: 3 Exclusive debut! Image of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden taking drugs and weighing drugs exposed!

photos of over 4 grams of crack on a scale. Image details show: "Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, April 27, 2018, 5:57 PM. 22,716 of 24,876"


Third rally of the day Centipedes, don't you dare tell me you're getting tired.

GEOTUS is scheduled to take the stage at 8pm ET from Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Fun fact: Waukesha is named after the first hoodrat to settle in the Midwest.

After voting this morning for a guy named Trump, The President warned the media:

"You're gonna be very busy today. Because we're gonna work you hard."

He doesn't need to warn TheDonald because we stay busy rallying 24 hours a day and it is not work to keep up with The Greatest President, it is a pleasure.



Official Donald J. Trump Youtube

Newsmax TV

Biden's new ad (media.thedonald.win)
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Welp that was quick - Gnews twitter suspended (media.thedonald.win) 💉CRACKHEAD HUNTER💉
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She will never vote for Trump but will also not vote for Biden. Thank you Hunter! And Biden sniffing children and walking around naked in front of female SS agents. She won’t vote for the creep!

I'm in Alaska, and I just cast my first vote ever for Pres. Trump (I'm 18) (media.thedonald.win)             MAGA            
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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

People all over the world are reeling from watching the brutal murder of a sad old man on live television last Thursday. If you're still exhausted, TOO BAD, this train has NO BRAKES!

The commie left will soon be dismantled by decades of SCOTUS rulings once ACB is confirmed, and even John Roberts' vagina can't stop constitutional, patriotic victory after victory.

While the head of the Biden crime family is in PA holding a rally for screaming lesbians in cars, GEOTUS, taking a break from brokering yet more peace in the middle east, is HIGH IMMUNE ENERGY in NC, in his first of THREE events today (you read that correctly).

RSBN (pre-game coverage)
Official Trump YouTube

Upcoming rallies (all times Eastern/Trump Time)

Saturday, October 24 - 3:30 PM Lakeland, FL (Pence)

Saturday, October 24 - 4:00 PM Circleville, OH

Saturday, October 24 - 7 PM Waukesha, WI

Saturday, October 24 - 7 PM Tallahassee, FL (Pence)

Sunday, October 25 - 1 PM Manchester, NH

Sunday, October 25 - 6 PM Kinston, NC (Pence)

Monday, October 26 - 12 PM Youngstown, OH


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